How do I seal the gap between the double doors? (Explained) – OneHappyLemon (2023)

A common problem with double doors is that they often have gaps, which can be a major disadvantage. But there is no need to worry. You can seal the gap between the wing doors without much effort.

In this article, we discuss how to seal the gap between double-leaf doors. The process might seem quite challenging at first, but in reality, closing the gap is not that difficult. Let's see how you can seal the gap between double doors.

How do I seal the gap between double doors?

You can seal the gap between the double doors using a variety of methods. You can use a strip of tape across the gap to seal the gap between the double doors. This is a very simple and quick fix. You can also install a pin lock between the double doors to seal the gap.

How do I seal the gap between the double doors? (Explained) – OneHappyLemon (1)

You can fix the gap between double doors by following a few simple steps. There are two different procedures for different types of ports. Internal double doors and external double doors require different procedures in such a case.

You can attach a strip of self-adhesive molding between the openings of the double doors. Installing a pin lock on the fixed door also provides a quick solution in this case.

internal double doors

If you plan to seal the space between the inner double doors, do the following:

decorative strips:

You can seal the gap between the inner double doors with a decorative strip. You can easily find them in supermarkets. The decorative strips are provided with an adhesive that makes sticking on very easy.

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You need to adjust the bezel size according to the size of your interior door. Finishing strips are easy to cut. You can fix the trim by trimming it.

Now glue the frame to the door, between the gaps. Rub the finishing strip to help the adhesive stick again. This will help you seal the gaps in the interior doors.


Another quick fix for sealing the gap between interior doors is to fix it with a dowel. This method gives the door a professional look after installation.

Stile helps you create excellent insulation in your bedroom. It not only seals the gap between the interior doors, but also provides excellent insulation in the room. Also, the style makes the room look a lot better.

Stile is a wooden beam. You can attach it to the inner door. It would be ideal if you get professional help when working with styles as it is a challenging process.

external double doors

Sealing exterior double doors is critical to ensure proper sealing. If you have gaps in the outer connector, it will cause many problems.

Rain, snow and wind will fall when you want to settle down in your own home. Here are some methods you can follow to ensure proper sealing of your double exterior doors:


You can use the traditional method of tape on exterior doors to ensure a tight seal. This method is very popular because it is a very quick fix. Anyone can do this.

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In addition, it has a very low cost. You can easily perform this process without breaking your bank.

The tapes used are made of a compressible and very flexible material. You can also use it to seal uneven joints.

These tapes are very easy to work with as they have self-adhesive properties, so you don't have to put a lot of effort into the process.

V handles:

You can also use v-bars to seal the gap between the outer swing doors. The V-Strips are made of thin vinyl. They are easy to manoeuvre.

These strips are self-adhesive on one side so they can be easily attached to the door. You'll also find plenty of metallic options in V-Stripes. You can nail them down to secure them in place.

How much space do you leave between the gullwing doors?

The reasonable distance you can leave between two connectors is 3mm to 5mm. That means you can leave less than ¼ inch between two connectors. In addition, the elements of nature will find their way into your home.

You'll have to contend with rain, wind and even snow if you leave a large gap between two doors untreated. This will not allow you to create a cozy atmosphere in the interior.

So, the gap between double doors is every homeowner's nightmare and should be fixed as soon as you spot one.

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Double doors will certainly have some space between them. It's in your engine. You cannot completely close the gap, otherwise the door cannot be opened.

But the gap must be to a reasonable extent. If you go beyond the reasonable ¼ inch spacing, you will have to contend with spacing.

How much does it cost to seal a double door?

You should treat the space between the double doors as soon as you can find it. The space between the double doors will expose your home to the elements of nature.

Therefore, you must address the issue as soon as you see that there is a gap that exceeds a reasonable extent.

The cost of sealing a double door mainly depends on your approach. The cost is pretty much negligible if you take a frugal approach like duct tape and thumbtacks. But the cost will be much higher if you use a method like V-Strip.

And if you need professional help to solve the problem, the cost will be even higher.On average, the cost of sealing a double door is between $50 and $100..

2 reasons why double doors have gaps

While it is very important to close the gap between double doors as soon as possible, it is also important to find out the underlying cause behind the gap. Here are 2 very important reasons why double doors have space:

Incorrect installation:

One of the most common reasons your double door has a gap is that the door was installed incorrectly to begin with. This mistake is often made by woodworkers who have no experience in making double doors.

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The ideal spacing between double doors is less than ¼ inch. Please note that a two dollar coin should not fit in the slot.

If you find that the gap between the double doors is larger, you need to seek professional help to solve the problem. You can repair it, reinstall it, or completely replace the doors.

Loose hinges:

This is another common reason why there can be a significant gap between dual ports. Because of this, older doors have a gap between them.

The hinges that hold the double doors together can work loose after a while. It is not uncommon for hinges to wear out. You may not be able to hold the door as well as you used to.

In this case, you need to repair the hinges or replace the old ones with new ones.

How do I replace the caulking between double French doors?

