The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (2023)

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Which anime hero is the absolute strongest? CBR verified this and put it in the top 25!

The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (1)

What makes an action anime great? The fights! We're talking about those crazy, frenetic, non-stop battles that show just how strong the heroes and their opponents are. What makes a great fight is the insane incredible strength of the fighters, and there are some incredibly strong heroes in anime, but which ones are the strongest? It can be a bit tricky to gauge the power of an anime character, mainly because they all exist in different worlds with different rules and types of power, but there are also some distinct power differences between some of your favorite anime heroes. Ki defeats Chakra? Is the power of the cursed fruit stronger than magic? How strong is Saitama?

We'll answer all of these questions and more as we take a look at the strength levels of the strongest anime heroes out there. We've got everything from mainstream heroes to some of the lesser-known anime protagonists, just to keep things varied and interesting. There are some difficulties as well, mostly having to do with characters having some strength on their own but almost always fighting with some sort of upgrade. If that sounds confusing, don't worry, it'll make sense by the time we get there. With all that taken care of, it's time to get down to business, it's time to take a look at the mightiest anime warriors, it's time to rank the 25 strongest anime heroes of all time!



The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (2)

The Sailor Scouts' powers aren't as good as other action anime heroes, but that doesn't mean they won't put up a good fight. They may not be alone on the roster, but together they fight as a team, as they almost always do, and they can achieve great things.

They even have some ultimate magic attacks that, while vague in effect, did some pretty serious damage in the last few seconds of a fight. All in all, the Sailor Scouts are still just the bottom tier as there are some stronger heroes in the anime.

24 Ciborg 009

The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (3)

The 00-series Cyborgs were built to have great strength, speed, durability, and additional powers unique to each team member. The strongest of them is undoubtedly Cyborg 009, Joe Shimamura, who has been endowed with most of the attributes of his predecessors.

He's virtually bulletproof, he's super strong, and of course he has his signature speed aka boost mode. With the touch of a button on his prey, Cyborg 009 can move so fast that he feels like he's stopped in time, a nifty ability that makes him harder to catch and harder to beat. Joe is definitely strong, but even with Boost mode he still ranks in the lower numbers.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (4)

Alchemy is a powerful art, but it is not.all-more powerful. It is a science that requires years of study, even for a child prodigy like Edward Elric. Edward has the ability to transform without a circle, so he's definitely faster than your average alchemist, but he doesn't have a specific type of alchemy.

Regardless, Ed can still manipulate his environment in ways that are hard to counter. Overall, including his automail and martial arts skills, Ed is a strong and capable fighter, but not the strongest on our list, which is why he doesn't make the top 20.

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The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (5)

Being a ghost detective isn't easy, so some solid skills can keep your soul intact in the worst of situations. The good thing is that Yuske Urameshi has that in the form of her fighting skills and Spirit Gun's signature attacks. In addition to his usual ghost pistol, Yuske also possesses several more powerful attack variations, as well as superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability.

But at the end of the day you can see the level of the fightyu yu HakushoThey're not exactly on par with some of the other anime on this list, which is why Yuske rates rather low.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (6)

For this entry, we will be looking more at just how strong Kirito is in the world of Sword Art Online. He's a normal human outside of the virtual world, sure, but inside the game, Kirito is one of the strongest players online, so much so that he helped win the game and free all the trapped players.

Kirito's abilities are... well, like a video game, they come from experience, and with that experience, he can take on hordes of monsters, bosses, and other strong players, his greatest advantage being sometimes his intelligence and speed. . thinkers. All of this within the game makes him one of the strongest swordsmen in anime.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (7)

Kirito proved that two swords are better than one, but what is better than two swords? Three swords. But how do you wield three swords? With his mouth of course and none other than Roronoa Zoro fromOne piecemastered this strange and powerful style of swordsmanship.

In addition to being an incredibly powerful swordsman, Zoro is also superhumanly strong and agile, which only further enhances his skills with his swords. Add to this his ability to sharpen Haki and use it to harden his blades, and Zoro seems to be one of the strongest swordsmen in all of anime, with few others surpassing his abilities.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (8)

Judging by swords and guns, you might think that Vash the Stampede is just a straight shot and not much else. His weapon skills are impressive and definitely raise his rank a bit, but he doesn't deserve it.of thedestructive nicknames for nothing. Known as "the fever" and the "humanoid typhoon", Vash possesses a secret destructive power that has earned him a reputation.

Vash's revolver also acts as a trigger device to activate (pun intended) his angel arm, a powerful weapon that transforms his right arm into a cannon capable of destroying an entire city. This makes Vash incredibly powerful, but since he can't control it and doesn't use it as a fighting technique, he loses some ranking points.

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18 Soul Eater and Maka

The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (9)

Just the fact that Maka and Soul broke upSoul Eater,A true Grim Reaper and Death Scythe should put them at the top of this list, as they are literally death incarnate. But the rules of reapers and death are a bit different in the world of this anime.

Regardless, Maka and Soul are still a powerful combination; The former is bright, hard-working, and knows how to use her wits in a fight, while the latter is a powerful weapon capable of employing a god-slaying technique. These two are definitely not to be trifled with.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (10)

Guts may not be a true superman, he may not have any powers, but he is as close to a force of nature as a normal human being can get. Incredibly strong and endowed with skills honed over two decades of constant combat, Guts is an immensely powerful swordsman, known for evading death.

Armed with his Dragonslayer sword, berserker armor, and cannon arm, Guts isn't someone you'd want to face in combat, and while he has no real superhuman abilities, the stunts he can pull off definitely defy that idea.

sixteen INUYASHA

The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (11)

If we compare Guts with Inuyasha, the latter is a level above, since he has the same combat abilities, in addition to greater strength, speed and durability due to his demonic powers. These powers not only enhance his physical abilities, but he has a long list of demonic attacks powerful enough to rival some of the other heroes on this list.

