The 7 Best Storm Doors of 2023 to Defend Your Home (2023)

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Andersen's 3000 series complete storm door is our top choice

The 7 Best Storm Doors of 2023 to Defend Your Home (1)Von

Theresia Holland

The 7 Best Storm Doors of 2023 to Defend Your Home (2)

Theresia Holland

Theresa Holland is a freelance writer specializing in DIY, cleaning and bedding. He shares his favorite tricks on her blog, The Taboo Textbook.

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Updated 5/5/22

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The 7 Best Storm Doors of 2023 to Defend Your Home (3)

A storm door adds a layer of protection from the elements during inclement weather, helping to keep in warmth in the winter months and cool air in the summer.

We researched dozens of storm doors and evaluated their ease of installation, material quality and versatility. Our overall best pick is this one.Andersen 3000 Series Complete Storm Door, which comes pre-assembled and is incredibly strong thanks to a thick aluminum frame and heat-tempered safety glass.

Here are the best storm doors.

Our best picks

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Best with blinds:

(Video) Top 5 Best Storm Doors [Review in 2023] With Advanced Screen & Glass | Recessed Mount | Right hand

Pella Venetian Storm Door no Lowe's

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In this article

  • our selection

  • where to look

  • frequently asked questions

  • Why trust not fir?

better overall

Andersen 3000 Series Aluminum Storm Door


The 7 Best Storm Doors of 2023 to Defend Your Home (4)

what we like

  • Four size options

  • Available in six colors

  • extremely durable

  • heat tempered glass

  • lifetime warranty

what we don't like

  • handle not included

A strong storm door can protect your home in the stormiest of weather conditions. Our favorite and overall best product is the Andersen 3000 Series Aluminum Storm Door because it's easy to customize, extremely durable, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The window is made of thermally tempered glass, which means this door can withstand high winds and cause more damage than traditional glass. Aluminum gussets reinforce the joints at each corner of the 1.5-inch-thick door frame. It comes pre-assembled, so all you have to do is install it (which shouldn't take more than an hour or two).

As for customization, the door comes in six colors and four sizes, and the glass can be swapped for mosquito nets should you want more ventilation in the summer. Although this model has no handle and is a right-handed design, a left-handed variant is available.

Price at time of publication: $254

Size:Various sizes available |Material:Aluminum |door type:Glass and interchangeable mosquito net

The best door installation companies.


best budget

EMCO Series 100 self-locking storm door in white

The 7 Best Storm Doors of 2023 to Defend Your Home (5)

what we like

  • economic

  • left or right alignment

  • built-in screen

  • 10 years structural warranty

what we don't like

  • unique size

We recommend the Emco 100 series for homes on a budget. This storm door features an aluminum frame, heavy duty steel latch, partial view window, adjustable bottom glass panel and fixed screen. It can also be installed with a left or right orientation, depending on your preference. While this particular model is only available in one size, Emco offers other storm doors accessible in other dimensions.

Price at time of publication: $144

Size:36 x 80 inches |Material:Aluminum |door type:Half glass and half fixed mosquito net

best average view

Larson Bismarck White Medium View Storm Door

The 7 Best Storm Doors of 2023 to Defend Your Home (6)

what we like

  • built-in screen

  • easy to install

  • left or right alignment

  • durable grip

  • night barrier

what we don't like

  • unique size

For those interested in a medium-vision model, consider the Larson Bismarck. This storm door has a partial half-screen window at the top for adjustable ventilation. Although only one size, this storm door features an adjustable expander to accommodate uneven thresholds and tight fits. Furthermore, it can be installed with a left or right orientation.

We also appreciate that it has a durable button handle with a night lock feature. "Not only does this extend the life of the gate, it also provides maximum security and protection for your family," said Blashaw.

Price at time of publication: $185

Size:34 x 81 inches |Material:solid wood core |door type:Half glass, half fixed screen

best full view

Andersen 2500 Series Aluminum Retractable Storm Door

The 7 Best Storm Doors of 2023 to Defend Your Home (7)

what we like

  • Available in seven sizes.

  • built-in lock

  • left or right alignment

  • lifetime warranty

what we don't like

  • Standard glass is not very durable.

    (Video) Best Weather Stripping for Doors and Windows in 2023 [Top 5 Review]

Andersen's 2500 Series is a great all-vision option. This storm door has a 1.25 inch thick weather resistant aluminum frame and large window that is available in your choice of standard or high performance Low-E glass. Plus, it has a retractable mosquito net that rolls up around the frame when you want a full view.

We also like that this gate has a built-in latch for added security. It is also easy to install and can be configured for left or right handed users. Like their other storm doors, Andersen backs this model with a limited lifetime warranty.

