All the differences between UK and US Domino's including portion sizes, calories and unique items. (2023)

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(Video) US vs UK Domino's | Food Wars

All the differences between UK and US Domino's including portion sizes, calories and unique items. (1)

  • We tried everything on both the UK and US Dominoes menus to find out the main differences between the two.
  • Although the two pizza chains appear superficially similar, there were big differences between sizes, calories, and ingredients.
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Below is a transcript of the video.

Harry Kersh:From calorie count to serving size, we wanted to find out all the differences between Domino's Pizza in the UK and the US. This is food wars.

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This is the smallest pizza you can get in the UK. It is called an individual and measures 7 inches in diameter.

Joe Avella:Our smallest is, believe it or not, so small. Here it is, and it's 10 inches in diameter.

torment:The next size up is Small, which measures 9.5 inches.

José:The closest size to the US is our 12-inch medium.

torment:That's 11.5 inches.

José:That? I'm hungry. Hi, I have a piece. I'm hungry. This pizza smells so good. I skipped breakfast. Next pizza. Next up for the US is our Large, which has a 14-inch diameter. Oh damn. What's with the way they cut your large pizza, Harry? It's ridiculous. Check it out.

And not to be outdone, the United States has another size, the extra large. diameter, 16 inches. Brother! Look at the size of this thing.

torment:Well, a 2.5-inch difference might not sound like much, but when surface area is factored in, it's actually 58 square inches wider than the UK's largest pizza, which is almost a third increase. .

José:I am right? Should it be six slices? There are six discs. It can not be true. Six slices for an extra large pizza? Look at the size of these discs!

In the United States, Domino's Extra Large Pizza is very reasonably priced at $13.99. Hmm This... circle... is that 201 square inches, which breaks down to about 7 cents per inch? Cool.

(Video) US vs UK Highest Calories (KFC, McDonald's, Papa John's) | Food Wars

torment:Now surprisingly for $13.99 you can only get a small UK pizza. A small pizza is 9.5 inches in diameter, giving it a surface area of ​​71 square inches. Now, if you divide the price of $13.69 by 71, you'll find that you're actually paying 19 cents per square inch.

Ultimately, this means that if you walk into a Domino's in the US and UK for $13.99, you can get more than double the pizza for your money in the US store. Let's compare the big pizzas of cheese from both countries. This is what a great British cheese looks like.

José:And this is what a large, well-cut Domino's Cheese pizza looks like in the US.

torment:It is cut into 10 pieces and each slice contains 176 calories. This means that in the UK, pizza has a total of 1,760 calories.

José:Instead of 10 we have 8 disks. That means each slice has about 280 calories, making the entire pizza 2,240 calories. And from what I've been told, that's almost 480 calories more than in the UK.

torment:But why is that exactly? Let's see if we can get any clues on the ingredients. Let's start with the base of each pizza, the dough. In the UK, the dough is made from wheat flour, a premix of wheat and milk, rapeseed oil, water and yeast.

José:Yeah, but here in the US our dough is made from…fortified flour, wheat…OMG I hate reading this stuff. Fortified flour, which is wheat flour, iron, thiamine mononitrate, niacin, riboflavin and folic acid, water, soybean oil. And contains less than 2% of the following: Sugar, Salt, Whey, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Dough Improver as it does not contain Sodium Stearoyl...Lactylate. I don't know. It's on the screen. You read it out loud. enzymes! Calcium sulfate, ascorbic acid, calcium phosphate, L-cysteine. Good for hangovers, I hear. yeast and cornmeal. Uh, yes, very different. Many more chemicals. who saw it coming [Laugh]

torment:How about the cheese? Domino's in the UK simply refers to their cheese as mozzarella, and that's in large part because the ingredients are exactly that.

José:In the United States, Domino's does not call its cheese mozzarella. Instead, they refer to it as "pizza cheese." So, in the US, Domino's "cheese pizza" has the following toppings. Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese, OK, composed of pasteurized milk, cultures, salt, enzymes, modified starch, cellulose, skim milk, whey protein concentrate, natural flavors, and sodium proponate. propionate. propionate.

torment:Now let's take a look at pepperoni. Most of the ingredients in US and UK hot peppers are quite similar. Both contain pork, salt, dextrose, spices, sodium nitrite, citric acid, flavorings, and starter culture.

