Alchemical Solutions [Worm/Exalted]: STORY CONTENT ONLY (2023)

Thursday breaks #2-3 (morning - noon)

The Tired World Network:
[X] Check your email, explore Parahumans Online, search for research topics online.
- [X]Trick:If our crush can talk, he can certainly use a computer, even if he has to use voice-activated assistance mode. Set it up before you go.
- [X]Trick:The crush can even surf the web and download children's textbooks (physics, medicine, etc.), dictionaries, and picture books between incoming emails.

Guilty spark:
[X] Have your familiar follow you in your activities and expect them to help you in whatever you do. This is a free action by default, but can still be modified with stunts to describe specific intended interactions.
- [X]Trick:Throw it in Iris' mind for ideas on our workspace designs, costumes, and spider eugenics. You may have relevant experience based on your previous knowledge.
- [X]Trick:Duly present the Iris of Innovation to the members of the Protectorate with whom we will meet. We hung out with him a lot, so you better get used to the idea. However, please visit Miss Militia first to get your thoughts on it. If you think this is a bad idea, let Iris freelance in our workshop area.

Water Jet Brigade:
[X] Make the spiders work to spin more silk to weave, then focus them on making something other than t-shirts.
- [X]Trick:Finish tweaking your terrarium layout and spend some time figuring out the best way to feed and raise them for better quality and faster silk production.
- [X]Trick:Make the spiders work on casual wear, using fashion magazines and the internet as a reference. implantOmnitool-ImplantateCreate a whole wardrobe for you and Missy and expand it to make something for the other wards when time allows. After all, silk is not only suitable for underwear.

[X] Investigate your father's murder and kidnapping and try to track down the perpetrators.
- [X]Trick:The sniper team might have thought they got off clean, but no. If you saw enough through the eyes of the insects and smelled enough at the multiple olfactory receptors, they not only had to be sure that you would recognize them when you saw them again, but also make extraordinary sketches of their bodies and behavior. they act.Omnitool-Implantateand deduce where they have been lately. Director Piggot could definitely do something with this material.
- [X]Trick:Follow the Undersiders digital trail. Use Dragon to review video footage of your entry and exit times and past actions, then match it with traffic data and surveillance cameras and damage reports that match Undersiders for dog transport for a city map with Undersider activity levels. This should reveal your operations center.

[X]I need to change the way we vote on Plan XP
- [x] 3xp - Temperance
- [x] 3xp - Connections (PRT)


You are sure that you have turned off the alarm clock, so you suspect that the eye of the autochthonous, the iris of innovation, does not support your desire to sleep all day. At least he put it back to nine instead of five-thirty for school.

Except when you stumble into consciousness and mentally catalog what your hundreds of thousands of bugs are doing and feeling, you realize that Iris is in her own workshop, not her bedroom. Since you're pretty sure he left it at the armorer's shop last night, that means he at least went there, went upstairs to his room, and came back alone.

Since he's fairly certain that most of the population of the Protectorate's headquarters hasn't been introduced to him, let alone made aware of its existence, he expects to at least behave himself last night. Someone would have woken you up if they misbehaved... right?

Anyway, it looks like he picked up his armor (again) last night, this time a bit more PR-oriented. They have some ruffles making some loops around the armor (which is on a stand which I'm sure you didn't have last night) as you walk through the bathroom and...

Oh. It seems you forgot to delete itUnrivaled efficiency upgradefrom Chris last night. But judging by her gaunt and nervous delight, maybe that was a good thing? However, constant manic laughter does not sound very healthy. He must have called the school in sick since the start of the Arcadia school day is long past; It's probably a good idea to judge by the way he's acting.

Looks like he's finished the huge weapon placement he's been working on! And he completely rebuilt the two spare hoverboards into what appear to be surfboards with... module slots? Interesting.

You go through your morning routine, shower, rearrange your pillows, rearrange your sheets, and then head into the wards' room to get ready... and Chris... for breakfast. A few eggs, some bacon strips and chorizo, some green peppers and a sprinkling of chopped onion...

You hum in the kitchen and think about your newly configured armor. Dragon must have somehow managed to inspire Iris, judging by the passing resemblances to her Dragonsuit armor (which vaguely resembles the dragon-themed heavy Plate Knights) you melted down in her room. Maybe she got him to sound the sirens and then showed him footage of her dragon suits as he started doing something that would be taboo again?

Regardless of how he got it, you might be wondering if Glenn will agree; While Dragon is a well-known heroine, technically she doesn't belong to the Protectorate. A new Ward flying around in power armor that looks like a smaller version of the Legendary Remote Suits, except for the spider theme instead of the dragon, could have branding implications. Of course, his costumes change looks quite often, but he's done a lot of work on the costume so far and wants to make sure it goes through.

Not that you're too keen on making action figures. Although, a kind of cap that mimics yoursPerfect admin snippetThat would be fun, or... hmm, you should probably come up with a logo or icon before PRT's PR team does.

Idle, you might be wondering what kind of spider-themed logos were ever made; Surely that kind of information would be available online, right? As she wraps up the breakfast burritos and puts them on a plate to take to Chris' workshop, she wonders if she can explore this in her crush and further increase her multitasking efficiency.

By the time you reach the store areas, you've managed to cover your computer keyboard in flies and spiders, but it proves difficult to get consistent results when bombarding the keys. It was also not possible to speak through the swarm to use his computer's voice recognition for the tools, likely because the computer's hi-fi microphones considered the hundreds of different tones too disparate to be a single voice.

For fun, he waves at Iris a few dozen flies to guide him to the keyboard, ignoring her current efforts to piece together an orange from the dozens of pieces he's cut it into. You get the usual outbursts of confusion and frustration from him when he catches some of the flies out of thin air, but if you form an arrow in front of him to aim for the keyboard, he finally gets the clue.

You float towards the computer, "grab" some of his outstretched arms and try to guide them to the keyboard, but he resists several times. Although it works for almost a minute, it quickly realizes that you're trying to use it as a weapon setNOtry to communicate with him directly, at which point you get a more solid emotional outburst through the link.


So much for that. You're about to bombard the keyboard again, albeit much more slowly, when you see him turn to the nearby whiteboard and scribble something.

Inefficient physical manipulators for use in insect control

This unit dealt with the Tertiary Directive

He's not sure how to put an orange back together in "Understanding the Universe," but judging by the dour feelings conveyed by the link, he's not sure it's worth pushing. Your first line does give you an idea, but slowly, one word at a time, you configure a few thousand flies into an answer on the board.





He can.







You add the "please" almost in passing because you realize that while Iris seems willing to help you so far, you probably shouldn't take that for granted: his directives don't specifically name him as someone he is doing. Help even if he seems to need you to function in this universe. His negative reaction to using him as an arm was also strong, so there might even be a story.

