How should I tie my lacrosse headband? lacrosse video (2023)

January 14, 2021

Ever wonder how to hang a lacrosse man's head? There are so many options to choose from when setting up a men's lacrosse head that we've put together this handy guide to help you understand what to consider for your playing style. brings together some of the best minds in lacrosse Programs for women and men in the country.Watch the videopara ver por que Connor Kelly, 2x First Team All-America, 3x NCAA All-Tournament Team Selection, 3x Big Ten All-Tournament Team Selection, usa para alinhar todos os seus sticks.

Our professionals can tie any lacrosse headband to any type of style. If you need a custom laced lacrosse head shipped fast, add ourServiço Rush Custom Stringingin your cart and your order will be assembled and shipped in 2 business days or less. we also offerDebut of custom stringing- offering a one-on-one experience with one of our professionals. is the only company that offers a men's lacrosse customizer. In fact, you can view your configuration as you create it.

PRO TIP: If you already have a setup that works for you, we recommend keeping it!If it is not broke, do not fix it!


Recent advances in technology made by companies likeECD (East Coast Dyes)miking of the stringsit really led to big improvements in mesh gameplay. There used to be only soft or hard points, both with big differences. After the mesh technology changed, the differences between the individual meshes were greatly minimized. The reason is that companies now use semi-soft or semi-hard fabrics. The biggest disadvantage of soft mesh in the past was that the bag was not consistent and the mesh would sag in the rain and become illegal. The new semi-soft holds the bag's shape much better and survives the elements. Back in the day, the old-school hard mesh had little to no padding, making your head feel more like a tennis racket than a lacrosse head. The new semi-rigid fabric now offers a bit more padding, while the pocket remains similar to the old rigid mesh.



ECD Hero 3.0 Semi-Soft Mesh

east coast dyes

ECD Hero 3.0 Semi-Soft Mesh


24,99 $


Malha ECD Hero 3.0 Halbhartes

east coast dyes

Malha ECD Hero 3.0 Halbhartes


24,99 $

(Video) How To String A Lacrosse Stick - The Full Powell Pocket Tutorial


East Coast Hero 3.0 Storm Attack Mesh

east coast dyes

ECD Hero 3.0 Striker Mesh is proudly made in the USA.


24,99 $

(Video) HOW TO STRING A LACROSSE GOAL | Product Videos


Stringking type mesh piece 4X

king of the strings

The Stringking 4X Mesh is engineered with a new technology called Tri-Twist, which knits the mesh tighter than any previous elite-level mesh. The Stringking 4X improves support, touch and control for players who want to feel a bit like a bag when swinging, but want stretch-free performance when taking shots. This stuff is an outside shooter's dream, but we really love it for guys doing inside shots and tighter ranges. The 4X is used by some of the best college and high school students in the country. As the price here dictates, Stringking sets the standard for the highest level of technology and performance. Responsive and slightly springy to the touch, the 4X lacrosse mesh has a slightly thinner construction on the outside rails. This centers the ball in the sweet spot and gives advanced players all the extra control and feel they want. 4X improves shot speed and consistency with the new tighter weave. Stringking 4X is the thinnest and lightest tight in Stringking's history of introducing high-quality tights. Experience a cutting-edge piece and up your game as the best of the best. For a respected college guru to hang his new favorite head... CLICK HERE TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR NEW HEAD WITH STRINGKING 4X.


24,99 $





Most of our pros prefer the semi-soft fabric for better ball control and racquet feel. If you are a player also looking for more support, we recommend a soft net. visit theECD Hero 2.0 Custom Semi-Soft Case, or theStringKing Tipo 4S! If you are a pick-and-shoot player, we recommend medium hard. The main reason for this is that the mesh holds the shape of the bag better. This helps you throw the ball the same way every time. If you're a player who prefers to have a little less whip to be a little more precise when shooting corners while terrifying goalkeepers, check out one of these.heroic ECD 2.0or theStringKing Tipo 4X. To find out which brand of tights is right for you, StringKing is one of the lightest tights on the market and offers the best feel available on the market, while ECD is one of the most durable tights on the market.