You can replace weatherstripping between double French doors by following a few simple methods. Begin by adjusting both sides of the swing doors. Make sure they are properly aligned with the connector.

Now you need to remove the stripping that is already there. Worn stripping is not very difficult to remove.Just take them off or unscrew the nails..

Now insert the new set of stripping material.. It is ideal to use insulated moldings to seal the gap between double-leaf French doors.

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final thoughts

There are several methods you can use to seal the gap between double doors. Depending on the weather conditions in your area, you can make isolated or regular approaches. Molding, v-strips, tape, and strips are some common methods of sealing the gap.


How do you close the gap between interior French doors? ›

Make Your Adjustments

Start at the bottom hinge first. Turning one rotation clockwise will slowly push the end of the door outward. This adjustment works well if you have a gap between the French doors or the latch mechanism doesn't connect. Turn the upper hinge adjustment screw to even out the gap.

Should there be a gap between double doors? ›

Most door installers look for a gap in the middle of double doors between 3mm and 5mm – that's less than ¼ inch. This means the doors will swing correctly and there's no risk of them hitting one another. Any gap between doors bigger than 5mm is too much and will look out of place.

What is the trim between double doors called? ›

Where is it located? Astragals, commonly referred to as “T” astragals, may be the most important part of a french door system. An astragal is the vertical strip that is placed in between your two french doors.

How do you put an astragal on a double door? ›

Position the astragal at the outer edge of the door with the narrow edge against the edge of the door and the wider edge halfway onto the face of the door. Align the bottom and top of the piece with the bottom and top of the door.

How much gap between double cabinet doors? ›

The normal plan is to aim for a 1/8" gap between pairs of doors that cover one opening.

What is the gap between doors called? ›

Margins (sometimes also called “rebates”) are the spaces between the door and the door frame. These are often important if you're looking at issues with your hinge jamb. Again, these spaces can be broken down into specific types: the hinge margin, strike margin, top (header) margin, and bottom (sweep) margin.

How do you weatherize a double door? ›

Weatherproofing Double Doors or French Doors
  1. Adjust the doors. Check to make sure that each of the two doors is hung in correct alignment. ...
  2. Install weatherstripping. ...
  3. Fill the door gap. ...
  4. Check for gaps in window panes. ...
  5. Install a door sweep.
Dec 10, 2018

What is an astragal seal? ›

Attached to the meeting edge of single or double doors, astragals are vertical components designed to seal off gaps that leak air, water, noise, light, and debris. They can also function to detain gases, smoke, or flames in the event of a fire. Last, astragals can increase the security of door locks and strikes.

How do you fix a double barn door gap? ›

To close the top gap or the side gap, some will install weather stripping or a small piece of wood on the inside facing edge of the door. In either situation, it's important that there is still some gap between the door and the wall, otherwise the door will contact the wall and cause damage to either or both.

What is astragal trim? ›

Astragal moldings are T-shaped to seal the gap between double doors. The molding is attached vertically to one of the pair of doors against which the opposite door strikes or closes. This helps deaden the sound of the doors closing.

What is the difference between an astragal and mullion? ›

An astragal is a piece of hardware that is used on a pair of doors to seal the gap between the doors when they are closed. Astragals are different from a mullion because the astragal is fastened to the door itself. A mullion is attached to the frame and the doors stop against it.

How do astragal bars fit? ›

- Peel the glazing tape from one side and stick it to the bar. - Place the bar in the correct position. Once happy with the location, pull the backing tape out from between the glass and the bar and push it down firmly into position. - Repeat this process until all astragal bars are fitted into the correct position.

What is the piece of wood between two cabinet doors called? ›

Mullion. The vertical strip that divides frames, such as with cabinets with more than one door. Mullion Doors. Also referred to as a divided light door. The solid center panel is omitted and replaced with horizontal and vertical mullions dividing the open panel into smaller panels.

How do I seal the gaps on my cabinet doors? ›

Use backer rods for gaps larger than ¼ inch. Cabinet kick plates Cracks and crevices Seal crevices with sealant. Use hardware cloth or sheet metal for the larger structural gaps. Sink back splash Gaps at the top edge and along the wall Seal gaps with sealant and backer rods for gaps larger than ¼ inch.

How do you fill a gap between two cabinets? ›

For gaps less than 1/8-inch, it's acceptable to use colored caulk or other products that come in a tube. If you plan on refinishing the cabinets, you can also use wood putty that dries hard to fill gaps or cracks. If the cabinets do not need finishing, apply color-matched caulking to the gaps.

How do you fix a large gap between a door and frame? ›

One of the easiest ways to fill door gaps is to use weatherstripping. You can use sticky foam tape; tubular silicone, vinyl or rubber; corner pads; felt rolls or one of the weatherstripping kits sold in stores. If old weatherstripping is already on the door, take it off and clean the frame with rubbing alcohol.

How do you seal a drafty double door? ›

You can do this by tightening the hinges or removing and replacing them. Put adhesive weatherstripping foam around the door frame where the French doors touch. Look for cracks in your door, especially around glass panes, and fill them with caulking.