Her afterthought seems to be paying off, as the emotions flowing through the connection change drastically in response to Iris seeing her flaws defined for the Old Kingdom word, perhaps even more so because she chose the expression of humility/honor rather than basic gratitude.

[Understanding.][Agreement.][Expectation.][Thank you.]

They leave Iris to her lemony reconfigurations and refocus on delivering her food to Chris. Gradually escalating your knocking on your door to a clenched-fist knocking, your efforts will prove in vain as your headphones now appear to contain some sort of noise-cancelling technology. Shrugging his shoulders, he presses a button to open the door and enters the room, now much more organized than when he first visited a little over two weeks ago.

If you see it up close, you'll be glad you weren't finished with the amulet when you woke up; He will most likely collapse if you remove him, judging by the carelessness of his movements under the action of the amulet. You vaguely wonder if this would happen to you if you tried to sleep with him, but you push the thought aside as you slowly move into his peripheral vision and try to call his name several times, each time you increase the volume. Luckily, when he finally notices you, he doesn't completely freak out.

„Ach, Taylor!

He jumps out of his chair, his face breaks into a wild, wide smile, and he lunges at you, arms outstretched...

"You won't believe what I found out thanks to tu-gah!"

... only to be pulled back by the rope attached to the helmet, throwing your feet off you and your body toward the ground.

On the ground, Chris struggles with his helmet: an old helmet of his has been rearranged to have several different empty connection points, with a few more containing different types of connectors. Chris detaches from the ropes and takes off the helmet himself, mechanically struggling to his feet (looking like a bad robot imitation) before giving you a slightly more reasonable and subdued smile, accompanied by a "thumbs up." . high". . pose

"I have discovered my specialty handicrafts!"

As you quietly count your blessings that his exhaustion slows his speech to at least a range you can understand, you can't help but smile at his over-the-top "do-gooder" pose.

"That's great Chris... but I thought you said your craft specialty was guns."

Chris' smile fades to a grin, but he quickly shakes off the tension.

"Oh, well, yeah, I told everyone that it's my specialty... but I... well, I wasn't exactly sure. The blasters and guns were simple, yes, but I kept finding completely different ways to put them together even when I had the original design in mind. It really is a shame to waste so much time on this.

Without taking his eyes off you, he walks over and grabs one of the breakfast burritos and starts devouring it as he continues his explanation. There's a brief pause as she flinches a little after the first bite, her eyes widening in shock/amazement, but then she's back with her revelation.

“See, this is where your power finally made it click! I started thinking about going to bed around two but then I got ideas on how to add all sorts of features to my bed here and I never have ideas for such everyday things!

You're tempted to tell him to stop talking with his mouth full (you're certainly not hungry for your burrito anymore), but his enthusiasm is so contagious that you'll smile at his food-filled conversation.

"Then I started to wonder why it was fairCharacteristicsand no, like a new bed or a new sleeping pod when it suddenly dawned on me! All these random ideas I have about how to improve what I'm working on aren'tCharacteristicsby no means - areModule! Every time I try to lock a device with all the ideas that come to mind it either breaks or I get lucky and it works like my hoverboard but then I can't fix it! But! But! Whenever I focus on one thing at a time, just one small piece of technology, it always works in tandem with whatever else I'm building, even if I didn't plan it!”

With his free hand, he grabs your right arm where you've been leaning it against his bench and quickly pulls you over to the second table on one of his new "longboard" hoverboards, wildly gesturing with your handful of burritos as you get there .

“Look, remember that first time you lent me your power and I figured out all these little sensory packages to go with my board? I was frustrated that the board wasn't designed to swap out parts like that, so when I had this idea I decided to try it on one of the replacement parts you built! Listen!"

Clearly getting his fourth or fifth wind, Chris' explanations become incomprehensible as he rattles off the details of the two new boards. The first board was another test to push his modularity theory to the limit and reduce the prototype to a useless skeleton with too many connection points; Since it doesn't have its own base, it almost looks like a Tinker version of a Lego set.

The second (“floating platform,” as he calls it) is still mostly unfinished, having only launched two hours ago, but after a few more minutes of gushing about his revelation, he suddenly blinks and slams his palm there mao in the face

“What am I telling you all these things you can absorb! Go ahead and see what I'm talking about!

Since you're pretty sure he just asked you to absorb the latest record, smile at him and nod before moving to the workbench. As you reach for it, however, stop when a thought occurs to you: Does something this big take more surface area than just your hand to properly integrate? Common sense up until now has had you stripping off your clothes to allow the larger garments to reach more of your skin, but... well, yeahdamn magic. When has common sense stopped you from doing something?

And lo and behold, putting your hand on the long surfboard-sized “platform” and activating the technomorphic integration engine does not result in immediate failure. As quickly as you're sucking in something like a quarter your size, a thin wisp of dark blue and black essence (like your anima banner, you notice) dissolves your palm into an ever-widening "hatch" as the board folds. in an impossible way before gently sliding into the open compartment in the palm of your hand. As the compartment closes with a soft "click," you ignore Chris's amazed gaze and focus on the data being transferred from his memory somewhere else to your subconscious.

"Um... wow, Chris. I see what you mean: the interlocking power lines that allow customization with... yes, and the main computer is even interchangeable... oh, and what do you do with the articulated skeleton to secure additional lifting points or a drag? .."

"Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you about that, well, I'm going to bet-"

You manage to react in time to catch Chris as he begins to fall onto the counter mid-sentence, his eyes fluttering as his mind begins to close. In one flowing movement he withdrawsUnrivaled efficiency upgradeand scan the teenage Tinker to assess the damage done while throwing his right arm over his shoulder as he completely faints with the amulet removed.

As you begin to walk into your room, your continuous swiping motions provide a degree of relief. His mind is extraordinarily overloaded, to the point where it seems like he's been awake and conscious for almost 100 hours. You're more than a little concerned about this, as you've certainly never felt that kind of mental exhaustion with the spell running for hours... but now that you think about it, you never scanned Colin when he had the spell active had either. Dragon mentioned a few times that Colin would usually pass out after using it for more than ten hours at a time, but maybe it has something to do with the user's mental focus? Or is that related to your hype or possibly even what Iris mentioned about this universe working with a completely different energy than the essence?

You allow part of your consciousness to be confused by this, while others focus on your spiders weaving flat silk cloths for the clothes you intend to make after dealing with Chris's unconscious form. You certainly couldn't have lifted your form in front of your enthusiasm, but with a quick lift you transport your dormant form bridal style; His spider-legged halo proves a deterrent to back-worn styles due to the increased likelihood of eye and face cuts. You've gotten better at controlling your legs lately, you only managed to hit Gallant a few times when you took him to the Protectorate HQ infirmary, but you prefer Chris not with one wake up another sting in the face.