Size:36 x 80 inches |Material:Aluminum |door type:Glass and retractable screen

The 8 Best Retractable Screen Doors of 2023

better with blinds

Pella Venetian Storm Door

The 7 Best Storm Doors of 2023 to Defend Your Home (8)

what we like

  • full view window

  • wireless adjustable blinds

  • energy efficient

what we don't like

  • Caro

  • handle not included

If you're shopping for a full-view storm door, consider one with built-in louvers like the Pella Venetian. You get a large insulated window, plus blinds strategically placed between the panes to filter light and provide privacy when you need it. Cordless design makes it easy to raise, lower and tilt the blinds.

As for the actual door, it features a durable aluminum frame with weather-resistant seals and overlapping edges for optimal energy efficiency. This model does not come with a handle, but when you buy one at Pella you have five different finishes to choose from.

Price at time of publication: $446

Size:36 x 81 inches |Material:Aluminum |door type:glass

10 best blinds of 2023

Preferably with a dog flap.

Emco K900 Series Vinyl Pet Storm Door

The 7 Best Storm Doors of 2023 to Defend Your Home (9)

what we like

  • pet door

  • easy to install

  • left or right alignment

  • 10 years structural warranty

what we don't like

  • unique size

  • Larger dogs are not suitable.

Do you have a puppy at home? Your best bet is the Emco K900 series. It has a partial viewport on the top and a 10.5" x 15" pet door on the bottom and can be mounted on the right or left. Of course, every member of the family was considered when designing this storm door.

The door has a composite core and weather-resistant aluminum outer shell, making it lightweight yet durable and insulating. It's also easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware.

Price at time of publication: $289

Size:32 x 80 inches |Material:aluminium, composite wood core |door type:Glass, retractable screen

Preferably with screen

Full view Pella Rollscreen aluminum storm door

The 7 Best Storm Doors of 2023 to Defend Your Home (10)

(Video) 10 Ways to Survive an Earthquake, According to Experts

what we like

  • retractable screen

  • high performance glass

  • easy to install

what we don't like

  • handle not included

As the name suggests, the Pella Rollscreen has a retractable screen that you can lower if you want to let the breeze in. To get a full view out the window, pull the screen slightly and watch it slide up.

The window is made of high-performance glass that provides excellent year-round insulation and prevents fading from sunlight.furnished entrance area. Plus, it's very easy to install and takes less than half the time of most other storm doors.

Price at time of publication: $325

Size:36 x 81 inches |Material:Aluminum |door type:Glass, retractable screen

final verdict

We generally recommend the Andersen Series 3000 Aluminum Storm Door (Deposit away and home) As the door is offered in various sizes and colors, it is made of thermally tempered glass and comes with a lifetime warranty. For an economical option, consider the EMCO 100 Series Freestanding Storm Door (Deposit away and home). Door has built-in screen, left or right orientation and 10-year warranty.

What to Look for in a Storm Door


While it may seem like just a small part of the door, the hardware is an important consideration when choosing a storm door. After all, you want handles and hinges that stand up to everyday use. Make sure the door includes the necessary hardware before purchasing; Some units don't include handles, so you'll need to buy them separately. Regardless, you need to make sure it's Grade A or Commercial Grade as they are the most durable.

Frame and lens strength

Since the purpose of a protective door is to provide protection from the elements, you will certainly want one with a durable frame and glass. Most doors are made from both.solid woodand/or aluminum, two strong options that stand up to the elements. When it comes to glass, consider heat-strengthened options. They are stronger than traditional glass and should be able to withstand any inclement weather.

additional functions

In terms of additional features, it all depends on your preferences and lifestyle. If you have pets, there are options with built-in dog doors. In addition, some doors have built-in shutters, retractable screens and additional locks.

frequently asked questions

  • What is a storm door?

    A storm door is a door installed opposite a main exterior access door to protect it from rain (but not flooding) and snow and to reduce drafts entering the home. Some storm doors come with a sliding glass panel to keep out the elements in cold weather and a warm weather screen that slides out to ventilate the house and keep out bugs. Although storm doors are designed to help increase your home's energy efficiency, the US Department of Energy advises that purchasing a newer insulated entry door can be more cost-effective than adding a storm door, which may not pay off. energy use over time.

  • How do you measure for a storm port?

    To measure the door frame,Use a tape measureto calculate the height and width of the finished door. Be sure to follow the old adage of measuring twice and cutting once for best results.

