5 Best Buddha Water Fountains and Resources to Buy in 2022 Reviews (2023)

Are you looking for a Buddha fountain to incorporate into your home or outdoor space? Would you like to know more about the Buddha water fountains?

Then this article is for you!

Keep reading this article and you'll learn about the different types of Buddha fountains and be able to read reviews of several different models to help you choose the best one for your space and style. You will also learn where to look for these Buddha water fountains.

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Useful information about the Buddha Fountain

Who should buy a Buddha water fountain?

A Buddha statue is a very popular piece of decoration, revered not only by Buddhists, but also by a wider population of people who practice meditation and agree with at least some of its teachings and views. A buddha water fountain can bring a zen feel to your space and help you relax after a long day at work. The soothing sounds of the waterfall bring relaxation and can help relieve stress. If you practice mindfulness or other meditation practices, purchasing a Buddha water fountain can help you focus and shut out all the noise around you so you can focus on what's most important. Installing a Buddha fountain inside or outside your home makes it attractive and adds a natural touch and decorative qualities.

Types of Buddha fountains on the market

The market offers a variety of fountains, including a Buddha statue, and they are suitable for various home interiors and exteriors. There are indoor and outdoor Buddha water fountains available in the market and they come in many different sizes and styles. For example, you can find tabletop fountains that are suitable for indoor use or for both indoor and outdoor use. These fountains are freestanding and easy to install to add a decorative feel to any tabletop surface. In addition, there are also freestanding Buddha floor fountains, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, which create a relaxing environment with the sounds of flowing water. Large and small indoor and outdoor fountains are equipped with water pumps that help to circulate and recycle the same water from the indoor water tank.

Where to look for Buddha water fountains?

As the market offers a wide variety of different types and models of Buddha fountains, I recommend that you look for them online. For example, Amazon offers a wide range of Buddha water fountains for purchase. At this online retailer, you can see different models, their ratings and customer reviews. You can do all this without leaving your home, saving you the time of going to different stores and looking for the products that suit your needs and your style. Amazon also occasionally offers discounted prices and free shipping options, which is great for getting a quality product and saving some money.

Buddha's Top 5 Water Springs and Their Resource Reviews

Bester Indoor-Buddha-Brunnen

Peaktop Indoor Buddha Water Fountain Zen Statue with LED Light

28-in. gray resin Buddha

This indoor Buddha water fountain features a 28-inch tall Buddha statue and is made of durable, lightweight resin material. It comes with a built-in water pump that creates a smooth flow of water and lights up with the help of LED lights. The fountain depicts the Buddha sitting cross-legged in a meditative position, holding a lotus flower in his lap. It comes in gray with textured details of hair, clothing and a large lotus under the Buddha's legs.

5 Best Buddha Water Fountains and Resources to Buy in 2022 Reviews (2)

Four LED lights illuminate the flow of water

Indoor Floor Buddha Fountain can be installed in your living room, hallway, bedroom and other indoor living areas to add relaxing touch and add water movement to your indoor space. The Buddha with lotus houses a set of four LED lights and uses the water pump to create the sound of bubbling water. Fountain capacity is 1.58 gallons of water.

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5 Best Buddha Water Fountains and Resources to Buy in 2022 Reviews (3)

Zen oasis with natural touches

This indoor Buddha water fountain creates a relaxing zen oasis in your home by creating gentle jets of water illuminated by LED lights. The running water feature adds a natural touch to your home, bringing natural sounds of water into your home. It quickly becomes the center of attention and the star of your living space.


  • lightweight resin material
  • 28-inch Tall Meditating Buddha Fountain
  • 1.58 gallon capacity

The best outdoor Buddha fountain

John Timberland Outdoor-Buddha-Wasserbrunnen

Buddha fountain for 12 inch resin outdoor table

This outdoor buddha fountain is made of durable, lightweight resin and comes with a polished stone finish. It is 12" tall and is suitable for table tops, so you can use it on your patio, porch, deck, and other outdoor spaces. It comes with a water pump and 6-foot cord and LED lighting. The natural-looking outdoor Buddha fountain is highly detailed and set in a pool of water.

5 Best Buddha Water Fountains and Resources to Buy in 2022 Reviews (4)

Meditating Buddha sits in a jagged bowl

The Buddha statue stands on a jagged water plinth and is rich in hair and clothing, with water trickling from the illuminated part of the lap framed by the Buddha's hands. The water then flows over the Buddha sitting cross-legged and puddles at the base of the fountain. The freestanding outdoor Buddha Fountain recycles and circulates the same water as the sink, making it ideal for outdoor table use without the need for additional plumbing.

5 Best Buddha Water Fountains and Resources to Buy in 2022 Reviews (5)

Combine visual and audio treats

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This easy-to-install outdoor Buddha fountain is set up in a few simple steps and works after being filled with water and plugged into a standard electrical outlet. You can place it on your garden table and it can help with meditation, creating a zen feeling through the combination of visual and audible treats. Smooth, relaxing water flows are highlighted by LED lighting, so you can enjoy the night to relax after a long and stressful day.