(Video) The Sophic Hydrolith (1619) [Full Alchemical Audiobook]

You gracefully avoid the many PRT members who would likely misinterpret this situation as something else, and more obviously you avoid the throng of Protectorate members who seem to be coming your way; Assault will never make you forget that, and you certainly wouldn't want your first impression of Rime, Chevalier, and Mouse Protector to be one of you carrying Chris around looking like some kind of passed out princess.


You make it to Chris' room without incident thanks to your crush; Are you sure you would have gotten yourself into every embarrassing situation you could imagine if it weren't for the senses of your insectoids... minions? No, villains have minions. Service? Oh yes: assistants.

Your assistants have been busy going through various clothing patterns, but after choosing stylish and tasteful outfits for you and Missy, the bug hunters have scoured the digital web for more books to use in research and training you and Iris. . In addition, you have downloaded the entire library available for your current eligibility level, including textbooks for classes through graduate level. Since Iris is unable to absorb micro-units to learn, you need to build a way for him to connect to a computer or least after you've taught him English.

You're tempted to download some children's books to help you along the way, but after your misstep with him, you think you'd better stick to Rosetta Stone-style shows and books. You saw the temptation that Dragon would help you with the process when you expressed your interest in learning Old Realm (apparently learning languages ​​was a Suyo pastime), but after the discussion you saw with Iris , it is possible that you I want to wait a little to give him the opportunity. Tools to decipher this conversation.

And as summoned by this train of thought, the roving group of Protectorate members whom you easily avoided appear to have arrived at your workshop, having traveled there after asking Colin where you might be located.

Unfortunately, they encounter a frustrated eye from Autochthon, who has just failed on his 23rd attempt at assembling an upside down orange.

They pick up the pace when the sparks fly, with Ms. Militia positioning themselves between Chevalier and Iris, with the latter showing far more interest in investigating the former than vice versa. He tries again to urge thoughts of calm, relaxation, or even just restraint through his bond with Iris, but so far his efforts are proving ineffective in stopping the basketball-sized sphere's many cosmic attempts to disarm a high leader's armor. of the protectorate.

"What the hell is that?! Hannah, I'm going to destroy his new Ward toy if he doesn't stop destroying my armor!"

"Taylor! You gotta control IrisNow!”

"Iris! ¡Go back, please!“

Commanding the insects in his workshop to project his voice, he fills the entire room with the cacophonous sound of the Old Kingdom, keeping members of the Protectorate ready for battle and freezing the Eye of Autochthon mid-press.


As Iris retreats and morosely returns to her pile of crushed oranges, you switch to speaking English through your crush to address the room's mortal denizens.

"I apologize for Iris' behavior, everyone. I come to you now, but what do you need?

It's difficult to spot Chevalier well through his full gold and silver armor, but it's clear he's still focused on Iris even when the orb of mechanical magic doesn't appear to be looking in her direction. Advance payment. However, based on the sensations you get through the Iris Link, you suspect that Iris' vision is not limited to the Cloak's field of view. His half-hearted attempts to rebuild Orange are probably just a cover for him, but he looks down on Chevalier from afar.

As the tension in the group eases, Miss Militia clears her throat and assumes a more relaxed stance before walking in the general direction of her crush.

"We were hoping to introduce you to our new guests as the attack on you during your unveiling was the reason for your temporary transfer. I know you can see us now, but I'd rather wait until you get here to do the actual performances."

"This is fair."

"In the meantime, would you explain why your creation tried to attack me and my armor?"

Arms crossed, Chevalier's commanding voice betrays not fear of attack but desperation mixed with a touch of... insecurity? You're still getting used to reading people through their mistakes, their different meanings still don't translate perfectly in your head.

"As... an extension of my power, Iris probably saw something in your armor and wanted to figure out how it works. I'm sure he would have put it back together when he was done."

This makes the leader of the Philadelphia Protectorate laugh, and then he shakes his head in confusion.

"Unless their projection discovers in a few minutes what no PRT inventor could do with weeks of study, it's unlikely."

You contemplate a reply as the protector of the mouse - easily recognized by her costume reminiscent of Minnie Mouse in a fantastic Roman gladiator costume - trembles after you and waves to your crush.

"Hey, sorry boy, I don't want to burst your bubble here, but I have to say this is quite possibly one of the scariest things I've ever seen. Speaking of insects? It's thatincorrect.“

As he rounds the corner, he chooses to speak to his crush's beat as he approaches the open door of his workshop, only cutting off his crush's voice at the end.

"They don't actually speak, they just hum or chirp or click in a way that sounds like a voice when I coordinate it. It took me until recently to realize I could do this, so I'm still...fix the errors.

With his bugs no longer making a sound, the room fills with moans from the assembled Protectorate members as they turn to greet him, though Assault and Mouse Protector laugh out loud.

Besides trying to keep your crooked smile in front of the assembled members of the Protectorate, you're once again struck by how impressive the heroes are in all their attire, especially now with Rime (the second in command afterAlexandria) and Chevalier (leader of the Protectorate ofPhiladelphia, not just a remote small town like Brockton Bay). However, Mouse Protector spoils the picture.

"Retreat, boy! He's fine!"

You're still in your casual clothes, so the sight of you elicits more laughter from Rime and Mouse Protector, albeit Rime, a black-haired woman in a tight arctic blue suit with white skin. in the appearance of a heavy winter coat - justifies this for the first time.

"I see you've finally succumbed to the temptation to disguise your wards, Hannah. Did you expect the most beautiful district ever to be your hiking reserve?

Miss Militia looks like she's going to say something, her frown not really at you but at your clothes, before finally sighing in annoyance and rubbing her hand over her eyes. You just shrug.

"I really didn't have any clothes that fit my trigger, all the clothes in the gift shop were free and I still haven't had a chance to shop."

What is not said is that they are also very comfortable to work with, much better than the school uniform. Also, it's not like you're trying to impress anyone here on the base.

In part of his extra awareness, he also notices something else during the brief exchange: With his heightened awareness and hive vision, he can tell that Chevalier has been absolutely silent since turning his attention to him. You're starting to get used to guys staring open-mouthed when they see you, but when their silence persists, you start to think it might be something else.

The others, however, still didn't notice Chevalier's sudden blockade. Miss Militia, now overwhelmed by her little bout of embarrassment, waves her arm to introduce you to the three new heroes.

"Chevalier, Rime, Mouse Protector, I'd like to introduce the newest addition to the Brockton Bay Ward program: Weaver, also known publicly as Taylor Hebert. Taylor, this is Chevalier, Rime and Mouse Protector - we were all on the original Wards show together."