How should I tie my lacrosse headband? lacrosse video (5)

After choosing the mesh, the next step is to decide where to place your bag. If you're a younger player just getting started in the sport or play at a level where you play all positions, opt for a medium bag. This is the ultimate all-in-one bag and will help younger players hone and develop their skills. If you are an attacking man, we recommend a low or medium bag. If you're an attacker playing inside the crease and behind the X, choose a low pocket. The reason for this is that this bag offers the best grip, making your life so much easier when you're weighing in with one hand and taking the extra punishment that comes with defending when playing in the box. If you're a striker who prefers to play on the wing and shoot from the outside, opt for a mid-range bag. This will help you pass the ball past the goalie when you come down. If you are a long stick, we recommend a high bag. One of the hardest parts of playing defense is getting the ball off the turf quickly and hitting the racket. Using a high pocket helps to solve this problem, as the ball is lifted and immediately placed in the pocket. This will also make your life easier when shooting long passes outdoors, as there is less whiplash when shooting with a high pocket. If you're a guy who likes to hike up his skirt in transition, opt for a medium bag. This bag gives you more support and helps you survive the controls of the mounted attacker. If you play middie, go for a medium bag. This is the ultimate all-round bag and perfect for the full game midfielders require. This is what you need if you are a defensive to attacking player as it gives you good grip and allows you to really interfere with your attacking shots and get the ball past the keeper.

(Video) The Rules of Lacrosse (Updated 2021)


How should I tie my lacrosse headband? lacrosse video (6)

Posting line setup refers to the setup of posting lines. This affects the launch and retention of the ball. The more strings you have, the more grip your racket will have. The fewer strings you have, the faster the launch will be. This is another section where we have some suggestions, but if you have a setup you like and are comfortable with, we recommend following along. If you're a lineman who rides with a low bag, we recommend trying the 1 Pro Nylon 1 Straight setup. This helps you get the ball off the racket quickly, which is beneficial when playing behind the X bar and trying to pass the ball quickly or when trying to hit inside. If you're a forward or attacking midfielder traveling with a medium bag, we recommend using the 1 Pro Nylon 2 Straight. This setup gives you a nice whiplash and makes your cast faster. This means that your fire speed has increased, but it may take some time to fire. This pitch line configuration also increases grip on the club. For a long pole, our recommendation is the default 2-line setting. This is the setup that gives you low whiplash, making it much easier for you to launch long cleanup passes across the pitch to other defenders, or blast passes to midfielders coming onto the pitch for transition opportunities. With a lot of whiplash, it becomes more difficult to shoot long crosses.


Remembering, these are our suggestions. If you have a setting that works very well for you, we recommend that you keep it and don't change it. If you're in a hurry and need a skin strung ASAP, check out our express stringing service, which will have your skin strung and shipped from our warehouse in 2 business days or less. If you have additional questions or would like to speak with a professional to learn more about your custom bag, please feel free to call (855) 255-5294 or email


ECD Hero 3 Custom Lanyard

east coast dyes

ECD Hero 3.0 Men's Lacrosse Head Custom String - Our custom string is legendary!


39,99 $

STRINGKING type 4 custom bag

king of the strings

<p>Stringking Type 4 Mesh Custom Stringing - For a men's lacrosse head - Our custom stringing is legendary!</p><p><img alt="rush" height="220px" src="https://" /></p><p><iframe allow="Acelerómetro; Reproducción automática; Medios cifrados; Giroscopio; Imagen en imagen" frameborder= "0" height="315" src="" width="100%"></iframe></p>


(Video) How to String a Lacrosse Head

39,99 $

premium custom corded

<p>First custom stringing: talk to a pro! THIS ITEM MUST BE PURCHASED WITH AN UNASSEMBLED LACROSSE HEAD</p><p><iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; media encoding; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" frameborder="0" height="315" src = "" width="100%"></iframe></p><p><img alt="rush" height="220px" src= " https ://" /></p>


89,99 $




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Is it easy to string a lacrosse head? ›

Stringing a lacrosse head top string can be difficult for starters who have never attempted to string. Luckily for our readers, we made this process simple and easy to follow. The two lacrosse top strings we recommend for new stringers are the 9 Diamond Top String and the Hidden 9 Diamond Top String.

Is the new Gait D head legal? ›

Note: The Gait D Head has protrusions coming out of each side of the top of the head which are designed to ensnare an opponent's crosse, therefore it is ILLEGAL.

Is it illegal to have tape on your lacrosse head? ›

Lacrosse tape touching any part of the lacrosse head is illegal. For faceoffs, you must have tape, or some cover, of a different color than your shaft and gloves on the top six inches of your shaft below the head. This will be checked on those players before the game and at the X.

