Scooter handlebar height [2023]: what height should it be? (2023)

Ride comfort and functionality are equally important when buying an electric scooter. Therefore, if you want to get your money's worth, as a general rule, pay attention to the perfect handlebar height.

But with all the different models, what type of handlebar should you choose? Let our team provide helpful tips in this in-depth post, especially for new users like you.

How high should the handlebars of a scooter be?

You should be able to steer your electric scooter with minimal effort, so the ideal handlebar height should not be at belly button height. In other words, the simple answer to this question depends on how high above deck you are.

Whether the scooter is for adults or children, you will have a hard time getting up and riding if it is not suited to your body type.

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Try standing on deck. Placing your scooter's handlebars 1 to 5 centimeters below your belly button is the general rule of thumb our experts recommend when it comes to handlebar height.

During the test drive, you should also make sure that the forearm and upper arm angles are flexed between 100 and 120 degrees. Please wait while our scooter experts discuss other handlebar height considerations below.

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How to find the best scooter handlebar height for you

There are a few tricks you can use to find out if your scooter handlebar height meets your needs. Check out the list below to see how our resident scooter experts and professional drivers discuss these deck riding requirements.

#1: below the navel

If you ask other cyclists, they will tell you that the height of the bar should be above the hips or at waist level. However, this general rule can become vague when navigating the deck.

The best option our team can recommend is to measure the bars below the rider's navel. As mentioned above, it would be ideal if the scooter's handlebars were 1-5 inches below the body part.

But regardless of whether it is based on waist or navel measurements, both can give the rider better control of the scooter.

#2: Based on the angle of your elbow

The next tip has nothing to do with barbell or waist height. However, if you want a scooter deck that fits your height, the bars should be based on the angles of your elbows.

You don't need to be on deck or anything. All you have to do is walk to the side of a wall and take measurements based on the arm angle you are comfortable with.

You can try different poses about 3-4 times depending on your comfort level. Cyclists are most comfortable when their elbows are bent between 100 and 200 degrees.

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Do not change your angles immediately after testing. Our resident e-scooter users recommend spending a few seconds in this position just to lock it in place and make sure it's really comfortable. You must be in a natural position and not put undue pressure on your arms.

Once you've found the right arm angle, make a fist and lean it against the wall. Be sure to mark the position with a pencil so you know the exact height and width of the joists.

#3: Based on your height

One of the tricks that never goes out of style is to position the handlebars according to your overall height. In fact, there are standard height guides on the internet that can be used. Note, however, that rider height is not the only factor that affects handlebar height.

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Each driver comes in different shapes and sizes.[1], so shoulder height should also play a role if you're looking for precision and security in your scooter's handlebars. Children also grow differently in height and weight, so they certainly don't have the same arm length.

Scooter handlebar height guide (kids, teens, adults)


If you are buying scooters for your child who is between 150 and 160 centimeters tall, models with smaller bars are the best option for you. Scooters with handlebar heights of 31 to 36 inches should be fine for kids in that height range. In addition, it has a lower total weight of the scooter, which offers mobility benefits to the rider.


For a child or teenager 161-175 centimeters tall, the acceptable bar height can be 85-102 centimeters. Scooters with this bar height measurement generally have a wider deck and bar.


Adult riders above the listed size range should consider a bar height between 40" and 48". But of course, this should all depend on your body type and proportions.

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Our experts would also like to remind you that the higher the bar and the wider the deck, the harder it becomes to perform bri flips and other tricks with your device. So if you're buying a scooter for this reason alone, you'll need to consider factors other than your own height.

Some people may overlook these height considerations, especially if they don't use the device on a daily basis. However, the effects of walking on a platform with the wrong bar height will definitely be felt with prolonged use.

Importance of scooter handlebar height

very high handlebars

Most parents would choose a bigger scooter handlebar for a child thinking they can grow, but the truth is that this can put young riders at risk. Higher bars tend to make the muscles in the arms and body very tense, causing the rider to tire easily in the process.

Most larger handlebars also cause awkward shoulder angles, which limit pedaling control. As you know, the combination of a tense body and an awkward riding posture on deck can not only affect your scooter's performance, but also put riders in unprecedented danger.

Average scooter handlebar height

Many scooters on the market have a handlebar height of 39 inches. Most scooters in this bar size are common because they accommodate the height of adult riders who are neither tall nor short.

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If you're not sure which height spectrum fits you, we encourage you to purchase a gimmick with adjustable handlebars. This feature allows riders to add 1-4 inches and subtract 2-10 inches from the actual handlebar height.

scooter handlebar width

Handlebar height is not the only quantity that can determine the performance of your scooter's platform. Added to that is the handlebar width. A beginner like you wouldn't know this, but our e-ride experts recommend getting a scooter as wide as your shoulders with handlebars.

If the handlebar width is wider than shoulder width, it can be difficult for any rider to control the scooter. Of course, your arms will get in the way while riding, which makes your muscles easy to tire.

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The same scenario applies if the handlebars are too narrow compared to the rider's shoulder width. Controlling the bar's direction can be more challenging, especially since narrow bars can cause the deck and wheels to turn in larger circles, even if you intend to make smaller turns.

But do not worry. Some scooter handlebars allow the rider to adjust the height and width of the unit.

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common questions

How tall should the handlebars be on a microscooter?

The handlebars of a microscooter should be about 24 inches or 60 centimeters high. This standard bar height is particularly recommended for children between 80 and 110 centimeters tall. The bars should be somewhere between the child's chest and belly button for added control and security.


Buying a device with the right scooter handlebar height is not only worth it, but also ensures that you can ride your scooter with ease and maximum control. And while it's easier to buy scooters based on your height, our experienced drivers strongly advise against ignoring your other body proportions, as it can affect your overall riding experience in the long run.

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