Mouse Protector removes his stylized gladiator helmet (with large black mouse ears and an elongated nose beneath the face shield) and shakes his head to reveal his short, gray hair before smiling knowingly. Aside from her slightly larger nose, it's surprising that the woman known for her irreverence under the mask is so straightforward.

"We can't let these motherfuckers disregard the wards, right? Call me Mary Girl, as far as I know you've already earned your reputation by taking a bullet for a teammate like that."

Rime is next, pulling down the portion of her costume that covers the lower half of her face to reveal a graceful chin and full lips that match her striking blue eyes and long black hair. She tilts her head towards you in a slight curtsy, arms on her hips.

"Kathy. Nice to meet you Taylor. Hannah has kept us updated on her final few weeks. The Wards program was meant to be a second chance at life; sorry to hear yours got off to such a bad start."

After Kathy's words, there's a brief pause during which Chevalier is clearly meant to join the conversation, but his continued immobility only results in an awkward silence.

Until Mary decides to turn this into an awkward conversation.

"Oh man Bobby! Don't tell me you like the newbie because she's dressed like Hannah!

Suddenly there's a combat shotgun in Ms. Militia, although the gun is pointed at the ground and she appears immobile from her previous contest. He also notes a sudden change in Chevalier, Mary's comment seems to have broken the spell she had over him. Assault's next comment, however, derails what he was trying to say.

Pay up, Robin.

As Velocity tries desperately to pretend it has no idea what Assault is talking about, Chevalier finally clears his throat and slides his helmet's vertically slotted faceplate up to reveal a handsome, scarred face with deep gray eyes she's looking into look seem . .aboveOf

"I apologize, I was stuck on some memories."

That doesn't seem to dampen Kathy's giggle, but Ms. Milita tenses briefly before relaxing, her shotgun morphing into a holstered pistol at her side. You do your best not to look like you don't buy his admission as Chevalier continues, a forced smile preceded by a curt nod.

"Robert, but if you continue to call me by my public name, I would be grateful. I wish we had met under better circumstances Mrs Hebert - this attack was a cheap scam and I've heard of several potential Wards turning down the show based on the news.

This is... actually quite disturbing. You almost feel bad that Glenn has to deal with the aftermath of this, despite his recent emails (seen through his mistakes) about getting him on talk shows and magazine covers after you're cured.

"Miss Militia, Rime, Mouse Protector and I may be all that remains of the original Wards team, but we'll be damned if we let the newest Ward go down without a fight."

And just like that, all the little jokes and hardships disappear. With such a simple, matter-of-fact statement, you can see the assembled group stand a little more upright, nodding just enough to make their faces more serious, their expressions becoming... more determined. Heroic.

You've seen photo ops of Protectorate gatherings, who hasn't actually, but part of your mind has always dismissed the power portrayed in these images as just that: photo ops.

This allowed you to see (literally) beyond the masks and see just how human the heroes portrayed in the media all the time really were. They laughed, they cursed, they stumbled into locked doors, they committed social faux pas.

But right now, seen through their thousand eyes and processed by their many minds, you're getting your first real taste of what it really means to look like a hero.

... they will never win ...

For the first time in a long time you think... just maybe... there's hope.


After you mention what you're up to in your workshop, the protectorate's heroes stay for a while to watch you work, although Kathy stays a little away from her cobweb assembly line.

Using the examples he found while searching the internet for insects, he first begins work on Missy's outfit, which appears to be the simpler of the two designs: a plain black dress that runs from just below the collarbone to just below reaching the knee and being fully covered by a sheer black lace that runs from the shoulders to the ankles and is tightened at the waist to give shape to the dress.

As both of her hands weave on real looms through the use of her Omnitool implants, the undergarments under her care quickly begin to form: the tools dye even the dull gray silk jet black as they work. Allow for Missy's age and leave some extra material in the back seam in case she wants to remove it when she "grows out".

When the solid inner dress is complete, deftly move to the lace cover while your idle flies and spiders hang your finished product on the nearby hangers. The original dress's lace pattern was fairly simple, and while you might be tempted to incorporate the fractal patterns of Missy's costume as Vista, you suspect she doesn't appreciate the direct connection to her costume's identity. Instead, it adheres to a web-like pattern subtle enough to resemble the original web unless you study it closely. Not only is it a nod to the dress's material origins, but the pattern actually provides additional structural support. in case you need to absorb the impact of a bullet or knife. Stylish yet practical. Maybe you're getting used to this fashionable thing?

By combining the two pieces, you finally decide to visibly respond to the surprised looks of Protectorate members who have been watching your work for the last... oh, just twenty minutes? That didn't take as long as expected. You hold the finished project next to the hangar it's in and turn to the heroes, smiling while bowing a little.

"Good how are you?"

Velocity and Assult only hiss softly while Rime, Battery and Miss Milita look at the entire dress with varying degrees of admiration and lust. The Protection Mouse, again wearing a helmet, is the first woman to speak, as usual, and moves away from the wall where she had been watching the entire process.

"Damn woman. are you really damned I figured Tinkers should take weeks to build their amazing shit, not minutes."

(Video) 3/19/2023 -- Part 3 & 4 -- Dutchsinse, BurnEye, Autodidactic, 5+ hour interview -- ANTARCTICA, DEW

Trying not to respond to the (semi-)respected hero's blunt language, you shrug, raise your still-disguised right hand, and go through different types of tools.

"Magic hands."

That elicits a few laughs from the audience, although you still get the feeling that Chevalier is studying you intently through his closed helmet. You put that thought aside and begin your mental preparation for your next project while focusing on the conversation at hand and noting your stylistic choices as well as the natural properties of the Black Widow silk you used for this project (they come from Darwin's bark spiders). still keen to spin enough for the suit he wants to wear inside his armor).

"Silk rags stronger than Kevlar? Boy you're gonna be the richest Ward ever. Are you already receiving orders?

You shake your head and let out a small sigh as you get your ruffles to take the dress from your hand via silk threads and hang it on the hanger next to your armor.

"This is actually the first dress I've ever made. If you think about it, you could probably make a better one in less than half the time if you really wanted to. Spider silk is really the limiting factor: I don't have my second generation Black Widows yet, only what I've collected from around town, and only a few dozen Darwin's Bark Spiders from the shipment I got yesterday. ”

While her spiders begin laying the silk she will use for her own dress, she sits on the bench and begins weaving it into the various layers she will need while she continues her discussion with the Protectorate continues. members behind you. It's not like you still can't see them with your swarm or 360 view.

She consciously decides to devote more time to this dress as she plans to add a few more features to the already intricate basic design. There's also the occasional pain from your wounds to take into account, so patience is probably the best way to go here.

Now that he thinks about it, the heroes gathered in his workshop can help him with the next item on his agenda. You turn your head to nominally look in her general direction while trying to steer the discussion away from further avenues to becoming a full-time seamstress.

