Explanation of all versions of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2023)

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The Multiverse of Madness contains variations of Doctor Strange from across the multiverse, each representing a different aspect of the Sorcerer Supreme.

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true to its title,Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesscontinues the trend of MCU Phase 4 variants with several different versions of Stephen Strange appearing in the film. How many variants of Doctor Strange inmadness multiverseThere are? Although the film focuses on five main variants of Strange, there are probably as many variants of Doctor Strange as there are.Non-MCU Loki variants- so infinitely much.

Disney+LokiThe series introduced the concept of variants to the MCU, with numerous different versions of the God of Mischief appearing throughout the show. like alligator Loki are only there to steal the hearts of Marvel audiences. This multiverse of myriad divergent timelines and iconic character variations was re-examined inAnd yes...? from the miracleseries andSpider-Man: No Way HomeThese previous Marvel releases, in turn, laid the groundwork for the main story and the introduction of several new charactersdoctor strange in the multiverse of madness,which further explores the concept by introducing several supreme predestined wizards.


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TrotzDoctor Strange 2ListContains five variants of Stephen Strange, it will never be revealed exactly how many variants of Doctor Strange are includedmadness multiversethey exist, probably because the infinite variation across multiple realities means the exact number is unpredictable. What's really important, however, is that just as Loki's near-infinite variations reflect the god of mischief's limitless adaptability and indecisiveness, the five Chief Wizards represent the many different paths Stephen can take. Narratively, each significant variant of Stephen Strange addresses key aspects of his true nature, from his potential to become the multiverse's greatest hero and supreme wizard, to his childlike handling of near-infinite power and the danger he poses as a walking character. It's a joke. , threat level of the Eternals. Here is everythingDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessreveals each variant and Stephen's future indoctor strange 3.

Stephen Strange (Tierra-616)

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No matter how many variants of Doctor Strange there aremadness multiverseThey really do exist, there is only one Earth-616/Earth-19999 Stephen Strange, a misguided genius who, believe it or not, is the Strange variant who represents wisdom. The only Avenger on the list, the MCU's original Doctor Strange, was crucial in stopping Thanos, Dormammu, and the Scarlet Witch, whose actions threatened not only Earth but the entire multiverse. Though he is no longer armed with the Time Stone,Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessSee Stephen's casting skills increase tenfold, a by-product of his duty as Guardian of the Sanctum Sanctorum. Wanda's chaos magic grants Stephen a third eye, which is actually the most important of severalDoctor Strange 2easter eggsregarding Stephen's future.

In Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange's third eye evolves as a result of his repeated use of the all-seeing Eye of Agamotto, which allows him to see the future. So, during the post-credits scene ofdoctor strange in the multiverse of madness,Strange wasn't surprised by Clea's sudden appearance and was willing to accompany her at any time. The third eye may even allow Stephen to not only pinpoint exactly how many variants of Doctor Strange existmadness multiversebut also to recognize their intentions and their potential to cause attacks. Despite its flaws, it's clear that Earth-616/Earth-199999 Doctor Strange represents balance and wisdom in the MCU. Stephen exists as an argument that power in itself is neither good nor bad, and that morality is measured by how infinite knowledge and power is applied.The Powers of America Chavez, which Stephen now has full access to after gaining the trust of the United States, will continue to test his wisdom.


Ultimate Stranger (Earth-838)

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Strange Supreme also known as Earth-838 Strange is the variant performed by Black Bolt to use the Darkhold to kill Thanos and become an even greater threat to the multiverse. Strange Supreme accepts his death nobly, but before that he was perfectly happy to risk universe-ending inventions for the "greater good". How many variants of Doctor Strange inmadness multiversedoes it really exist? Only Strange Supreme could know the exact answer. As revealed in Christine's stories about this variant, Strange Supreme is a warning that even infinite knowledge is not always enough to prevent abuse of infinite power. Unlike Earth-616 Stephen, who had enough faith in his fellow combatants to know that giving the Time Stone to Thanos was the best option, Ultimate Stranger was killed byDoctor Strange 2the mouth of the Illuminatiultimately because he believed that accumulating power unimaginable even for Thanos would be the most efficient way to stop the Mad Titan. Given the chance, Strange Supreme would simply eliminate the Scarlet Witch along with everything else in existence.