  • How is a storm door installed?

    for DIYers,Installation of a storm's a fairly simple project, but easier to complete with two people. First, remove the screen or glass panels and set them aside. Measure the door frame with a tape measure to calculate the height and width of the finished door. Using a hacksaw, cut the hinge plate (the long piece of metal that the door will hang from) to the inside vertical dimension of the door opening. Secure the hinge plate to the storm door using fasteners. Place the storm door at the entrance. Attach the hinge plate side of the storm door to the front of the door frame. use aebento ensure the door is vertical. Install the drip cap that goes through the rain shield door to prevent rain from penetrating behind the rain shield door a drop of doughon the drip cap. Then, using a cordless drill, screw the drip cover into the front of the door frame. Screw the stop on the other side, check that the door opens and closes correctly and adjust if necessary. Install door closers, handle and strike plate and install any screens or glass removed prior to installation.

Why trust not fir?

Theresia HollandShe has been working for The Spruce since 2019, where she focuses on the DIY, outdoor living, cleaning products and retail businesses. You can see more of her stories on Verywell Family, MyDomaine and Byrdie. To create this list, he considered each reed's hardware, glass frame and thickness, and any additional features.

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  1. doorsUS Department of Energy


Do storm doors deter burglars? ›

Just as their name implies, they add an extra layer of protection from extreme weather like rain and snow. A locked storm door can also deter burglars from trying to break in. Along with keeping your family safe, storm doors will keep your main door looking perfect for years to come.

Which screen door is most weather resistant? ›

Steel doors feature solid construction for lasting, dependable use. They're dent-resistant and won't rot, split or warp. These are the best storm doors for long-term and heavy-duty installation. Aluminum frames offer a lighter alternative to steel, but with more strength than wood or vinyl.

Are storm doors good for security? ›

A storm door protects your home's entry door from bad weather, provides additional ventilation and can create an extra layer of security for your home.

Which is better wood core or aluminum storm door? ›

Aluminum is the most popular material for storm doors because of its superior weather resistance and easy installation. It is sold in varying levels of thickness – the thicker the door, the more durable it is. Other storm doors come with a wood core, but they aren't as sturdy as aluminum-clad units.

What makes a house attractive to burglars? ›

Outdated window and door frames, as well as sliding glass doors or cheap wooden doors. Packages or mail stacking up on a porch or even recycling left out before collection could indicate you have recently gone out of town. Homes without a security system are three times more likely to be burglarized [3].

What kind of door is best for security? ›

Steel doors are among the best front doors for security. It's nearly impossible to break through; even if beaten or abused, these doors are more likely to dent than come down. Having covered the advantages of steel doors, the best steel door is the Jeld-Wen's Camber Top Mission Primed Steel Door.

Which screen door is least likely to sag? ›

Aluminum screens are both rust resistant and won't sag over time, providing you with durable, long-lasting protection from most insects for years to come.

What is the best exterior door for harsh weather? ›

When it comes to material, fiberglass doors are generally the most popular option when looking at the best exterior doors for cold weather.

What is the most secure door in the world? ›

Another of the world's most secure vault doors is at the Fort Knox bullion depository, located within the Fort Knox US army base south of Louisville in Kentucky. The depository contains over 4,000 tonnes of gold bullion inside a granite-lined vault, which is protected by an extreme, blast-proof door weighing 22 tonnes.

When should you not use a storm door? ›

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends against storm doors if your entry gets more than two or three hours of direct sunlight every day. In this case, the storm door can trap heat and may even damage your entry door. If you still want a storm door, consider one with low-emissive glass or vents.

What is the average cost of a security storm door? ›

For the door alone, expect to pay between $150 and $1,000 (CAD 190 to CAD 1,300), depending on the door's style, weight and features. Basic mid-view models cost $150 to $250 (CAD 190 to CAD 320). Double doors or models with added features can cost between $600 and $1,000 (CAD 770 and CAD 1,300).

Which company doors are best? ›

Let's talk about the Top 10 Door Manufacturing Companies in India in 2022.
  • Greenply Wooden Doors. Greenply Wooden Doors is thought to be one of the best places in India to make wooden doors. ...
  • CenturyPly Plywood. ...
  • Maxon Doors. ...
  • Shree Balaji Wood Impex. ...
  • Pure Wood Doors. ...
  • Mikasa Doors. ...
  • Mini Max plywood. ...
  • Supreme Industries.
May 23, 2022

Are Andersen storm doors good quality? ›

We researched dozens of storm doors, evaluating ease of installation, quality of materials, and versatility. Our best overall pick is the Andersen 3000 Series Full Storm Door, which comes preassembled and is incredibly sturdy thanks to a thick aluminum frame and thermally tempered safety glass.

What is the strongest front door material? ›

Steel. Steel is the best material for a front door if security is your top priority. This tough metal is stronger than all other door products. It provides excellent protection against forced entries and is less likely to crack or warp.