"Actually, since you're all here, I was wondering if any of you had any news of my father's murder or kidnapping. I haven't heard much since I was questioned at the hospital Tuesday night, but I think I remembered a few important details that might help."

There are a few glimpses of Miss Militia, who nods and takes a few steps forward.

"We had scheduled a meeting in the War Room to review our investigation's progress. This would normally be above your privilege level as a test guard, but I commend your help. Or can't that wait?

He decides not to say that he could "attend" the meeting without his permission, and instead mentally runs through the list of ideas he has for the investigation. After a short pause, you shake your head.

"Nothing that can't wait, no. Thanks."

There are a few shrugs and exchanges of looks, but overall the Protectorate seems to have seen what it needed to see. All except Chevalier, who speaks the same language as Mlle. The militia seem ready to signal their departure.

"One last thing, Weaver? Your profile and performance rating did not speak of this creation of yours, although you did say it was an extension of your power. Why this?"

Iris subtly perks up when Chevalier points her way, but she keeps working on her pile of oranges as if nothing happened. However, the emotional link feed tells a better story.


Pausing at her fingerlooms, she slowly removes her hands from the spidersilk threads and swivels in her chair to face the group. Thinking about how she would present Iris to the TRP in general and to the public, she decided to continue with the story she presented in the official paperwork yesterday.

"Iris, as I call it, only manifested yesterday morning when my memories of the attack were at their worst. I think my power was responding to my panic and fear as it formed, but as far as I can tell it's just an extension of my crafting power.

This happened as "partially trueas you said it to yourself with your helmet on yesterday, you're pretty sure you're close enough to the truth not to get caught up in different stories, but still in the realm of parahuman logic to sound believable.

"So you don't directly control it?"

"Through a mental connection, I have a general sense of what you're doing, but I can't control you directly, no. Since its inception, it's mostly focused on taking things apart to understand how they work, which I think matches my ability to understand TinkerTech.

Even through his armor, Chevalier's stiff body language, and his tone of voice, you get the sense that he doesn't buy everything you say.

"Sounds good to me."

With a quick nod to Miss Milita, the heroes, guests and residents alike, say goodbye, leaving you to "Tayloring," as Mouse Protector's tone suggests.

They feel a tinge of sympathy for the members of St. Louis and the super villains of St. Louis as they endure it on a day-to-day basis. At least Assault has battery power to pilot it from time to time.

Rather than return to her growing clothing line, however, she decides to get to the bottom of what Iris was planning to do with Chevalier and his armor. With a mobile tailor shop in the eye of the autochthons, return to the Old Kingdom for your benefit.

"Then why were you trying to disarm Chevalier's armor back there?"


Abandoning her recent attempt to dissect an orange at the molecular level, Iris levitates to the whiteboard on wheels parked next to her workbench and begins to write.

Abnormal density readings returned from the first scan

Contradictory density, material values

universe-of-nowhere meta-spell enchantment?

additional analysis required

Stunned by Iris' skewed language with her different minds, he tries to match her observations with what he knows of Chevalier's power: He reinforces or thickens his plate armor and "cannon blade" to make them larger, lighter, or denser than this is usually possible. That doesn't sound too different from what you mean by advanced parahuman abilities, but you can see from your link that Iris is very determined to take a closer look at the Protectorate's leader's team.

As the group still walks down the hall from his workshop, he wonders if his own vision could shed some light on Iris' curiosity. activation of yourmass penetration scan, you can just look through his workshop wall and then zoom in on the Chevalier himself through his telescopic lens. You quickly go through your various exotic visions (other than your essence vision) and find nothing out of the ordinary, so you decide to see if a look at the armor might help you...

...and your parallel consciousnesses keep you from falling out of your chair, your initial mental thread is blocked trying to correspondseein the internal composition of the anchor. Each new consciousness you call into this task provides a little more information before it too is blocked, and you eventually stop studying that as the group turns the corner and goes through more walls than you can with your own eyes can see.

"I what? How?"


As the rest of his mental threads thaw from the mental overload they've been subjected to, he begins to take on the appearance of an image from inside the armor. Only the picture still doesn't make sense.

“I saw… I don't know what I saw. Steel? ceramics? Tungsten? Gold? I - and that's not all..."


scan attempt?


You start rambling on about the little things you somehow saw inserted in the same room, sometimes interrupted by Iris' written comments about how Essence works.

Infinite material possibilities?

Corresponds to the wild essence of the nowhere universe?

samples required

You're still struggling with the first few parts of Iris's treatise on essence and how it works, so you recognize the term "Wyld", but not in that context, shouldn't it be a mad whirl of chaos? Deciding to avoid the inevitable lesson that would come from his voicing his confusion, he makes a few comments assuring Iris that he will attempt to obtain some samples of Chevalier's armor for her to study.

You'll study them by absorption before I take them apart, of course, but don't say that out loud.

However, when he starts trading oranges again, you decide to rack his brains about some more practical things.

“Ah, before I forget, do you have any ideas how to improve the workshop? Determination? Additions?


So much for avoiding a conference.


They spend almost an hour moving everything in the shop, dismantling different pieces of furniture and reassembling them into new and better pieces with Iris' guidance. He's not sure how Draconic Flow, Geomantic Imperatives, and Hearts have anything to do with his workshop layout or what those things even are, but it seems to help him forget things. your past frustrations. whether your attachment to him is an indication of your state of mind.

During most of the heavy lifting, she chooses to don her new power armor so she can get a feel for how Iris' armor overhaul has affected her performance. While he still hasn't finished his spidersilk costume, it seems a little more comfortable (and you try not to wonder why he understands your body shape so well), and while it looks more flashy than originally intended, it's not. seems to have sacrificed flexibility for flowing shoulder pads or an elegant silver skirt. You're torn from the royal robe for convenience, but more importantly not sure what he did with it.

“Is that…me looking over Brockton Bay? Why did I stretch out my arms like this? And what are you looking at?

It is vaguely reminiscent of the Soviet Union's inspirational posters during World War II, which are both alarming and frightening.


Promotional reinterpretation for Hammer of Progress,

Mayor Jade Caste of Kamak

Great. Your first glimpse of your "home" culture and you're a little nervous. No, now that you think about it, this isn't your first realization: you recall visions of people fighting, fighting, and dying...

is everyone like this From what you've seen of human history here on Earth, a desperate civilization could resort to all sorts of horrific forms of government in hopes of finding an end to their torment. But why are they there at all?

You allow those troubling thoughts to dissolve into your free train of thought while you focus on dealing with the overly ostentatious displays in your armor.

"When I said makes it heroic, I know, like the Armsmaster or Dragon logos?"


