30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (2023)

Ninjas, mutants, demons, cyborgs and aliens fight in the anime with swords powerful enough to cut through steel and energy beams that can topple mountains.cheered upIt features multiple characters and powers, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly which characters are the strongest of all time.

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While some characters may clearly stand out, there is always subjectivity when it comes to evaluating powers. Different fictional universes are governed by different rules, which makes comparisons difficult. However, thanks to common genre tropes and storylines in anime, certain characters rise to the top. These characters are not only the strongest in their respective shows, but also the strongest anime characters ever.

Updated by Xandalee Joseph on Mar 13, 2023:Anime has no shortage of powerful anime characters. Ranging in size, intellect, abilities, and appearance, they offer viewers several heavy hitters to look forward to. As the anime continues to develop, fans are having more conversations about who qualifies as a strong anime character. With so many options to choose from, we've added more information on the most powerful anime characters to this list.


35 kenshin himura

(Rurouni Kenshin)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (1)

Despite his small stature, Kenshin Himura is ofRurouni KenshinHe is considered one of the most powerful and legendary swordsmen to ever live. After killing countless peopleduring the Meiji Revolution, KenshinHe hung up his sword and swore never to kill again. Travel across Japan as Rurouni, a wandering masterless samurai seeking redemption for the life he took.

Kenshin inherits his master's sword style, Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu, a form of kenjutsu designed to allow a single samurai to defeat multiple enemies at once. The fact that he can defeat so many enemies while refusing to kill shows how skilled he really is.

34 Shinichi Izumi e Migi


30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (2)

ParasiteIt's not a series for the faint of heart. Still, dire circumstances always make for interesting heroes, and Shinichi Izumi is one of the most unique in anime history. In this series, human bodies are taken over by parasitic aliens that feed on human flesh. When they first get together, Shinichi is an ordinary teenager who relies on the Migi parasite to protect him. Migi can change shape and composition. He is also incredibly smart and strong for his size.


The best to be anime

After Shinichi is attacked and nearly killed by another alien, Migi disperses 30% of her body into Shinichis. Shinichi gains greatly enhanced strength, speed, durability, and mental abilities. Furthermore, Migi is a battle strategist for the two. This allows them to take out some of the strongest characters in the anime, like the practically invincible Gotou.

33 son hak

(Yona of Dawn)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (3)

Son Hak is head protection.appointed to protect princess Yonadawn Yona. Even after the Koka Kingdom was overthrown, Hak keeps Yona in her care, taking her to his village and traveling with her to find the four Dragon Warriors. Though many humans and factions haunt the duo, Hak deftly defeats them single-handedly, proving his title as the Lightning Beast of Koka.

No matter what enemy Hak faces, he always emerges victorious. Even when some guards hit him with a poisoned dart, Hak fights back. Hak is a great fighter who hasn't found anyone who can beat him yet. Hak is an independent one-man army.

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32 Izuku Midoriya

(My Hero Academy)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (4)

Izuku Midoriya ismy hero academyprotagonist of. Just before entering high schoolIzuku's dream of becoming a professional herocomes true after receiving a Quirk from his idol All Might. However, One For All proves to be more powerful than Izuku could have imagined.

Despite this, he wields his immense power with superhuman strength and focus. His new Quirk is so good that it regularly breaks his bones at first, but now he can use the same power against his enemies. Izuku rarely loses his battles, all thanks to the immense powers inherited from those who came before him.

31 Eren Jaeger

(Attack on Titan)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (5)

Seattack on titan Fans meet Eren for the first time, he is a member of the Survey Corps, a team of soldiers dedicated to protecting the population from the Titan threat. A seasoned soldier, Eren earns his title as one of the strongest characters in the anime thanks to his ability to transform into an Attack Titan.


20 ranked powerful Isekai anime characters

After the transformation, Eren retains his intelligence and military training, making him much more dangerous. The reason he can't compete with some of the other stronger anime characters is because he can't always rely on his Titan form. In order to transform, Eren must physically harm himself. Characters in the series exploited this weakness by handcuffing and gagging him, making him a skilled but mundane soldier. However, with his new Founding Titan abilities, Eren has become much more powerful.

30 Edward elric

(Fullmetal Alchemist e Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (6)

Edward Elric stands out among the other alchemists insteel alchemist for many reasons. He is the youngest State Alchemist in history, receiving his certification at the age of twelve. That alone proves that he is a capable fighter. Typically, alchemists must draw a transmutation circle before attempting alchemy.