What makes a good lacrosse head? ›

The wider the mouth, the easier it is to pick up ground balls and catch. Defensemen and midfielders are encouraged to get heads with wide mouths because gaining offensive possession will put your team in position to score more goals and make game winning plays.

Are u shooting strings illegal lacrosse? ›

Are U strings illegal in lacrosse? U Strings are illegal in College, NFHS, and Youth lacrosse leagues.

Is a U string illegal in lacrosse? ›

U shooting strings are illegal at the youth, high school, and collegiate lacrosse levels. U shooting strings used to be legal at all levels, but this changed when the NCAA enacted a rule where all shooting strings must fall within 4″ from the top of the scoop in 2013.

Can you play lacrosse without a stick? ›

Lacrosse players use their stick to pass, catch, cradle, scoop and shoot the ball. You are not allowed to use hands or feet to play the ball or interfere with an opponent.

What makes a lacrosse head illegal? ›

Illegal Measurements of Lacrosse Head

The scoop must have a diameter of at least 6.5 inches. The midline of the lacrosse head, which is 5 inches above the throat, must have a diameter of at least 3.5 inches. At the lowest and narrowest point of the head, the diameter must be at least 3 inches.

How do I know if my lacrosse stick is illegal? ›

Ball Withholding

Refs will also check to see how the ball stays in the lacrosse head, known as the hold. There are three tests a ref will use to check a stick's hold: a forward tilt, lateral tilt, and a perpendicular tilt. If a ball remains in the stick after these movements, it's illegal.

Are warp sticks legal? ›

Perfect for younger players to focus on their game and not the stick. - Warrior's Warp Kevlar pockets are weather resistant to bringing you confidence in any type of conditions. - NCAA and NFHS Legal.

What size lacrosse stick for a 14 year old? ›

Youth attackman and midfielders are allowed by rule to cut the shaft to a minimum length of 26 inches. Once they add the head to the shaft, the combined length will be within the youth regulation size of 36” to 42” long. It's a judgment call when deciding shaft length for young lacrosse players.

Is the gait D still legal? ›

As of now, you may continue to play with your Gait D until January 1, 2023. Once a definition of protrusions or sharp edges is published, a new Gait D will enter production.

Why can't girls wear helmets in lacrosse? ›

Helmets are considered optional since women's lacrosse is considered a semi-contact sport. Men's lacrosse, meanwhile, is considered a full-contact sport, so helmets are required.

What is a whip in lacrosse? ›

WHIP: In a lacrosse stick, when the ball is hooked by the mesh, shooting strings, pocket, or plastic it will leaves the stick early. When a stick has a high amount of whip, and the player follows through overhand to the target with his stick, the ball will be hooked and throw down or low.

Does lacrosse make you stronger? ›

Lacrosse provides you with a full body, strengthening workout. Lacrosse will work out every muscle group. Playing lacrosse will strengthen arms, legs and your core. Your arms get a workout from passing and shooting.

What is the most athletic position in lacrosse? ›

MIDFIELD Beginning level midfielders should be taught that they are the horses of the team. There are three midfielders per team in a lacrosse game. They must run up and down the entire field and play both offense and defense. For this reason, midfielders are usually the most athletic players on the lacrosse field.

What are 3 skills in lacrosse? ›

The four basic fundamental skills of lacrosse include the following: cradling, scooping, throwing and catching. It is very important to develop a strong foundation of these skills at a young age.

Is whip good or bad in lacrosse? ›

The more whip in your lacrosse stick, the faster the ball travels since it “hooks” on the stick. So overall, whip is a good thing in lacrosse since it adds more hold and speed to your shot. However, too much whip can be a bad thing if it means you're throwing the ball into the ground.

How do girls break in lacrosse stick? ›

One way to break your stick in is to bring it into the shower with you, and lather the mesh in conditioner while you knead a pocket into your mesh with a lacrosse ball. The conditioner and water soften the mesh to expand and stretch it out.

Why do they twist the stick in lacrosse? ›

This Spinning Motion Is Called 'Cradling'

When you cradle, centrifugal force holds the ball inside the stick and allows you to run while still maintaining control of the lacrosse ball. Cradling is one of the most important skills in all of lacrosse, and every lacrosse player should know how to cradle.

What color lacrosse balls are legal? ›

Lacrosse Ball Colors for Lacrosse Practice

Currently, Signature Lacrosse sells practice lacrosse balls in five colors: white, orange, yellow, green, and pink. There are no rules that restrict which color lacrosse balls must be used in a team's lacrosse practices.