Unique iconography implies leadership through power

(Video) Kokoro Wish and the Birth of a Multiverse: A Lecture on the Work of Jennifer Diane Reitz

Exalted Alchemist serves the state, supported by the state

Bridge between God's machine and man

Hope? That would mean you're... what? Damn magic robot Jesus? Well, you certainly have at least the creation part. Just doesn't feel like Autochthon really fits into the whole "one true deity" concept, so maybe... No, trying to portray yourself as some kind of messiah would only mean trouble.

You sigh heavily in frustration, take off your helmet and run your hands through your hair. Why does it all have to be so difficult? Why couldn't you just have normal parahuman powers? Things would have been so much easier!

After taking a few minutes to calm down with some breathing exercises and allaying Iris' concerns about your reaction to her statements, you have some ideas on how to change the armor designs (with Iris' help since she's responsible for it responsible for). Chaos in the first place) so you can finally submit it for technical review and PR approval.

Then? Then you can finally finish this dress.



Okay, you might never get the chance to finish this dress.

"Yes, dragon?"

You try not to let the desperation seep into your voice and fail, though you do your best to keep your gaze fixed even when you encounter the virtual avatar of the world's greatest inventor. At least she was considerate enough to shrink her chat window so that it didn't block the view of the dress you were trying to imitate.

"I wanted to check you out as Rime just informed me that your sewing skills could result in you earning the title of World's Greatest Tinkerer. Of course, I don't admit to wearing that title at this time."

The warm humor in his voice - aha! That accent hidden under the synth! Not only is it Canadian, but it has even longer vowels that make it sound almost Irish. What does that mean? You're sure that was somehow significant, but where did you hear that? Mister. Gladly, yes, in your class, what does history mean, what does something important mean in Canada... Oh. New land. Well, that... actually explains a lot.

Agoraphobia would be a natural reaction to a final bringer sinking your home in the Atlantic.

Let some of your consciences wonder when is the right time to talk to Dragon or anyone about this, while letting the conversation flow smoothly with your other train of thought.

"I only made one dress, so your title is probably safe now, dragon. I was just about to start the next one, if you want to see it."

"Oh yeah. Who's getting married then?"

In fact, it interrupts most of his train of thought, causing him to blink several times before returning fully to his computer screen.


"Yes, this dress is for the mother of a bride. Judging by the style, it also looks like it's fit for a 70's style wedding. Who is the happy couple?

"Not quite, fine, but not for a themed wedding! It's for everyday use. For me."

You're not sure how Dragon can make his avatar look so...motherly...with a smile like that, but you don't like it. It's a beautiful dress! Are you sure that your mother... no, she will finish this train of thought before it begins.

"I apologize Taylor. So it's a very pretty dress. I'm sure you can make anything look beautiful."

Are you cheeky for Dragon? You will be shamed by Dragon. This really happens. Really, there are no more heroes.

You throw your tools loudly (i.e. bang your hands on the workbench) and snort at the screen.

"Well, I don't see that you have any ideas what to wear!"

"Oh Taylor, I thought you'd never ask!"

Damn creator. If the clothes shown on the screen weren't so pretty, you would turn off this monitor in an instant. But…

"I can't wear this! They don't cover...well, nothing! My shoulders are showing and my back! And my chest! He wanted to make the dress out of spider silk to protect me, but he can't do that unless he covers me! ."

"Protection from what? Where are you gonna wear that, Taylor?

"You know... around the base?"

"Only near the base? Not for the city?

"Oh no, that's what I have my armor for."

This causes the virtual projection to flicker.

"Your armor? I thought we were talking casual wear.

you nod "They are."

There is a moment of silence as Dragon looks at you, making you wonder if you said something wrong. But no, you were perfectly logical. After all, you have someone willing to kill you.

"Okay, let's focus on your outfit at the base. Waiting to be shot or stabbed at Protectorate headquarters?

You manage to keep yourself from agreeing as that mindset would likely lead to Dragon trying to figure out why you think you feel threatened by PRT people. You trust Dragon, and while she doesn't respond directly to the PRT, you're not sure where her true loyalties lie; she might choose to openly voice her concerns to Principal Piggot, which would alarm the Inspector and his henchmen.


You're not sure if you've made it as you notice his eyes narrow slightly before he continues, his voice becoming a little more serious and matter-of-fact.

Like- oh right, he probably has a copy of Colin's lie detector. Damn creator.

"Well then you don't have to worry about being completely covered in spider silk and showing off what your trigger gave you."

They complain about the line and the dresses that stand out now. You finally cut her off when she finally suggests one that covers more than a pale part of your body.

"Wait! This one! How about this?

"It's quite elegant, yes. But Taylor, you should really consider some of the others..."

"You can still see a lot, dragon. These sleeves are lace and there's a slit in the front for my legs."

Dragon purses his virtual avatar's lips and finally relents with a digital eye roll.

"I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't agree, Taylor. What do you want to add now? Don't look at me like that, I know what you're thinking, and no, you don't need pockets for your bugs in your dress. A dress can only be a dress.”

"But that's so... inefficient," you say, and the word leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Dragon 'hmm' is a bit before finally letting out an angry sigh.

If you insist, Taylor. So let's review what you have planned so I don't feel obligated to advise the director that the dress needs a technical review.

"Well, the lace here made me think of a weave pattern..."


You do your best to avoid crowded hallways as you approach the war room. You've never felt so naked in your life, even if you were really naked! The two PRT officers he walks right into the walls, so he begins to regret the idea.

Dragon really is an evil genius. she made you lookAlsoParts list.

As you monitor the war room via various flies strategically placed on glass surfaces and high points, you can see the assembled protectorate heroes, Director Piggot, and the PRT research team start a little when the dragon's voice blares out of the computer speakers in the space resounds.

"Excuse me, Director Piggot? Would you mind if I attend this meeting?

You absently notice the armorer shifting slightly in his seat, though you don't think anyone else will notice since most of the attention is on the overseer. Piggot, who is wearing a dark blue business suit today and has her hair tied back, looks even fiercer than usual when she answers.

"Why? Is there something I should know?"

Even though his avatar isn't visible, you get the impression that Dragon shakes his head slightly before answering.

“No, I just wanted to provide as much help as possible with the investigation. My interactions and working with Taylor so far have been immensely pleasant, so I want to do my part to bring anyone who hit her to justice."

You're not sure how he managed to time it so perfectly, but Dragon finishes his explanation as soon as you enter the room. Then, of course, all heads turn to you.

Through your own senses and those of your crush, the silence is thunder. Doing your best not to tremble, you let the long dress close around your legs, opening slightly from waist to ankles due to the fit. The handful of paper you brought here serves you well, ensuring your arms, fully covered by the spidery black lace that adorns the top half of the dress, don't dangle uselessly at your sides. Most importantly, she holds her breath lest the plunging neckline (ending in a large, lustrous silver chandelier) make her fall out of the dress, although she did her best to style the dress to avoid this disaster .