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sinister stranger

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While Sinister Strange shares similarities with the power-hungry Strange variant inAnd yes...?, Sinister Strange is a new variant that showcases the dangers of the Darkhold. Living alone in a universe devastated by an attack, Sinister Strange displays an exotic mastery of the mystical arts, most notably in the musical duel with Earth-616 Strange and the fact that he already has a third eye. Running with the insanity of Wanda's quest to steal her own children from an alternate reality, Sinister Strange tells Earth-616 Strange that if he can have his Christine, he can use the Darkhold. However, Earth-616 Strange soon defeats him, revealing Sinister Strange's inexperience. WhileMr Fantastic by John KrasinskiHe certainly deserved more screen time, the brief scenes of Sinister Strange were well deserved, as was his brutal and short death. misuse your power Ultimately, Sinister Strange was just a way for Earth-616 Strange to gain access to the Darkhold and create Sam Raimi's greatest variant of the character: Zombie Strange/Defender Strange.

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Strange defender/strange zombie

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Defender Strange was the first variant shown inmadness multiverse, the one who accompanies America Chávez in his search for the Book of Vishanti in the space between the universes. Although Defender Strange is looking for the Book of Vishanti to use against the Darkhold and Scarlet Witch, he also doesn't hesitate to absorb America Chavez's powers and kill her when she almost gets sucked into a demon sent by Wanda. However howDoctor Strange 2It's teacher x, Defender Strange falls into Wanda's superior chaos magic and is brutally killed. This prompts America to open a portal and transport itself and Defender Strange's corpse to the relative safety of Earth-616.

Later, after Earth-616 Strange defeats Sinister Strange, he uses the Darkhold to dream and possesses Defender Strange's body, which he previously buried in a blanket on Earth-616, creating Zombie Strange. Channeling his spirit from Sinister Strange's shattered universe, Stephen returns to the battle on Mount Wundagore just before Wandacan completes the ritual to annihilate the powers of America Chavez and Zombie Strange cuts the tide in Wong and Kamar-Kamar's final stand, Taj vs. Wanda, turns . More importantly, it is Zombie Strange who convinces America and allows it to reach its full potential, proving once and for all that the Avengers can still kick ass, and ultimately leading to the Scarlet Witch's defeatDoctor Strange 2 Ende.

Defender Strange/Zumbi Strange represents Stephen's development throughout his MCU appearances. From a highly capable and well-meaning, yet selfish and misguided genius, Stephen has come a long way to become the stalwart Avenger he is in Phase 4. Even as Stephen uses forbidden magic to discover his own natural mastery of the spirits of the dead, she is able to resist her innate arrogance and simply trust what she has always known: America Chávez not only has full control of her powers, but she does already knows exactly what to do to stop Wanda. . Zombie Strange is proof that Stephen will literally crawl out of his grave to save the multiverse. Now irrevocably bound to the Darkhold, Stephen gains his third eye, giving him exactly what to do. Even if it endsThe Death of the Scarlet Witch, also leads to Chávez, possibly America's most powerful young avenger, who last trained with Strange and Wong in Kamar-Taj.

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Is Clea a variant of Doctor Strange?

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doctor strange in the multiverse of madness,Its post-credits scene also stars Charlize Theron in the MCU as Clea, who appears in her solo comic seriesStrangeAfter Stephen's death, he becomes the Sorcerer Supreme. It's unclear whether or not Clea is a variant of Doctor Strange. However, she is also known as the Sorceress Supreme or Mistress of the Dark Dimension, and was also Stephen's top student, just as Stephen the Old was before he died. Clea is also Dormammu's niece. Not much more is revealed about Clea during her brief appearance inDoctor Strange 2 Post-Credits-Szene, but there's a chance her next appearance in MCU Phase 4 will reveal that she's actually another variant of the Sorcerer Supreme from an alternate universe. Clea is the variant that defies the rules of the MCU multiverse because while there are clearly multiple Stephansacross realities, the multiverse may not be big enough for more than one Sorceress Supreme.


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