Part of what makes Edward so powerful is that he's one of the few Alchemists who doesn't have to draw these circles. Just joining handsEdward replaces the need for a transmutation circle, allowing him to transform instantly mid-fight. Ed usually uses transmutation on his steel arm, transforming it into a variety of different weapons, such as: B. a sword.

29 Ryuko Matoi

(to kill prey)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (7)

Ryuko Matoi is on a mission to discover her father's killer in the anime.kill prey. After some research, Ryuko obtains a kamuy, a garment made entirely from vital fibers that enhances her fighting skills. As Ryuko and Kamuy Senketsu become more and more in sync, the two begin to fuse together, making Ryuko an unstoppable force.

Senketsu was made for Ryuko, and as Ryuko is part of the Fibers of Life, the two are united into a single being. With Senketsu's help, Ryuko can overcome even the toughestFibers of life that sustain the evil Ragyo Kiryuintogether. Ryoku's power regularly penetrates enemies, making them and Senketsu even stronger in the process.


28 Levi Ackermann

(Attack on Titan)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (8)

Levi Ackerman is captain of the Scout Regiment inattack on titan. Despite being small, Levi uses this to his advantage as he flies around with his omnidirectional mobility gear and defeats the Titans one by one.

Levi is not afraidto get close to the giants he faces and is known to hold his own against the most fearsome Titan warriors. Levi's anger and sadness fuel his struggle, making him one of the deadliest members of the Scouts. With the highest kill count and most assists in the regiment, Levi has shown himself to be the most powerful character in the regiment.attack on titan.

27 stomach


30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (9)

Few anime series are more tragic thancrazy. But tragedy can give way to great strength. The Guts character is no exception. Guts, also known as the Black Swordsman, is a former mercenary and one of the unfortunate humans to be branded with the Mark of Sacrifice, resulting in his being hunted by monsters hungry for flesh.

since the age of nineGuts was a soldier on the battlefield. During his mercenary days, Guts single-handedly defeateda force of 100 soldiers. In fact, he is powerful enough to eliminate several apostles, former humans who ascended to join the ranks of demons.

26 Luffy

(One piece)

The cheerful captain of the Straw Hat Pirates inOne pieceLuffy hides incredible power behind a big smile. Originally, his Rubber Human Devil Fruit was considered one of the weakest fruits in the series. After extensive training, however, he unleashes the enormous potential of his strength.

Luffy is incredibly strong and fast., and its rubber body makes it immune to most attacks. Luffy's strength is further cemented by his inclusion in the Worst Generation. These eleven notorious and powerful rookie pirates are wanted for crimes against world governments.

25 Tetsuo Shima


30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (11)

When Tetsuo is injured after almost running over a child in the street, the doctors discover his enormous latent psionic abilities. Once Tetsuo unlocks his powers, he can fly, create force fields, bend light, levitate objects, and convert his telekinesis into powerful beams of energy.

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Even when Tetsuo's arm is detonated by an orbital laser, he simply replaces it with a mechanical one and continues. Unfortunately, Tetsuo's violent quest for more power pushes him beyond his limits. Unable to control his newfound abilities, he morphs into a huge fleshy mass. Despite this grotesque visionAkirais one of the most shocking movies of all time.

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24 branch beard

(One piece)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (12)

EmOne piece,Edward Newgate, aka Whitebeard, captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, is hailed as the strongest man in the world. His stature is imposing and his scars tell the story of the countless battles he fought. Even in his old age, his physical strength surpasses that of giants. With the addition ofPoder da Akuma no Mi Quake-Quake, which gave him the ability to create earthquakes, was a truly formidable opponent.

The earthquakes caused by Whitebeard can topple entire buildings and cause tsunamis. Whitebeard's enhanced stamina and seismic abilities not only made him the strongest man alive.One piece,but one of the strongest anime characters ever.

23 Yusuke Urameshi

(Yu Yu Hakusho)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (13)

Yusuke Urameshi is the half-human, half-demon protagonist of the series.Yu Yu Hakusho. As a spirit detective, protect the human world from supernatural threats such as ghosts and demons. His abilities with spirit energy, in addition to his demonic bloodline, make him one of the most powerful anime characters by far.

