The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (2023)

The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (1)

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Anime is a vast and complex landscape of genres, tropes and themes. Want to see space cowboys reflecting on their regrets to a killer jazz soundtrack? say hello tocowboy bebop. How about a surreal critique of fairytale archetypes? ProhibitedUtena Revolutionary Girl. Perhaps you prefer to immerse yourself in the world's most exciting table tennis exhibition? Here comesPing Pong: Die Animation.

In fact,The world of anime is very diverse.. But at the end of the day, even the most discerning anime fan has a character they love for their banana superpowers. From magical girls to gun-toting assassins to alien warriors, anime certainly has its fair share of options in this department. But which anime characters outshine all others? We are here to answer this eternal question. These are the most powerful anime characters out there, from least impressive to most powerful.

Roberta (Black Lagoon)

The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (2)

Black Lagoonis set in the fictional Thai city of Roanapur, where life is cheap, alcohol is plentiful and crime is the order of the day on any bloodstained day. As you can imagine, it's not an anime that lacks strong characters. but also belowBlack LagoonRoberta, the "Hound of Florence", stands out among the ranks of world-class snipers, city-ruling mob bosses and top-notch assassins as unstoppable and deadly.

Although Roberta became a servant in the service of the wealthy Lovelace family, she was once a member of the FARC, a notorious Colombian guerrilla group. Those violent years have turned her into a ruthless killing machine, adept at dealing with almost anything that might cause harm. ANDLagoa Negra: Roberta's trail of bloodsignificantly raises the stakes. In this series, the former revolutionary bites kukri knives to pieces, dispatches a dozen elite fighters with her bare hands, tricks an ancient musket into firing darts, and single-handedly rebuilds a few acres of jungle into a labyrinth of death.

Nothing can stop Roberta when she thinks she's doing the right thing, except the charming smile of her "young master" Garcia Lovelace. Though she is eventually able to stop her bloody rampage, no one in Roanapur, or anyone who has watched this anime, will soon forget how fucked up a person, cartel, or city is when Roberta decides to kill them.

Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

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Izuku Midoriya starts out as a child who is far from powerful. Indeed, he is initially defined by his helplessness. In a world where almost everyone has superpowers known as Quirks, Izuku is born without Quirks. This is devastating for the boy, as he adores All Might, the king of the pro-hero world. However, Izuku doesn't just love the world famous "Symbol of Peace" for his muscles: he loves All Might for the way he uses his power to save those in need.

It's this kind heart that transforms Izuku from a fan base to one of the most powerful heroes in the modern anime scene. turns out thatAll Might's power comes from the unique "one for all" Quirk that can be passed down. Izuku becomes its ninth owner and spends the rest ofmy hero academiathis shows why he is the right choice. One for All grants Izuku access to massive amounts of versatile energy. He is capable of incredible speed, strength, and stamina. Of course, Quirk has its caveats: Izuku has to train as hard as possible to use even a small percentage of One for All's power, and he still manages to break his own bones every time he uses it. Still, Izuku is well on his way to surpassing All Might's career, which basically means he's well on his way to becoming the most powerful superhero in a world full of superheroes.

Haruhi Suzumiya

The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (4)

Haruhi Suzumiya doesn't know it, but she is friends with a time traveler, an alien and a medium. As she is not interested in ordinary people, she would be delighted to know that this is the case. But she could never know the truth, and not because she couldn't handle the madness. No, Haruhi can't know how interesting her friends are because that would show how freakishly interesting she is.HerselfYes. And it could literally destroy the world.

Haruhi is a reality warper with such immense power that she is essentially a deity. Friends of hers (except the really ordinary Kyon) have been sent by their respective superiors to keep them busy, happy, and most importantly, involved with the world so she doesn't accidentally destroy it. While successful, Haruhi changes the weather, creates time loops, and is presumably responsible for creating the world she and her friends currently live in.

Unlike so many characters on this list, Haruhi has no idea how powerful she is. This makes them more dangerous in many ways and makes their friends' jobs that much harder. Essentially, they must take care of her, disguising their nanny nature and constantly inventing new games, challenges, and mysteries for her to discover. Thus, Haruhi is prevented from exercising her incredible abilities, keeping her relatively low on this list. But her potential remains astounding, a fact her fellow players know only too well.

Lain Iwakura (Another serial experiment)

The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (5)

serial testsit is areally scary animeabout a high school girl named Lain who lives a seemingly normal life in near-future Japan.OthersThe creators of predicted the emergence of the Internet quite accurately in 1998. It's known here as "the Wired" and it pervades virtually every aspect of human life. In fact, virtual reality is so robust that the line between it and real reality is blurred. But things get weird when a dead classmate sends Lain an email saying he's alive at Wired. They then get even more awkward when Lain's doppelgangers show up.