  • Lightweight, durable resin construction
  • polished stone finish
  • 12 inches tall for tabletop use
  • Including LED lighting and pump

best big buddha font

Buddha Alpine Water Fountain

33 inch Polyresin Buddha Lotus Fountain

This Buddha Fountain is 33 inches tall and features a meditating Buddha sitting on a lotus flower and holding a smaller flower in his lap. It is made of polyresin material and features a bronze finish with cracked details for a realistic look. The design and size are ideal for outdoor use in gardens and patios or on decks, porches and patios. The Big Buddha Fountain comes with an internal water pump and a built-in LED light.

5 Best Buddha Water Fountains and Resources to Buy in 2022 Reviews (6)

Soothing waterfalls and bright LED lighting

This large Buddha fountain produces calming waterfalls that cascade from the lap of the meditating Buddha to the lotus-shaped base. Adding river rock to create a bed for the waterfall enhances the natural look of the space. The bright yellow light helps create a zen oasis you'll love to enjoy in your outdoor living area, even at night.

5 Best Buddha Water Fountains and Resources to Buy in 2022 Reviews (7)

Natural accent with durable materials

The realistic stone surface and the sounds of gently flowing water bring a piece of nature right in front of your home. The highly detailed LED-lit Buddha Fountain will be a focal point in any room, and its weather and rust resistance allows it to be placed in any outdoor space to complement the landscape.


  • Polyresin construction
  • Steinbronze-Finish
  • 33 inches tall
  • suitable for outdoor use
  • equipped with LED light and pump
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best buddha table font

Tranquil Buddha LED Fountain from the Newport Coast Collection

Dual Energy Zen Buddha Fountain

This Buddha table top consists of a half full round base and a seated Buddha meditating Namaste at the front. The base of the fountain is rectangular and also features natural river stones and pebbles. This indoor Buddha tabletop water fountain requires 2 AA batteries or a 3 volt adapter to operate and produce jets of water.

5 Best Buddha Water Fountains and Resources to Buy in 2022 Reviews (8)

Dark and bronze colors with LED light

The Buddha tabletop fountain combines dark and bronze finishes that help it become the focal point of any interior decor. The indoor Buddha water fountain creates multiple streams falling from the top of the round base and disappearing behind the half-full base. An LED light is built into the base of the fountain, which also houses an 8-ounce water reservoir.

5 Best Buddha Water Fountains and Resources to Buy in 2022 Reviews (9)

intimate meditations

Installing this freestanding Buddha water fountain in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or office desk area will bring you a relaxing feeling. They do this by incorporating soothing sounds of running water into their work and life practices. Subtle lighting at night creates an intimate meditative oasis and makes the Buddha Fountain a true star in any interior.


  • dual power supply
  • suitable for tabletop use indoors
  • 8 ounce water reservoir

Best MiniBuda Font

Sala 101 Mosaic Buddha LED Fountain

7.9-inch Fountain with Meditating Buddha

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This 7.9 inch small Buddha fountain is suitable for indoor tabletop use. It consists of a statue of a meditating Buddha in front of a wall surface with blue mosaic accents. It sits in a rectangular acrylic water bowl and comes with decorative river stones to add to the natural ambience of the mini Buddha fountain. It has a built-in water pump that produces soothing waterfall sounds.

5 Best Buddha Water Fountains and Resources to Buy in 2022 Reviews (10)

Suitable for tabletop use.

Water starts to fall on the Namaste Buddha statue and can be used on different table surfaces. You can place it in your office, living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom to create soothing water sounds that fill the air and create a peaceful environment for living, working, meditating or sleeping. The base of the fountain also has an LED light to illuminate and highlight the fountain at night.

5 Best Buddha Water Fountains and Resources to Buy in 2022 Reviews (11)

dual power supply

This buddha water fountain is easy to set up and operate by pouring out the water and has dual power supply. You can run it on battery power or plug the adapter into an outlet. The textured surface combined with the blue tones easily becomes the focal point of any table or desk surface and acts as a decorative piece.


  • acrylic material
  • includes a pump
  • Led lightning
  • 7.9 inches tall

Conclusion: which Buddha fonts to choose?

To conclude this article on the best Buddha water fountains, I would like to recommend two models:The Buddha Peaktop indoor water fountainjthe fountain of the Buddha table John Timberland. Both fonts can be used indoors and outdoors. The first model is a 29-inch tall fountain made from a lightweight resin material and features illuminated waterfalls with a detailed Buddha statue. The second model is a 12-inch tabletop fountain that features a cool white LED light that creates soothing waterfalls in your home.

To learn more about other types of fonts that are for sale, you can click on this postwater sourcesa read in which I checked many other types of sources. If you are looking for a fountain that can be mounted on the wall, I recommend that you check out this article.The best wall fountains. If you want to buy a fountain for your desk or table, keep reading this articleThe best tabletop and tabletop water fountains.

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