How tall should the handlebars be on my scooter? [3 methods + visual charts] (2023)

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How tall should the handlebars be on my scooter? [3 methods + visual charts] (1)

Knowing the ideal handlebar height for your scooter is essentialbuy an electric scooter. You could be wrong about other properties and features, but if you misjudge handlebar height your scooter is pretty much useless.

Most scooters have adjustable handlebar heights that will suit most owners. But often, briefly orgreat knightsYou may have an issue here as the handlebars aren't moving up or down as much as you need them to. You need to do some research before you buy.

Fortunately, determining the ideal handlebar height is very simple. There are actually 3 great methods to choose from. In addition, we also provide you with a table where you can find your height and the perfect scooter for you.

When it comes to scooter handlebar height, you can use the following rule of thumb for most people.

How high should the handlebars of my scooter be?

The perfect scooter handlebar height is 2 inches / 5 cm below your belly button when on deck. It's important not to tire your arms while riding, so the angle between your forearm and upper arm should be between 100° and 120°. This makes the scooter easier to control and gives you the best balance and stability.

That's the general answer. It's entirely possible that your build, height, and arm reach may require something completely different.

Read on to learn how to find the perfect handlebar height.

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How high should the handlebars of my scooter be?

The best way to find out how high your scooter handlebars should be is through experience! Nothing beats testing some highs and finding your answer.

However, since there is no universal answer and I know it may not be possible to find out through experience, we have provided three different methods to find your ideal handlebar height.

Method 1: just below the navel

This is the easiest way to calculate the handlebar height of electric scooters. He will give you a pretty accurate answer.

simply say,The handlebar height should be 1 to 2 inches / 2 to 5 cm below the belly button, level with the belly button.

(Video) How To Choose The Best Scooter Bar Height │ The Vault Pro Scooters

Some say a few inches above the hips and others say about the same as the waist. It's more or less the same answer.

Method 2: More comfortable elbow angle

I personally think this is the best way to find out your individual handlebar height.

It is designed to take your exact body measurements into account and works according to your body. It only takes a minute to do it.

How it works is as follows:

  • Get a pencil or something to write down the height with (don't use magic pens or markers if you don't want to mess up your stuff).
  • Stand next to a wall or somewhere you can make a mark.
  • Drop your arms at the sides of your body.
  • Slowly begin to bend your arm close to the wall. Your arm should be positioned with your palm facing down.
  • Try 3-4 different angles. Wave your arm with each step and see how comfortable you feel. Imagine how you would ride your scooter. See and decide what would be the ideal angle for this.
  • Usually you get an angle of 100°a 120°between forearm and upper arm.
  • Spend a few tens of seconds with your arm at this angle. Be careful not to get too tired as this should be a very neutral and natural position for your arm.
  • When you're sure you're at the right angle, make a fist. Use the pencil to mark the top of the handle on the wall. This is the perfect handlebar height.
How tall should the handlebars be on my scooter? [3 methods + visual charts] (2)

Method 3: Based on your height

The reason I don't like this method is that it can be very inaccurate. It is believed that your height is the only factor affecting handlebar height.

The truth is that your height matters, but so does the length of your arms. Shoulder height is also important.

Still, for most people, the human body follows certain proportions. You may have heard that arm span is your height plus a few inches (Those).

But that doesn't apply to all of us. Some people have shorter arms and some have longer arms. That's why I recommend the above method as much more accurate.

Regardless, this chart will work well for most people to determine handlebar height range (you can also use thehandlebar height calculator).


body height (cm)Ideal handlebar height range (cm)
15079 – 87
15179 – 88
15280 – 89
15381 – 89
15481 – 90
15582 – 90
15682 – 91
15783 – 92
15884 – 92
15984 – 93
16085 – 93
16185 – 94
16286 – 95
16387 – 95
16487 – 96
16588 – 96
16688 – 97
16789 – 98
16990 – 99
17091 – 99
17191 – 100
17292 – 101
17393 – 101
17493 – 102
17594 – 102
17695 – 103
17795 – 104
17896 – 104
17996 – 105
18097 – 105
18198 – 106
18298 – 107
18399 – 107
18499 – 108
185100 – 108
186101 – 109
187101 – 110
188102 – 110
189102 – 111
190103 – 111
191104 – 112
192104 – 113
193105 – 113
194105 – 114
195106 – 114
196107 – 115
197107 – 116
198108 – 116
199108 – 117
200109 – 117
201110 – 118
202110 – 119
203111 – 119
204111 – 120
205112 – 120
206113 – 121
207113 – 122
208114 – 122
209114 – 123
210115 – 123
Height (feet and inches)Ideal handlebar height range (inches)
4'11"31-35 p.m
5'31.5-35.5 inches
5'1"32-36 inches
5'2"32.5-36.5 inches
5'3"33-37 em
5'4"34-37.5 inches
5'5"34.5-38 inches
5'6"35-39 em
5'7"35.5-39.5 inches
5'8"36-40 inches
5'9"36.5-40.5 inches
5'10"37.5-41.5 inches
5'11"38-42 inches
6′38.5-41.5 inches
6'1"39-43 em
6'2"39.5-43 inches
6'3"40.5-44.5 inches
6'4"41-45 em
6'5"41.5-45.5 inches
6'6"42-46 inches
6'7"42.5-46.5 inches
6'8"43-47.5 inches
6'9"44-48 inches
6'10"44.5-49 inches
6'11"45-49.5 inches

Why is the height of the scooter handlebar important?