Where do burglars not look? ›

Your attic is not likely to be visited by a burglar because they are usually hard to find and access. So, it is always a good idea to store valuables in attic storage containers. As an extra safety precaution make sure to mark them with labels like “winter clothes” or “old shoes” to throw a burglar off of your scent.

What is the number one burglar deterrent? ›

1. Home Security Cameras. Our best deterrent for burglars is the presence of an outdoor security camera. Having cameras mounted around your exterior home is a great way to prevent burglars from entering your home!

How do I make my house impossible to break into? ›

Check your home for security weaknesses and correct them
  1. Install simple security devices. ...
  2. Invest in a burglar alarm. ...
  3. Invest in security cameras. ...
  4. Trade a bit of privacy for added security. ...
  5. Shine a light. ...
  6. Keep valuables out of easy sight.

What do burglars steal the most? ›

Here are the items that are most often stolen in home break-ins.
  1. Jewelry and watches. Jewelry and watches are two of the most commonly stolen items in a home invasion. ...
  2. Wallets and cash. ...
  3. Electronics. ...
  4. Prescription drugs. ...
  5. Cars and parts. ...
  6. Clothes. ...
  7. Furniture. ...
  8. Bicycles.
Oct 6, 2022

Where do most burglars enter the home? ›

These are the most common points of entry for home break-ins:
  • Front door: 34% of burglars twist the doorknob and walk right in.
  • First-floor windows: 23% use a first-floor open window to break into your home.
  • Back door: 22% come in through the back door.
  • Garage doors: 9% gain entrance through the garage.

Is a security door better than a storm door? ›

The main difference between a storm door and a security door is the level of protection they provide. Storm doors are designed to protect your home from the elements, while security doors are designed to protect your home from burglars.

Should you use a storm door on the front of your house? ›

A bright entryway is more inviting, but without a storm door, an entry door must remain shut, blocking natural light. Long foyers are especially susceptible to being dark and dreary. Installing a storm door allows you to leave your front door open, allowing natural light to create a bright and welcoming space.

What are the advantages of having a storm door? ›

4 Benefits of Installing a Storm Door
  • Protect Your Entry Door.
  • Improve the Value & Curb Appeal Of Your Home.
  • Increase Energy-Efficiency.
  • Enhanced Home Security.
Sep 13, 2021

How effective are Storm doors? ›

Storm doors can save energy by regulating your home's temperature year-round. The extra layer of home insulation reduces heat loss in the winter and keeps cool air inside when it's warm outside. However, the energy savings from storm doors are minimal.

What is the most secure house door? ›

Steel doors are among the best front doors for security. It's nearly impossible to break through; even if beaten or abused, these doors are more likely to dent than come down.

What is the strongest type of front door? ›

Steel Doors

A steel door is your best bet if security and durability are top priorities. Steel units are stronger than wood or fiberglass doors, and they won't crack or warp.

How do I choose a storm door? ›

Note the height of the door frame and the width at the top, center and bottom. Use the narrowest width as your guide for finding the right size door. Most storm doors include all the hardware needed for DIY installation, including the door, frame components, hinges and one or two pneumatic closers.

Should storm door match door or trim? ›

From an aesthetic standpoint, yes, it should match the front door. Many people have asked, “Can you paint a storm door?” Yes, you can. Metal, wood, even fiberglass storm doors can be painted to match, accent, or contrast your existing front door depending on the style you desire.

Do storm doors Stop drafts? ›

A storm door helps decrease the force of chilly drafts that would otherwise hit your main door at full force and cause cold air to get into your home. Adding a storm door to all exterior access doors will help protect your home from harsh weather elements.

What is better aluminum or vinyl storm doors? ›

If you're in the market for a storm door, know that aluminum is the preferred material. Most manufacturers choose aluminum as the frame for storm doors because it's stronger, more weather-resistant and easier to install.

What type of storm door is best for direct sunlight? ›

Fiberglass doors are the top choice for handling direct sunlight. Fiberglass doors are durable and far less likely to be damaged by the sun than wood, while being relatively cooler to the touch than steel.

What type of front door is most energy-efficient? ›

Fiberglass exterior doors are among the strongest on the market. They're also some of the most energy-efficient. Fiberglass is a poor conductor of heat, making it energy-efficient on its own, but when insulation is added, it's hard to beat.

What are the pros and cons of a storm door? ›

7 Noteworthy Pros And Cons Of A Storm door
  • Pros Of Installing A Storm Door. Optimal Air Circulation. Protection Of Exterior Door. Enhanced Energy Efficiency. Reduction In The Outside Noise. Adds Value to your Property.
  • Cons Of Installing A Storm Door. Storm Doors Can Be Bothersome. Trap Heat.
Jun 10, 2022


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