4+ Ukuran Pizza Hut, Domino's and PHD [small, medium, large, extra large] (2023)

pizza size– Pizza is one of the fast foods highly appreciated by people all over the world. The best known are the American pizza and also the Italian pizza, which comes in different sizes.

For medium pizza sizes it is generally very suitable for 2-3 people, while for large sizes it is of course suitable for a group of up to 4 people. However, for those traveling alone, there is also a small size that is perfect to consume without worrying about leftovers.

In Indonesia itself there are several namesFranchisePizza which is very famous and growing fast everywhere like Pizza Hut, Pizza Mania Domino and PHD special for delivery. All of these pizza brands offer pizza sizes ranging from small, medium, regular, large, and extra-large.

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  • domino pizza size

    4+ Ukuran Pizza Hut, Domino's and PHD [small, medium, large, extra large] (1)

    FranchisePizza in Indonesia under the name Domino's Pizza is not as popular as its competitors. Domino's Pizza offers options for those who don't like very thick and very thin pizza.

    In addition, Domino's also offers dishesCeilingand edges with a wide range and different flavors of pizza. In fact, Domino's offers a more pronounced bread and cheese texture.

    Instead of being cut into triangles from the center of the roundabout, Domino's Pizza is cut to form a square. However, Domino's Pizzeria hasn't opened as many locations as its competitors. Only in some major cities on the islands of Java and Bali.

    Domino's Pizza is a good option as it only takes 45 minutes to orderonline, the pizza comes to you. If you'd like to try Domino's Pizza, here are size options to use as a reference before you buy.

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    1. small size/ People

    Domino's Pizza mini versions are personal sizes orklein. Domino's personal pizza pan is 6" in diameter and is divided into 4 pizza slices. The price is also very affordable. For only R$ 50,000 you can enjoy a mini version of Domino's Pizza.

    Personal Domino's Pizza is also often sold in packs containing 3-4 boxes at a great price. Personal Domino's Pizza is just the right size to eat alone.

    2 medium

    If you're still not satisfied with the Domino's personal pizza feel, simply choose the medium size. Domino's Medium serves a 10" diameter 6-slice pizza for 2-3 people.

    You can also buy Domino's Medium in gift pack form, such as duo or trio pizza packs. Double or trio pizza packs typically contain 2-3 medium pizzas. The price is only slightly different from the personal size (small).

    3. Grande

    The next size is Domino'sgrandePizza that has 8 slices 12 inches in diameter, Domino'sgrandePizza is the best-selling size, one of which is because the bread size isn't as thick as the competition.

    Additionally, each serving has more and larger pieces due to Domino's typical cross and length cuts. every can of dominoesgrandePizza can be bought at an affordable price.

    no, dominoesgrandeThis pizza is still suitable for 4-5 people.

    4. Extra large

    The next pizza size option is Domino'svery big. With the number of slices of pizza of the same sizegrande, Dominosteinevery bigit only increased its diameter to 14 inches.

    So that each piece seems bigger. Also the price of Domino's Pizzavery bigstill below the price of the competition. so dominoesvery bigit can be a solution for those who want a large pizza at a price that still fits in their pocket.

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    pizzeria size

    4+ Ukuran Pizza Hut, Domino's and PHD [small, medium, large, extra large] (2)

    be a pizzeriaFranchiseAmerica's Pizza, the largest and most popular in Indonesia. Pizza Hut was the first pizzeria in Indonesia since 1984.

    It has outlets spread all over the cities and several small districts, even in all the shopping malls. In 2021 alone, there will be 50 new Pizza Hut (PZZA) outlets in Indonesia, for a total of no less than 522 outlets.

    Pizza Hut offers thick slices of bread,Ceilingvaried and adapted to the taste of Indonesians for attractive discounts or promotions. Not to mention the tempting all-inclusive card.

    as package menudouble boxcontaining 1 medium and 1 large pizzagrandefree to chooseCeilingand each side at a lower price than buying 2 pizza trays from the pack menu.