How do you seal a door gap in cold weather? ›

Foam tape is an effective way to secure these gaps. You can pick up a pack of foam tape from any hardware store for just a few dollars. Simply stick strips of it in the holes between the door and the wall and you'll create a much snugger fit.

What do you use to seal French doors? ›

An astragal is a vertical strip which attaches to the inactive door panel, locking it in place. It seals the gap most French doors have. You can learn more about astragal systems in our blog.

What are the different types of astragals? ›

There are two types of astragals – overlapping and split.

What is another name for an astragal? ›

An astragal is sometimes referred to as a miniature torus. It can be an architectural element used at the top or base of a column, but is also employed as a framing device on furniture and woodwork.

Where does astragal go on door? ›

An astragal is a molding or strip that is used to close gaps in a door opening. They can be used to cover the space between a pair of doors, between the top of a door and a flush transom panel where there is no mullion, or between the top and bottom leaves of a Dutch door.

Is there always a gap with barn doors? ›

That's right. Barn doors hang from a track outside the room, covering the doorway, but leaving gaps at the sides between wall and door. For complete coverage and to minimize the gaps, make sure the door is at least several inches wider than the opening.

How do you seal a bathroom barn door? ›

How to Seal Exterior Barn Doors
  1. Add a Seal to the Door Edge. First, observe the gap when your barn door is closed. ...
  2. Install Top and Bottom Brushes. When it comes to sealing the upper and lower edges of your sliding barn door, things can get a little tricky. ...
  3. Connect a Top Shield/Rain Guard. ...
  4. Install Latches.
Nov 16, 2021

How do overlapping barn doors work? ›

A set of bypass brackets lets you mount a second track in front of the first, in a configuration that allows the doors to overlap when opening, leaving half of the doorway always accessible. With a bypass installation, no adjacent wall space is needed for “storing” the opened doors.

Do astragal bars fall off? ›

Benefits of Astragal Bars

Great authentic looks with A-shaped bar on inside and out, or A-shaped outside and flat inside. Designed to avoid pitfalls of other designs and will not fall off.

Does the astragal go inside or outside? ›

An astragal is the vertical strip that is placed in between your two french doors. The astragal is attached to the inactive door pane, or the panel that is not typically used for entry and exit, in your french door system.

What is astragal made of? ›

Astragal bodies can be constructed of wood, aluminum or a hybrid of the two. Next – the astragal flush bolts and boot. The astragal bolts lock the inactive panel into place, protecting your home from outside intruders.

Why is there a gap between my French doors? ›

Over time, your French doors can begin to sag and open a small space between the tops of the doors and the jamb. The constant opening and closing of the doors can cause the hinge screws to loosen, and when this happens, gaps appear at the top of the doors.

How do you line up interior French doors? ›

There are two techniques that you can try to fix misaligned doors. These include tightening or replacing the screws of your door's hinges. If this does not work, you can insert a wood shim on the jamb that needs it. You can determine this by checking the outer top corners of the doors where they meet.

What is an astragal on a French door? ›

Attached to the meeting edge of single or double doors, astragals are vertical components designed to seal off gaps that leak air, water, noise, light, and debris. They can also function to detain gases, smoke, or flames in the event of a fire. Last, astragals can increase the security of door locks and strikes.

What is the area between two sets of doors called? ›

Word forms: vestibules

A vestibule is an enclosed area between the outside door of a building and the inside door.

How do you make a door line up? ›

  1. Tighten Hinge Screws. ...
  2. Replace Hinge Screws. ...
  3. Drive A Screw or Two Into Door Jamb. ...
  4. Tighten Strike Plate. ...
  5. Move Strike Plate Incrementally. ...
  6. Move Strike Plate. ...
  7. Inset Strike Plate Deeper Into Jamb. ...
  8. Sand Down Door.
Jul 15, 2022

Why are my French doors not sealing properly? ›

Reasons why your French doors are not closing properly

Isolating which door is the culprit is always a good starting point. Heat or cold can make them expand or contract. Direct sunlight on a hot summer's day especially causes this for composite. Timber products can be prone to natural shrinkage or expansion.

What is astragal trim used for? ›

Astragal moldings are T-shaped to seal the gap between double doors. The molding is attached vertically to one of the pair of doors against which the opposite door strikes or closes. This helps deaden the sound of the doors closing.

What is a floating astragal? ›

A unique Floating Boot lifts up with the Flush Bolt to clear the threshold when the door is opened and is secured in place when the door is closed to provide a lasting seal. Our astragals stand up to their reputation and deliver unmatched performance, standard.

What is a door shim? ›

Plain and simple, a shim is a tapered wedge used for making slight adjustments to home elements, such as door frames and windows, to make them plumb and level. The most common shims are wood (often cut from cedar or pine) and serve well for almost any interior adjustment.

Do all doors need shims? ›

Q: Can you hang a door without shims? While it is possible to hang a door without shims, you do need to secure the door to the rough frame while keeping it level and plumb. Shims are the most common solution, although some manufacturers also make metal brackets that perform the same function.


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