A Yusuke trademark, Spirit Gunfires a concentrated beam of energy from his right index finger. At the beginning of the series it is enough to break a pebble. In the end, once Yusuke unleashes his demonic powers, he is close to the destructive level of nuclear explosions.

22 Ichigo Kurosaki


30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (14)

Ichigo Kurosaki is a soul reaper responsible for the safe passage of spirits traveling between the human world and the afterlife.bleaching. Each Soul Reaper wields a zanpakuto, a sword capable of cutting through spirit bodies, making them one of the few weapons to take down ethereals.

Ichigo has an incredibly strong zanpakutou.called Zangetsu. When released in its final form, Zangetsu increases Ichigo's strength and speed to superhuman levels. Despite being a new Soul Reaper, Ichigo has more spiritual energy than many of Soul Society's captains. Ichigo's ability to fight supernatural creatures in defense of human spirits puts him in the running for the strongest anime character of all time.

21 jotaro kujo

(Strange JoJos Abenteuer)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (15)

Jotaro Kujo is the third generation of Joestars to become a hero.Strange JoJos Abenteuer. Despite having a criminal personality, Jotaro protects his family at all costs and saves them from the evil that is DIO Brando.

Though Jotaro is strong on his own, Star Platinum Stand helps him defeat DIO once and for all. With its ability to stop time,Jotaro's strength surpasses his enemies.and takes DIO's power for himself. Jotaro is not only one of the strongest Joestars, but also one of the most powerful anime characters.

20 Avatar Aang

(The Last Airbender Avatar)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (16)
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ang startsAvatar the Last Airbenderlike a child, inexperienced in his powers and his life. However, as he learns and grows, Aang will quickly become one of the most powerful people in the world. Not only has he mastered all four element bending, he has also learned to control his avatar state to perform impressive feats of strength and power.

Despite your strengthAang prefers not to use his powerand remains a pacifist throughout the show. Even when everyone tells him to kill the Fire Lord to end the war, Aang refuses and finds a more meaningful way to bring the destructive monarch to justice.

19 Tengen Uzui

(demon slayer)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (17)

Tengen Uzui is Hashira's sound from the hit show,demon killer. This striking character is not only stylish, but also incredibly powerful. As a former shinobi, Tengen easily handles enemies as if they were nothing but weeds. It cuts through them effortlessly, without batting an eyelid.

Even when Tengen faces a much more formidable opponent likeGyutaro in the entertainment district, Tengen shows how powerful he is. Not only does he withstand Gyutaro's attacks, but despite sustaining severe injuries, he still retains the strength to finish off Gyutaro once and for all. Tengen is an over-the-top demon slayer who uses his power to create a better world for himself and his family.

18 lucia


30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (18)

Lucy is a new human species known as Diclonius in the anime.our mentors. As such, she is taken in by human scientists who torture and experiment on her. However, Lucy shows her true power one day when she breaks out of the lab and kills anyone who stands in her way.

Because she is a Diclonius,Lucy can use telekinetic powers to defeat enemies.With just a flick of her head, she effortlessly eliminates countless people trying to keep her locked up. Lucy's power is incredible and terrifying, especially for someone who just wants to survive.

17 Akira Fudo / Teufelsmann

(Evil man)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (19)

In the classic anime of the 70'sEvil man,Akira Fudo gains the demon hero Amon's powers and memories after he is possessed. However, due to his pure heart, Akira retains his human consciousness. He uses his powers to protect humanity from hordes of demonic creatures who seek humanity's destruction.

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Akira has enough physical strength to split demons in half, fly, project beams of energy from his antenna, teleport, and emit flames hot enough to turn his enemies to ash in seconds. Furthermore, he can walk through walls and even grow in size, as if being a full-sized demon wasn't scary enough.

sixteen that everything

(My Hero Academy)

30 strongest anime characters of all time ranked (20)

All Might, also known as Toshinori Yagi, is one of the main characters ofmy hero academyand is considered the strongest hero in the world. His Quirk, One For All, goes from Legendary Hero to Legendary Hero and is easily one of the strongest in the world.MHAUniverse.

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One For All allows the user to accumulateand access to the power, which in turn grants temporary, near-limitless superhuman strength, agility, and speed. A single hit from All Might can generate enough wind pressure to destroy several city blocks. All Might is one of the strongest anime characters of all time. However, his physical strength is not his only power. All Might is known as a symbol of peace, and even his name is enough to stop villains from harming others.


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