Assault, as usual, is the first to speak, although his voice is almost awed with admiration.

"Holy crap."

Piggot, who looks like he's about to break something in his hands, talks about the sound of Assault being hit.

"Are you lost, Herbert? This is the war room, not a ballroom."

Take deep breaths to steady yourself, and fear and stares will flood you as you maintain your posture. You can. They faced a crowd of reporters and fans. You jumped in the way of several bullets. The analytical gazes of the people who help keep order and justice in this world are... well, they really mean a lot. But you can do it.

(Video) TES4: Oblivion Analysis | A Quick Retrospective

"Miss Militia invited me to this meeting, ma'am, and I wanted to do my best."

"You didn't have to disguise yourself, Herbert. If you wanted to impress us, you should have come in your armor.

Wait, did the director just admit that his armor was great? You continue, letting a free train of thought save you for later.

“I'm straight out of my workshop, ma'am. Dragon just helped me make this dress that he said I should wear to the base."

Ha! BurdenThe, Keep going!

"Sorry Boss, but Dragon is my new favorite crafter now."

Cursed creator, attack. Now you must find another way to get revenge on him, even if Velocity, Dauntless and Chevalier don't say anything against it. Although... you still feel like Chevalier isn't looking at you.Theway, which is even more intriguing.

Rime is the first to take her eyes off you instead of looking at the computer where Dragon's voice came from.

"Keep going?"

"Guilt as charged, Rime, but Weaver did most of the heavy lifting."

Assault wisely chooses to keep his lips closed, despite his apparent desire to complement this comment. He gives you a mocking wink, kind of knowing you know what he'd say, so you add another notch to the next bill of revenge anyway.

The Headmistress just fumes and adjusts her jacket briefly before regaining control of the situation.

I wasted enough time on this, so be glad I didn't force you to go upstairs and change, Hebert. Sit down and let's get started."

You take a seat next to the Armorer, suspecting he's the only one in the room who won't spend most of the meeting looking at your clothes while the Director starts the actual meeting... and right with you speaks.

"Before we begin, Miss Militia reports that you have important information to share with the investigation team, Hebert."

Though it's a statement and a question, he's prepared for it and is quick to lay out what he's put together since his little briefing on Monday night.

He clears his throat as he goes through the papers he brought with him - drawings made with the wide range of pencils and charcoals he producedOmnitool-Implantate- You point to one at a time while reviewing what you've deduced so far.

"It took some time, but I could remember what I saw from the sniper team. They wore baklavas and costumes, and while I didn't have time to look behind the costumes, my crush senses and other visual enhancements were able to discriminate enough to be useful.

They point to four of the drawings, two of which depict the sniper team exactly as you saw it, the other two military-grade white males in their 30s and 40s.

"These models here use the contours of their suits just outside of their eyes and are a good approximation of their facial and body structures."

He then shoves three sheets of paper with exact replicas of a sniper rifle of an unknown make, some peculiar looking knives and grenades that he couldn't identify through online searches.

"Furthermore, the following drawings show their complete clothing: the sniper rifle they used, their clothes, the additional weapons and the grenades they carried."

Finally, a final page with a list that talks about specific types of aftershave, gun oils, and building materials.

"- and this is a list of the most common sources of the smells my crush picked up before activating its bug-killing grenades."

There is a muffled murmur among several members of the meeting as he recites his findings and outlines, although most of the noise comes from the PRT investigative team members, who seem to regard his findings with grunts of approval. Miss Militia is silent the whole time, but you can see the smile in her eyes and the nod of approval she gives when you glance at her when you're done.

The director is silent during his speech, but finishes quickly.

"We could have used that information on Monday night, Herbert. But... that's a good job. Sculptor? What do you think?"

The PRT inspector's redhead stands up and begins to link her own findings to his, surprising not only him with the clarity and conciseness of her presentation, but also those around her, all of whom predate him by at least a decade. a young woman in her early 20s who will now realize that she also has active corona pollentia, keep your judgments.

What decides your first goal in the end.

"Like I said, Madam Principal, everything we've gathered pointed to Empire Eighty-Eight or L33t and Uber, but with Ms. Hebert's, we're ruling out Empire and the villain duo. It's just Coil or a new player and you know how we feel ma'am."

Principal Piggot's expression turns a little sour, but she quickly shakes her head and points to her drawings.

"I don't care if we can't find the skin or hair of this bastard snake, I'm not going to spin my wheels waiting for more evidence when the whole country is waiting for us to undo this fiasco." We'll throw the hammer at Coil unless he can give us solid proof that he's not behind this attack and show us who is behind it."

Inspector Carver remains as impassive as during the presentation, just nodding and saying, "As you wish, Madam Principal," before sitting back down.

Principal Piggot exhales quickly through his nose and turns to another young woman in the research group.

"Donlan? The lowest?

Although he appears to be the same age as Inspector Carver, Inspector Donlan is the complete opposite: black-haired, mouse-like and energetic. and attitude

"We found in- uh, nothing, ma'am. I am really sorry."

The principal's expression is cold, prompting DI Donlan to break a sweat and quickly explain what her team found out about her father's kidnapping. Despite the vast amount of evidence the team has gathered, combined with his own supplements that he made with the help of Miss Militia, anything that might point to the motive for the attack or possible retreats turns up just as often as any other insider attack. : anything. .

Donlan appears to read your mind (and while she also has a Corona Pollentia, there is no Gemma who would allow such a feat) before asking her for information on previous Undersider attacks and sightings, and this additional information on Brockton's projected holographic present screen. bay on the table.

"As usual, the Undersiders appear to have lost their giant mutant hounds shortly after escaping the crime scene, so we couldn't follow them past the point where we found the decomposing remnants of the Hellhounds'"

In the short pause after this information, he braces himself and speaks.

"How about we search the rooftops of the neighborhoods we suspect are the base of their Undersiders' operations? This can help narrow your search. ”

Inspector Donlan gives him a look that leads him to believe she's seriously reconsidering her earlier assessment of his intelligence, then gestures back at the map of Brockton Bay.

"That's 27 neighborhoods, Ms. Hebert, and we can't just go back and look for roof collapses or people left over from something like that; The last two times we thought we had them at their base, they had their entire supply packed at least twenty or thirty minutes before we got there. Our best guess is that your thinker, Tattletale, has always broken us with every shit of his power.

One of your consciences breathes a sigh of relief that Ms. Militia and Principal Piggot have kept the details of Lisa's power under wraps, at least relatively. You know Miss Militia wouldn't put Lisa in such danger, but the director is harder to read. Maybe he's trying to secure Lisa for the PRT once this mess is over?