Othersit's an intentionally abstract series, so the details of its central character's powers are somewhat sketchy. However, what becomes clear at the end of the series is that Lain is an intelligent computer program capable of completely dissolving the boundary between virtual and material reality. When he finally accepts this truth, he quickly extinguishes his own existence. There is no memory of the girl she was, not even in the mind of Alice, his dearest friend. Though he was created to radically unite the planet, he refuses to eliminate his own individuality. Lain seems content to step out of the picture and watch the gossip of the people he loves. However, if he changed his mind, there was so much more he could do.

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Koro-sensei (Asesinato class)

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Koro-sensei arrives on Earth after blowing up 70% of the moon. He declares that he will do the same to Earth...but not before a year has passed. During that time, he will be teaching a classroom full of teenagers about, among other things, murder, which are more typical subjects. While everyone on this list is powerful, there really is something that suggests they are so immensely powerful that they need to personally train those who wish to kill them.

Then again, that's just a plus. Koro-sensei isridiculousstrong, with a variety of unique abilities at your disposal. His bizarre octopus form can fire lasers, withstand a nuclear warhead, harmlessly absorb toxins, regenerate, and glide through even the tightest of spaces. Perhaps even more impressive is his speed, reaching a staggering Mach 20. He's basically a living blob of deadly possibility in a cap and cape. This hat and dress are not just for show. Koro-sensei has a brilliant mind capable of processing massive amounts of information in real time. His students may be learning from the threat of doom, but damn if they don't get a world-class education from his terrible genius teacher.

Edward Elric (Fullmetal-Alchemist)

The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (7)

You don't become the youngest government alchemist without being an absolute genius. Even among his extremely talented friends and colleagues, Edward Elric's talent stands out as particularly impressive. His Alchemy is innovative, flexible, and backed by encyclopedic knowledge. Furthermore, training with Izumi Curtis has made him a brilliant martial artist with an insatiable interest in new techniques, ideas and approaches.

But what really sets Ed apart is the fact that he defeated God.Not world of Fullmetal Alchemist, those who attempt human transmutation will be punished by Truth, a supreme metaphysical entity who sits at the door from which all alchemical knowledge springs. In Ed's first encounter with it after the Elric brothers' attempt to revive their late mother went awry, Ed retrieves Al's soul from the truth through incredibly quick thinking. That alone is impressive enough, especially considering Ed is a kid if he does this. But in addition, upon witnessing the truth, Ed gains the incredible ability to perform alchemy without a transmutation circle.

Then, at the end of the series, Ed manages to surprise and impress Truth by sacrificing his alchemy in exchange for his brother's body. Okay, this is all happening because Ed is playing by the rules of truth. Despite this, he manages to catch his universe's supreme deity off guard. It doesn't just take strength, it takes skill, subtlety and unassailable confidence.

Ragyo Kiryuin (Kill la Kill)

The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (8)

Ragyo's place on this list can only be justified by his death. She rips her own heart out of her chest, utters her last lines, then crushes the organ in her fist. But of course, that's not all there is to know about Ragyo.kill the killThe final villain is also the CEO of the gigantic Revocs Corporation, director of Honnouji Academy, and a human being wholly infused with life fibers, the extraterrestrial organisms responsible for evolution. This last part means he can control the minds of others, fly unaided, and survive decapitation. Also, his hair creates its own light.

Now,kill preyis an anime that exists because director Hiroyuki Imaishihe commented that "fashion" somehow sounds like "fascism".More is definitely more in this world, and Ragyo is sitting in his ridiculous heap. There is no aspect of life over which she has no power. What the public sees, thinks, learns and does is subject to its own desires. Ryuko, our scrappy heroine and Ragyo's only daughter, ends up beating her, but she is also one of Ragyo's creations and therefore a manifestation of his inescapable will. In the end, Ragyo could only start with his own hand; no one else could fray the flawless fabric of his existence.

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Saitama (One-Punch-Man)

The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (9)

It's actually in the title. Saitama only needs one hit to do anything. In fact, he is so powerful that his boredom defines him. Villains come and go in his life, but no matter how legendary and awesome they all fall before him in the end. Ho-hum. At least that gives you more time to buy groceries.

It's easy to lose sight of just how mind-bogglingly powerful Saitama is due to his careless behavior, so let's take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the details of his mastery. During the period ofOne punch man, Saitama breaks a katana with his teeth, leaps from the moon to earth in a single bound, and passes through a meteorite. When asked if Saitama was capable of exploding the earth,Series illustrator Yusuke Murata responded, "I think he could if he wanted to, but I don't think he would."

This hilarious response reveals the heart of Saitama's power. His series is a comedy where the joke is the utterly insane nature of his ability. Therefore, his true superpower is his ability to calmly defy reason. The only limit to its power is how likely it is to make fans laugh, and given thatOne punch manSustained popularity basically means he's an unstoppable god even though he can't grow his hair.

Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (10)

Anime characters can be powerful in many different ways. Some wield political power. Some wield devastating superpowers. Some are literally divine. Sailor Moon is all three.Usagi Tsukino could start off as a 14-year-old crybaby, but ends up becoming the immortal ruler of the solar system, with such immense magical power that she essentially serves as a galactic goddess.

Let's break it down a bit more. Firstly, Usagi will become Neo-Queen Serenity at some point in the future, ruling our galaxy from Crystal Tokyo, the seat of her utopia. Second, as Sailor Moon, she defeats intergalactic conquerors, defying the apocalypse and winning.the primal force of chaos itselfwith the power of her silver crystal (and of course love). Third, it seems highly likely that she is immortal, as Neo-Queen Serenity's reign takes place in the 30th century and is not supposed to have any sort of ending. also the end ofSailor MoonThe story introduces Sailor Cosmos, said to be Usagi from an event.advancedistant future in which it will likely become powerful on a literally universal scale.

There are apparently no limits to Usagi Tsukino's talents, even if she never manages to get her homework done on time. But hey, who needs to memorize square roots when you can literally reverse the end of the world?

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Simón (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (11)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann'Sthe real antagonist is the force of negativity itself, personified by the anti-spiral. The "Spiral Power" is the basis of life inThe Gurren song. It is the energy that drives sentient beings to constantly evolve, innovate and achieve. But long ago, an alien race foresaw the uncontrolled use of Spiral Power that would lead to catastrophe. Then they froze in fluctuating animation and became the Anti-Spiral, a reality-warping cosmic stagnation force.

How does Simon, once a lowly digger, defeat the anti-spiral?Like any true Shonen protagonist, hit him really, really hard. More precisely, as shown inLagann-HenneIn the film, Simon brutally defeats the Anti-Spiral, creating a drill with his own blood and willpower and blasting a hole through his chest. He literally physically shakes the concept of hopelessness. Also, this is after a fight where he controls a giant robot so huge that it throws spiral galaxies like shurikens.

The Gurren songit borrows as much as possible from anime's more absurd excesses of giant robots - after all, "spiral power" basically means "shonen vibes" - and Simon's final victory serves as a guide to the series. When the villains tell him that his burning willpower will bring about the end of everything, he tells them that with his burning willpower he will stop it. And he does. Simon stops the apocalypse by embracing everything that makes his anime genre unique. It's not surprisingThe Gurren songit became an instant fashion classic.

Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Mágica)

The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (12)

There are many divine characters in anime. Many of them (including some on this list) are capable of destroying the world. But only Madoka Kaname can rewrite the basic rules of existence calmly, rationally and without flinching.

During the period ofA chica mágica de Magi MadokeIn all 12 episodes, Madoka discovers that the Magical Girls are real, but purposely created by an alien race (represented by the sinister Kyubey) who use their unique emotional energy to counteract cosmic entropy. Eventually, the Magical Girls transform into monstrous witches only to be defeated by a new horde of heroines. Madoka is not destroyed by this terrible knowledge, on the contrary, she is encouraged. When she finally agrees to express the wish that will make her a magical girl like Kyubey has long sought, she wants to wipe out all witches. This desire is so all-encompassing that it makes it a fundamental force in the universe, existing far beyond the comparatively tenuous realms of space and time.

Okay, physics is a little fuzzy, but emotions are energy.Magic Madoka, and those of teenagers are literally able to avoid the heat death of the universe. By changing the way the magical girls' misery waxes and wanes, she rewrites the laws of thermodynamics. It turns out that the best weapon in the fight against entropy really is high school emotions... but not in the way Kyubey thought.

Son-Goku (Dragon Ball Z)

The most powerful anime characters ranked - Looper (13)
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Goku needs an introduction, really? HeDragon sphereThe franchise has so much international influence thatSeries creator Akira Toriyama has been knighted by the French government. the property is worthbillions of dollarsson goku esein Ballon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. So yes, you probably know Goku, but let's pause to really think about his depth of power. This superlative Saiyan is a warrior of unrivaled skill. Enemies capable of regeneration, teleportation, and literal miracles fall prey to his power in the end. just look upHow many different levels of super saiyan dom?It has been resurrected over the years. There are probably at least two more than you can remember.

But Goku's power goes further. Like Superman, to whom he is often compared, his cultural stature makes him powerful in a unique and transcendent way.goku will always winbecause millions of fans around the world love him for being the guy who always wins. He's unbeatable in his own universe, but that's true for many of the characters on this list. What takes Goku to the top is the fact that withinouruniverse, is so popular thatliterally creates international incidentsbecause people are dying to see him save the day. Goku may be a cartoon character, but his scope of power is three-dimensional.


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