Is a pick legal in lacrosse? ›

The BALL CARRIER bears the responsibility to engage or use the pick. If the BALL CARRIER does not use the pick, the PICKING PLAYER should NOT try to reset the pick. This often leads to moving pick calls. Picks are NEVER set to the side of a player.

Is jumping illegal in lacrosse? ›

Rule 4:9-2 n.

If an attacking player, in possession of the ball and outside the crease area, dives or jumps (becomes airborne of his own volition), prior to, during, or after the release of the shot and lands in the crease, the goal shall be disallowed.

What is an illegal pick in lacrosse? ›

Illegal Pick – A pick which usually knocks an opponent down. Crease Violation – A player either steps into the crease with possession of the ball or runs through the crease without the ball and receives a pass. Thirty-Second/Shot Clock Violation.

Are wooden sticks illegal in lacrosse? ›

The crosse shall be made of wood, laminated wood or synthetic material, with the head approximately perpendicular to the handle.” So it's legal to use a whole wooden stick, not just a shaft.

Is lacrosse the fastest sport on two feet? ›

Lacrosse has often been called “the fastest game on two feet” because of how quickly the ball can be moved across the field. The game is so fast that sometimes you may not even see where the ball is until somebody scored a goal.

Should you cut a girls lacrosse stick? ›

Offensive women's lacrosse players can cut several inches off their lacrosse shaft and make it easier to handle. A shorter lacrosse shaft is difficult to check, and women's lacrosse attackers can gain a huge advantage over defenders.

How do you shoot harder in lacrosse? ›

Using a store bought or homemade wrist roller to build forearm strength is a great way to build that strength and explosiveness. Rotational core strength is a crucial part of building shot speed. Sitting medicine ball twists are one of the many exercises to build that strength in our abs, obliques and lower back.

Are White Mouth guards illegal in lacrosse? ›

They must actually be worn in the mouth to cover the teeth; biting on the corners or “fish-hooking” is not acceptable. White and clear mouth guards are not legal.

What is a lacrosse court called? ›

Box lacrosse

The enclosed playing area is called a box, in contrast to the open playing field of the traditional game.

What is the longest lacrosse stick? ›

According to the official lacrosse rulebook, the minimum length a long stick can be is 52 inches (132 cm). The maximum length a long stick can be is 72 inches (183 cm).

Can a girl use a boys lacrosse shaft? ›

There's also a difference in the sticks the players use. Boys can use either a short stick (40–42”) or a long pole (52–72”), while girls' sticks range from 35.5” to 43.25”. Girls' lacrosse stick heads also have less of a pocket compared to what the boys use, which makes cradling, throwing, and shooting more distinct.

What not to do in lacrosse? ›

Lacrosse personal fouls include tripping, unnecessary roughness, cross checking (making contact with another player with the stick between your hands), slashing (a stick check not on the opponents gloves or stick), or illegal body checking.

What is the legal length of a lacrosse stick? ›

Stick length is governed by NCAA regulations, which require that men's sticks (including the head) be from 40 to 42 inches (102 to 107 cm) long for offensive players, 52 to 72 inches (132 to 183 cm) long for defensemen, and 40 to 72 inches (102 to 183 cm) long for goalies.

Do lacrosse sticks bend? ›

They bend too. Most lacrosse shafts on the market today are made of metal or carbon. Youth players benefit from the lightweight consistency of metal shafts, often composed of titanium, scandium or alloys combining multiple metallic elements.

How do you string a girls lacrosse head? ›

To do this, take your lacrosse string through the outside of your lacrosse head, through the front of the lacrosse mesh and back through the hole. While some stringers will only loop the sidewall once around the lacrosse head, I prefer to loop it twice.

Why do lacrosse players tape their sticks? ›

Most lacrosse players tape their sticks to give them a better grip. The lack of tape can result in a number of outcomes. Without this proper grip, you will likely miss more shots and catches. If it happens to be raining when you are playing, it will be especially slippery.

How do you break in lacrosse tape? ›

One way to break your stick in is to bring it into the shower with you, and lather the mesh in conditioner while you knead a pocket into your mesh with a lacrosse ball. The conditioner and water soften the mesh to expand and stretch it out.

Can there be a tie in lacrosse? ›

If the score is tied at the end of the game, there will be a three-minute sudden victory overtime. If it is still tied after the overtime period, there will be a shootout with three shooters on each side. If still tied, a second shootout of the same structure will take place.


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