Lisa seemed nice when you spoke to her, and you think Missy would get along with another girl on the team, so you decide to keep that schedule in mind as well. And considering the agenda, would Lisa be a candidate for the raise? Something to think about a little later, especially with the three new protectorate heroes also featured here.

Back in the present, your primary awareness keeps the conversation flowing smoothly.

“In fact, you could do this kind of research for every neighborhood in just a few minutes. All I need is permission: With my armor or a companion able to fly, I could scour the city rooftops with my swarms in a day.

The tomboyish Inspector crosses her arms and looks at you with one eye as she accepts your proposal, the rest of the assembly (except for Miss Militia, Inspector Carver and the Headmaster) are amazed at your admitted searching skills. Finally he shrugs and looks at Principal Piggot.

Hebert has my vote, director. This sounds like something the side of the body could easily get started on while we work on our side.

The Headmaster gives Inspector Donlan another cold look, flinches and murmurs an apology before looking at you in tense silence for half a minute. But just as you're about to speak out in her own defense, she breaks eye contact and sees Ms. Militia and the armorer, who appear to be nodding in response to her gaze.

He looks at you, lowers his hands from where they were clenched in front of his face, and waves at you.

“As soon as the doctors cleared you, Herbert, and not a second before. I don't need fines for forcing a student into active duty while he's still injured."


Intimacy: Danny Hebert (blame)-1 decrease!
Intimacy: Kid Win/Chris (friendship)transferred to(friendship/passion?)
Privacy: Chevalier/Robert (respect)Bett!
Intimacy: Iris of Innovation (Camaraderie)increase +1!
Privacy: Dragon (Respect)increase +1!
Privacy: Main Piggot (Reluctant Trust)increase +1!
Privacy: PRT (Loyalty)increase +1!

Present+ 1 Trainingsintervall (2/6 Intervalle)
Science+1 Trainingsintervall (4/6 Intervalle)
Socialize+ 1 Trainingsintervall (2/6 Intervalle)
To know+ 1 Trainingsintervall (6/6 Interval)
Guerra+ 1 Trainingsintervall(6/6 Interval)
Hidden+1 Trainingsintervall (6/6 Interval)
Investigation+ 1 Trainingsintervall (5/6 Intervalle)
craftsmanship+ 1 Trainingsintervall (4/6 Intervalle)

temperance x 1Bett!
Connections (PRT) x 1Bett!

The stats and armor description proposals are still separate from the vote, but have yet to be discussed. The Weaver franchise's iconography, logos, and imagery based on Iris' comments are also great conversation starters. Oh, and what to do with THE HUNT.

Reminder: With no specific "rest" breaks other than the standard 8-hour rest period, your doctor will discharge you on Monday morning. If you spend all of those extra breaks doing "rest" activities, your doctor will cleanse you on Saturday morning upon waking (start of break #2).

Thursday #4-5 (afternoon-evening) Breaks:

(Every vote pauses unless it's stunted!)

Communist Oversight:
[ ] Spend time with your familiar, let him do as he pleases, and make sure he doesn't turn HQ into a robot ducky. (Familiar will do whatever you want unless you tell him to do things)
[ ] Let your confidant accompany you in your activities and expect them to help you in everything you do. This is a free action by default, but can still be modified with stunts to describe specific intended interactions.
[ ] Tell your familiar to charge elsewhere while you meditate to increase your essence flow and healing rate. Perhaps it could be improved with a less restricted flow of Autochthon's essence? (The familiar stays outside unless you tell him to rest.)

[ ] Meditate to reclaim your essence and speed up your healing. Read some books/CDs/USB sticks to improve a topic while you're at it (trick to describe what topic you're reading/practicing).
[ ] Meditate to reclaim your essence and speed up your healing. Check out their enchantments and how their essence helps shape their scrolls so you better understand how they work.

Tangled web they weave:
[ ] Spend some "me" time with your thriving spider silk factory and focus on training your spiders to perform tasks when they are out of range of your SoPA.
[ ] Make the spiders work to spin more silk to weave, then focus on making something other than t-shirts. (Trick to describe what cloth is.)

Optical Go-Go Gadget Coverage:
[ ] Escape invisible and investigate the scene of your assassination attempt.
[ ] Secretly escape and investigate your father's escape location.
[ ] Sneak (invisible) through the headquarters and try to collect the data available here to participate in the two events.
[ ] Sneak (invisible) into Headquarters and follow Principal Piggot to see what she does with the information you gave her.
[ ] Sneak (invisible) around HQ and follow Ms. Militia to see what she does with the information you gave her.

Make the A-Team proud:
[ ] Use one of L33t's surveillance bugs as a base and create a surveillance kit your bugs can easily carry. This takes 2 intervals. (Trick for designing sensor packages).
[ ] Design a customizable nutrient paste dispenser based on Armsmaster technology. This lasts 1 interval. (Trick for additional options).
[] Worked on insect-controlled modular anti-gravity pods, using Kid Win's technology and his own as the backbone. This takes 8 intervals and then has to go through technical review and PR approval. (trick to add features, design appearance, etc.)
[ ] Write: Work on something else (if the range is greater than 1, it will be added to the list with an updated count).

With a little help from my friends:
[ ] Spend some time with a member of the Protectorate, maybe even some of the newer ones like Rime, Mouse Protector or Chevalier. (trick to say which one and what you want to do).
[ ] Spend time with PRT employees. (Trick to say which ones you want to specify some and what you want to do).
[ ] Officially submit your armor for technical approval, then spend time with the PRT scientists to see what they're up to as you try to get your armor approved faster.

cem zeros:
[ ] Search for something online. (Trick to say something.)
[ ] Crawl Parahumans Online and interact with the Normals and Capes that use it. (Trick to search for specific threads/topics).

[ ] Something else!

You earn XP:

Vote your XP spend like normal action votes, no plan required. Each issue must have at least 16 votes to win or >50% of total voters, whichever is less, to be implemented.

(Video) Morrowind Analysis | A Quick Retrospective

Wishesagainsta specific expense or any expense does not count.


- [x] 4xp - Guerra
- [x] 2xp - War (Swarms)
- [x] 3xp - Willpower
- [x] 2xp - Awareness (Swarms)
- [x] 3xp - Influence (PRT)


1. Elden Ring Lore | The Color Theory of Elden Ring
2. Fullmetal Alchemist VS Brotherhood - The Complete Comparison
3. Enigma Of The Sages - A Tale Of Alchemical Initiation - Esoteric Alchemy Audiobook
(Altrusian Grace Media)
4. Gothic 3 - Retrospective Review (2023)
(Mortismal Gaming)
5. FAUST Explained: Goethe’s eulogy of the Enlightenment & its philosophical influence
6. Can You Beat SALT AND SACRIFICE With Only Firebombs?
(The Backlogs)
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