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Garage door size depends on several factors including material, size, thickness and insulation. In general, the figure can range from 100 pounds to over 400 pounds! Knowing the weight of your garage might not be high on your priority list, but it's still important.

If you need to replace a broken component in your garage, you may need to know the weight of your garage. This is a relatively easy process that most homeowners can do themselves, especially if they follow this guide!

Garage door weight by material

heavy duty wooden garage door

Wooden garage doors can be beautiful, but they are alsoone of the heaviest options, as solid wood is a heavy material. As a result, you can expect a single wooden garage door to weigh over 300 pounds and a double garage door to weigh over 500 pounds - almost twice as much as cheaper alternatives.

Steel or metal garage door weight

This industry standard is also one of the lightest garage door options. Steel doors typically weigh around 80 pounds for a single door and over 150 pounds for double garage doors. However, it should be noted that the weight of steel doors varies greatly depending on the thickness. In general, steel doors weigh less than half the weight of wooden doors.

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garage door weight overlap

The overlay door, a unique blend of steel and wood, is becoming more and more popular. This door combines the best of both worlds while mitigating any drawbacks associated with either material. As the name suggests, the garage door is a steel base with wood cladding. The typical weight of this type of door is a little lighter but retains the beauty of the natural wood and can range from 250 pounds for a single door to around 400 pounds for a double door.

garage door glass weight

Glass garage doors, while contemporary and beautiful, go up significantly in price and weight. You can expect any quality glass garage door to weigh over 300 pounds for a single door, and nearly double that for a two-car garage door weighing 550 pounds or more.

Garage door weight according to dimensions

In addition to material, you can also estimate the weight of your garage.according to his measurements, width, or the length-by-width setting. However, general weights are available depending on the material.

Using the example of a vinyl garage door, the following measurements apply:

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9×7 garage doorWeight:
  • Expect a 9x7 uninsulated vinyl garage door to weigh 85-95 pounds.
  • If isolated, the weight can increase significantly, so the new weight is between 95 and 115 pounds.
14×7 garage door weight:
  • Expect a 14×7 uninsulated vinyl garage door to weigh between 135 pounds and 150 pounds.
  • When isolated, weight can increase between 145 and 170 pounds.

How Insulation Affects Garage Door Weight

The effect of insulation on weight can vary depending on the quality and size of the door to be insulated and the type of insulation chosen. As a result, you can expect aDifference between insulated and non-insulated gateanywhere from 10 to 20 pounds or more! While it doesn't seem like it overall, the weight added by insulation can put your garage on a heavier weight bearing, meaning you'll have to buy new components to keep your garage door running smoothly.

Note: For more information on how to properly insulate your garage door, see our guideHow to properly insulate a garage door yourself

How Thickness Affects Garage Door Weight

Because a thicker garage door panel contains more material, you can expect it to weigh more than a thinner door. Doors can range in thickness from just over an inch to over three inches, depending on material and purpose.

The thinnest doors are the least economical, but also the least durable. That said, most garage doors fall between 2 inches, a perfect combination of price and durability for most. The thinnest port, typically a 1 3/8-inch port, is nearly 30% lighter than the thickest option, a 2-inch port.

How accessories affect garage door weight

Although you do not include garage door accessories in the total weight, it is mandatory! Having components that match the actual load capacity of your door is very important to the integrity of your garage. From window inserts to eye-catching hardware, we've rounded up the most popular additions.

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window inserts

window insertsoffer many advantagesfor garage owners and are a popular choice for adding some light and style to a garage space. However, if you come across window inserts, consider that extra weight. For reference, one of the lighter options, acrylic glazing, still weighs 1.5 pounds with dimensions of 24 x 18 inches and a thickness of 0.08 inches.

How Heavy Are Garage Doors: Weight Estimation Guide - Today's Homeowners (1)

Keep in mind that if your garage door panels are made of a heavy material, the door may be lighter after the inserts are installed.

reinforcing straps

Reinforcement straps keep your garage door from bending, providing additional frame support. Unfortunately, these braces are usually made of steel and can add some weight to the garage door, although they are extremely beneficial to the overall integrity of the door.

For a rough estimate, expect an additional 1 pound for every 12 inches of reinforcement added to your door. So if the keys support a 12-foot span, you can expect to add an additional 12 pounds of weight to your garage door. Of course, the exact number will depend on the size of your garage door, but it's easy to calculate the total with this simple calculation.


Accessories for garage doors, e.g. Other items, such as metal door handles and hinges, are standard in new homes, especially those with barns or modern farmhouses. However, when heavier metals such as iron are used, the weight added to the door is significant as the parts tend to be small. The value can be as high as £20 per accessory, so don't skimp on the weight of your hardware!

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How to weigh a garage door

Fortunately, if you need to weigh the door yourself, it's a simple process and here are some steps on how to do it:

Step One: Eliminate Stress

The first thing you need to do is carefully unravel the door springs so thatrelieve twist cords. The door must be left open after this step.

Step Two: Sliding Scale

The next step is to slide the scale under the garage door opening so the garage door hits it when closing. Accordinglygarage door dimensions, you may need an industrial scale or you can use a regular scale that you have at home.

Step Three: Close the door to regret

You should close the garage door until it rests smoothly on the last step scale. If the door is within the capabilities of your garage door, you should see results right away. Make sure the springs are fully functional again afterwards!

garage door weight calculator

Garage door weight is as unique as the garage door itself; so when it comes down to it, you'll need to do some math to find an accurate number, especially if you're making mods. If you don't want to do pencil and paper calculations, there are many online calculators available:


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