Inuyasha also has his form purified, which greatly increases his power, and his sword is also capable of some demonic transformations and techniques. He may not be on Goku's level, but Inuyasha is strong.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (12)

What Rock Lee lacks in specialized ninja skills, he more than makes up for in his Taijutsu skills, making him one of the strongest and, more importantly, the fastest ninja in the world of Naruto. Being able to use ninjutsu or genjutsi, Rock Lee has put all his effort into perfecting his physical ninja skills, and thanks to Might Guy's teachings, they go far beyond that of a normal shinobi.

When Rock Lee opens his chakra gates, he can move faster than the eye can follow and he knows how to use that speed, making him one of the most dangerous ninjas of all time.

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The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (13)

Erza Scarlet's Requip ability is a form of space magic that by itself is not good for offensive attacks. However, as Erza uses this power to store and trade her various armor and weapons, she is one of the strongest sorcerers in the Fairy Tail guild.

Erza is an incredibly talented and skilled fighter, capable of wielding a variety of weapons that become deadly with her superhuman strength, speed, durability, and stamina, all fueled by her vast magical power ability. She got the S-Class from her for a reason, and the many abilities and special powers of her armor and weapons make her one of the strongest magicians in the world.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (14)

Ryūko is a strong and capable fighter in her own right, if not superhuman; She knows how to act in a fight and can adapt to new situations quite quickly. She adds to this the superhuman strength she gains from Senketsu, her living uniform, which can transform into a revealing yet powerful combat suit.

With Senketsu, Ryūko's strength, speed, and durability are increased to superhuman levels, though this affects her personal stamina as her own blood triggers her union with Senketsu. It's a give and take that puts Ryūko somewhere in the middle of the rankings.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (15)

A scissor blade is cool and all, but a full sword is so much cooler, especially when it comes in a variety of forms, each stronger than the last. Ichigo Kurosaki might just be a backup Soul Reaper, but he's still one of the strongest of all. In addition to the usual strength, speed, stamina, and stamina of a Soul Reaper, Ichigo has the blood of a Quincy within him, which only increases the power of him.

Ichigo also has many powers, too many to name, as he has gone through a long list of transformations, augmentations, and upgrades that have made him stronger and stronger. While he may be strong, as the range of his powers can be quite vague, he falls somewhere in the middle.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (16)

A Titan's powers are pretty simple; They are big, strong, hard to kill, and some have a ton of extra abilities. Eren Yeager's power as a Titan isn't great but that doesn't mean he isn't strong as he is a great fighter and the Titan form of him is in great shape.

Eren eventually gains stamina powers, but otherwise his strength and speed are usually enough to see him battle hordes of Titans. However, in general, his powers only come from his size and apart from his physical abilities, Eren's titanic form is not that impressive compared to other anime characters.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (17)
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This is a rather strange entry, both becauseI miss JoJos Abenteueris by far the weirdest action anime ever, which is why we included the whole family as an entry. The reason for this is that each member of the Joestar family that appears in the series is powerful in their own right, so powerful that it is often a point of contention among fans as to who is the strongest among them.

We're not going to open this can of worms, so we're just going to put them together and average out their power, which we think puts the family at the top of our list, their mastery of weird and crazy powerful techniques that make each one of them a force to take into account, also calculated.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (18)

Gon's strength level may not compare to Goku's, but the sheer number of enhanced abilities that work in unison make him a tough opponent. Gon has increased Strength, Speed, Hearing, Sight, Durability, Stamina, Stamina, Agility, and Healing.

But that's not all, Gon is also a VERY capable fighter, trained to be an expert in martial arts, multiple weapons, stealth, and tracking. Gon is also very smart which allows him to be strategic in battle and when all of his abilities are used with his strength and aura based abilities, he is easily one of the strongest hunters ever.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (19)

Not a demon, not a man, is Devilman, also known as Akira Fudo. Akira was once a frail teenager who, after becoming a demon, gained superhuman physical abilities in his human form, while also gaining a secondary demonic form, a giant demon that could shred any other demon without even breaking a sweat.

In his Devilman form, Akira is arguably the strongest of the demons, easily destroying them before they have a chance to attack, his claws and teeth acting like sharp swords. Add to that his wings, superhuman strength, speed, and stamina, and Devilman easily cracks the top 10.

7 Gurren Lagann (Simon and Kamina)

The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (20)

This is another curveball in the rankings, as Kamina and Simon, while full of fighting spirit and determination, are just normal people with no special abilities to speak of. However, as they fight in their Mech Gurren Lagann, they are a nearly unstoppable team.

Gurren Lagann is capable of incredible feats, including creating countless drills for piercing attacks, the most powerful of which is Giga Drill Break. They are also very determined warriors, motivating each other to increase their fighting spirit even in the most difficult situations. If Kamina and Simon are determined enough, their fighting spirit will see them and Gurren Lagann through any challenge against any opponent.


The 25 Best Anime Heroes Of All Time, Officially Ranked (21)

Of all the magical boys in the world ofFairy tale, perhaps the strongest type is dragon slaying magic. Natsu Dragneel was raised by a dragon who taught him said magic and allowed him to use fire in a variety of powerful and interesting ways.

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Natsu has some signature attacks, including his Fire Dragon Roar, which gives him fire breath, and his Fire Dragon Iron Fist, a powerful fire punch. His spells only get more powerful along the way as he continues to add more power to his arsenal, including the simultaneous use of light and fire. Add to this his ability to recharge his magical power by eating fire, and Natsu emerges as one of the strongest heroes in the anime.


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