    The name of the pizza hut variant also sounds great, like the choice of mozzarella/queso Cheddar(cheese bitesmiKäsekruste), Kronenkruste(Combo of chopped chicken with mozzarella cheese), pan pizzamistuffed pasta(chicken sausage slices). Whether you're buying Pizza Hut again or trying it for the first time, there are sizes of pizza to choose from here.

    1. personal

    Like a mini version of Pizza Hut, you only get chips of courseCeilingthat's a bit too. However, you can taste the typical delicacy of Pizza Hut.

    A personal pizza pan seems cheaper since it only holds 4 slices. Therefore, this personal size is usually enjoyed by 1-2 people.

    2. Medium / Normal

    If the personal size is not satisfactory and the pizzagrandeseems too much or expensive so you can choose a medium size pizza hut.CeilingIt is abundant, with 6 per pot.

    The size of each piece is larger. The average pizzeria is considered a more "cut-to-table" option than pizza in person. For the price of a large pizza, it's quite affordable. Because just for 60,000 rupees you can enjoy a normal pizzeria.

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    3. Grande

    If you want a crowd to enjoy the pizza, just choose Pizza Hutgrande. Each mold contains 8 pieces with sprinklesCeilingricher More points if you choose a large size, so you can choose 2Ceilingotherwise in pizza form.

    For events with a lot of people, pizza hutgrandeis the most chosen option. Because the price is cheaper than buying a medium or personal pizza with the same amount.

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    Pizza Hut Entrega (PHD) Size

    4+ Ukuran Pizza Hut, Domino's and PHD [small, medium, large, extra large] (3)

    Under the same banner, Pizza Hut Delivery was launched in 2007. PHD specializes in shoppingmover(take) and deliver (delivery order). With transaction and payment systemsonline, PHD also guarantees an estimated time of 30 minutes for each order.

    Although there are not many PhD boothssalidaHowever, Pizza Hut's pizza promotion offered by PHD continues to attract public interest. PhD is aFranchisewhich is appropriate in this time of pandemic due to these two main services.

    Pizza Hut Delivery also offers pizzaCeilingand multiple edges. PHD is also known for its legendary pizza sauces, such as BBQ and Hotmix.

    So there are severalmouthpieceand other menus that can be selected to match the pizza. such as pasta, salads,Lasagna, chicken fingers, cheese ballsand much more.

    As a guide before you buy, these are the pizza sizes available at Pizza Hut Delivery.

    1. normal

    Domino's and Pizza Hut's mini versions only contain small multi-serve pizzas andCeilingthat doesn't work a bit with regular PHD pizza. Regular PHD offers pizza with a slightly larger size compared to a personal pizzeria.

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    Not to mention the many and varied sausages on PHD pizza. A regular PHD pizza pan contains 8 slices that can be enjoyed by 2-3 people.

    2. Jumbos

    The next option is the PHD jumbo pizza. It's the size of Pizza Hutgrande, but the content is larger, namely 10 pieces.

    3. My box

    This is a special selection from Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD). packagemy boxcontains personal pizza, containing 4 slices and 1 typemouthpiece. Packagemy boxperfect for you alone who not only want pizza but alsomouthpieceOthers.

    In addition, there are also packages.double boxat a no less affordable price. The total package is on the menu.Big box. There is no single pizza box with 6 optionsCeiling. but also somemouthpiece, andPotato Wedges, Chiz Pops, Chicken SticksmiBeef Sausage Bites.

    Here are some pizza sizes from popular pizza brands in Indonesia, complete with small, medium/regular, large, and extra-large sizes. Maybe in the past many asked how many cm is the pizza? How many people can eat it? How many pieces/slices can you get? like, now you know the answer is no.!!

    4+ Ukuran Pizza Hut, Domino's and PHD [small, medium, large, extra large] (4)

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