José:You know, the only difference is that our pepperoni contains beef. Also the preservatives Beutohydrolat, Hydrolazinase and Beautohalid blabbity blah. BHA and BHT. I can't pronounce them. You are bad. [Laugh]

torment:As it turns out, BHA and BHT are actually restricted in the European Union and can't be added to foods like hot peppers. This may be because studies have shown that BHA can cause tumors in rats and is therefore reasonably believed to be carcinogenic in humans.

(Video) UK VS US Domino's Food Wars

José:Oh good. I will die doing what I love. Eating prohibited chemicals. Hmm!

torment:We contacted Domino's to clarify the pepperoni situation. We got our information from their ingredients page. However, when we checked with them, they told us that their information was incorrect and they updated it to say that the BHA and BHT were removed from the pepperoni. I think that happened sometime in 2018. They couldn't say exactly when. But, Joe, it looks like you're fine. These are all items you can only find on a UK Domino's menu.

José:And here are all the things you can only get at a US Domino's.

torment:Let's start with the pizza itself, mainly the crust options. Now we can get stuffed crust in the UK. But what we choose here is the Italian style crust. Apologies to the country of Italy for this one. Well, the Italian crust is basically the same dough, just thinner and therefore a little crunchier. There are some ingredients that you can only put on your pizza in the UK. This includes some options that we have here like meatballs, corn, and red onions. But that is not all. You can also get things like Catalan chicken, which is chicken with some kind of paprika spice. You can order tandoori chicken, which is chicken with some blend of Indian spices. And you can also put tuna on your pizza.

José:wow wait did you say tuna? Tuna on pizza? No way. So this is a pizza that has everything you can only get at a US Domino's. First of all the crust. It's our Brooklyn-style thin crust. Instead of tomato sauce, we made a white alfredo sauce. We have banana peppers, salami, feta and also Parmesan and cheddar. This should be known as US Only. For example, Pizza Hut should have this on the menu, and you say, "Just give me the US." And that's the pizza you get. Disgusting. I do not understand that. [Laughs] Yeah, I hate that. Take a piece. See what you think.

torment:Here are some British places you won't find on the US Domino's menu. First up we have the garlic cheese bread. Chicken Kickers are just nuggets with a spicy coating. They recently added these Pop'n Chicken Bites to the menu, which is similar to KFC's Popcorn Chicken. You can also get chicken strips, which are kind of like chicken. Potato Wedges, if you want some sort of potato option with your pizza, you can also get a pot of coleslaw.

José:I don't think we have garlic cheese bread, but we do have this one, which is like stuffed cheese bread. Also, on this side, they have these pieces of chicken and then, these here, these bread knots like Parmesan. [chewing] I think that's great too, Domino's sets you up with a piece of grated Parmesan. Brilliant. Chicken Carbonara, this is a pasta dish but it obviously looks like chicken, bits of bacon, onions. In the United States, Domino's offers a variety of sandwiches. I just chose one. I got the chicken parmigiana sandwich. Let's look at that right there. Check out the Chicken Parmigiana. that looks good Classic salad from the garden. We found something green on the menu that is good. What do we have here Tomato, onion, cheese, lettuce, croutons. [sighs] Who cares?

torment:Now the standard sauce that comes on their pizzas is this garlic and herb sauce in the UK. But there are also some uniquely British sauces. This includes a small pot of Frank's RedHot Sauce, and we can also get a honey mustard.

José:Domino's in the US has its own signature sauces. That hot sauce, that sweet mango habanero sauce. This one is really good. Ranch. Don't have a ranch? I thought so. I don't think Blue Cheese Sauce, mm. And of course the marinara sauce.

torment:Finally, if you have a sweet tooth, Domino's has some uniquely British desserts. First, there are the Domino's cookies, which are actually quite good, especially when you heat them up, and they stay warm when resting in the pizza boxes. And then you can also get a variety of Ben and Jerry flavors at Domino's in the UK. They are like a licensed vendor, which is great.

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José:And for dessert, in the United States, there are those marbled cookie brownies or those crunchy chocolate lava cakes. They also add that, the sweet topping. I'm sure it's amazing. You can then pour more sugar over the sugar. Let's put some ice on the lava wall. [Laughs] Ouch! This is too much. To stop! I have to get it, I have to, I'm going to eat this whole tray. I need to get this off my face. I'm ready to destroy these brownies.

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