When trying out scooters in the store, you might overlook the importance of handlebar height.

If you play with a scooter for just a few minutes, you may not be aware of potential problems.

But after a long drive you will notice them.

Now there is no need to panic.You don't have to measure the handlebar height to the millimeter.

(Video) Getting Started: Adjusting Handlebar Height

But when you get 4 inches / 10 cm away, the problems become annoying or even uncomfortable.

In fact, for some users, these issues have proven so severe that they have had to purchase entirely new scooters. Let's learn from your mistakes.

What happens if my handlebars are too low?

How tall should the handlebars be on my scooter? [3 methods + visual charts] (3)

If your scooter's handlebars are too low for your arms, you will have very little control over your scooter.

control andget on his scooterrequires handles and knobs to be within reach. You must be able to react quickly and accurately.

If you have to dismount too far, your fitness to drive suffers. Because your arms are outstretched, you simply have less freedom of movement.

As a result, you have to slow down.

Also, you probably don't have good access to the throttle and brake knobs or levers.

This is not only inefficient, but can also be dangerous.

If your scooter's handlebars are set too low, you will likely bend down to reach them. This can cause back pain or other posture problems.

What happens if my handlebars are too high?

If the handlebars are too high, your arms will be in a very tight and unnatural position all the time.

This will tire your muscles faster. You will probably be in pain quite often.

Unfavorable elbow angles reduce your flexibility. Again, you have less freedom of movement and less coordination.

The combination of muscle fatigue and poor posture will have a strong negative effect.

Not only will you have poor control of your scooter, you will also tire more quickly.

Can I make my scooter higher or shorter?

The good news is that even if you lose the perfect handlebar height, you can still ride your scooter.

About 60% of scooters are equipped with adjustable handlebars.You can easily adjust the handlebar height to suit your needs.

Unfortunately, not every electric scooter out there will be.

(Video) Mounting Steering Column & Handle Bars on Scooter

Anyway, it's always better to ride a scooter with adjustable handlebars.

How to find your own perfect handlebar height.

If you want to lend your scooter to someone else, you can also adjust the handlebar height.

If you're tuned into a particular model but have fixed handlebars that are too long or too short for you, you should speak to the manufacturer.

They are aware that people come in different shapes and sizes.

If their scooters don't have adjustable handlebars, they can often offer their models with several different stem sizes. Your scooter will still not be height adjustable, but at least it will be perfect for you.

How do I change the handlebar height of my scooter?

Of course, your scooter must have adjustable handlebars for this to be possible. There are generally two types of adjustable handlebars:

  • several fixed height levels
  • adjustable liquid levels

If your scooter has multiple handlebar height settings, it is usually very easy to switch between them.

In most cases there will likely be a latch or lever.

Sometimes there are a few screws holding the bar in place. You only need a small wrench or Allen key to get the job done.

Either way, you'll have to choose between some of the default tiers.

How tall should the handlebars be on my scooter? [3 methods + visual charts] (4)

Some scooters don't have levels. You only have one tube that allows you to adjust the height to your liking. Here is an example of this mechanism on a children's Micro Scooter.

What is the handlebar height of electric scooters?

On average, electric scooters have a handlebar height of 99.05 cm (39 inches).

The tallest handlebar on an electric bike today is 112 cm / 44 in. It's inAvispon TurboruedaRoller.

The lowest handlebar height is 73 cm / 29 in. It belongs to Joyor H1. It is marketed as a scooter suitable for adults and children alike. Due to their low handlebar height, they are often bought for children.

(Video) Adjust A Bike’s Handlebars Attached To A Threaded Steerer

Check out our full guide to the average.Scooter handlebar heightLearn more.

Handlebar width electric scooter

We've already talked about scooter handlebar height, but that's not the only handlebar measurement that matters.

The width of the handlebars, although not that important, must be taken into account.

Just like altitude, it also affects your control and comfort.

A good rule of thumb for scooter handlebar width is that the handlebars should be as wide as your shoulders.

If the handlebars are too wide, spread your arms wide. This tires your arms quickly and makes control difficult.

On the other hand, a handlebar that is too narrow makes steering very difficult. Even small turns of the handles result in larger turns of the front wheel. This will affect your general control of the scooter.

However, the handlebar width is not as critical as the height. You can always choose where to grip the handlebars.

In addition, you can adjust the width of the handlebars on many scooters. This is a much easier feature to implement and more scooters will be equipped with it.

Want to get cool tips, exclusive discounts and promotions, and never-before-seen scooter tricks? Bring togetherScooter Secrets.


How tall should the handlebars be on my scooter? [3 methods + visual charts] (5)

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