Yazmin Oukhellou 'marked for life' in crash that killed Jake McLean (2023)

Yazmin Oukhellouopened up about how she is "scarred for life" after the horrific car crash in Turkey earlier this month that killed boyfriend Jake McLean.

ÖTOWIEThe 28-year-old star suffered serious arm injuries in the accident, which occurred in the early hours of July 3, and doctors told Yazmin it was a "miracle" she was alive.

Upon arriving home, Yazmin broke the silence and admitted, "This will stay with me forever" as she processed what had happened.

Ordeal: Yazmin Oukhellou has shared how she is "scarred for life" after the horrific car crash in Turkey earlier this month that killed her boyfriend Jake McLean

In conversation withSonne,An emotional Yazmin shared how she struggled to understand how she survived the crash and Jake didn't, and was told by doctors that she was an "angel" as humans would not survive the "infamous" crash site.

The traumatized star has also been unable to sleep without her mother Lisa by her side since her ordeal.


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She said: "I cut an artery and a nerve, that's why I bled so much. The doctors called me an angel, a miracle because it's a notorious stain and people never survived. Now I'm just wondering how the hell my partner died while I survived. It made me see life in a very different way.

(Video) Towie's Yazmin Oukhellou on life since fatal crash that killed boyfriend Jake McLean

Yazmin continued: “I will definitely need therapy for a while and will try hospital treatment as well. I know this will stay with me forever, I have to take it easy.

Pain: The 28-year-old TOWIE star suffered serious arm injuries in the accident in the early hours of July 3 and doctors told Yazmin it was a 'miracle' that she was alive.

As well as therapy, Yazmin may also need plastic surgery as she leaves behind "permanent scars", with British doctors warning she may never be able to use her right arm fully.

The TV personality intentionally broke her trapped arm to escape the crash and ran for help while Jake was unconscious.

She said of the prospect, "I could have been like Jake and not survived, so I'm very grateful and happy because if that's the worst-case scenario, I'm going to deal with it the best I can." The scar, that I have is awful so I will always have her as a memory. But at least I'm still alive.

As she continues to recover from the horrific experience, Yazmin shared how her feelings are "so up and down" as she processes the pain of losing Jake.

Traumatized: Yazmin broke the silence on arrival home and admitted to The Sun: 'This will live with me forever' as she processed what happened (pictured last month)

She detailed how she's lost relatives in the past, including her beloved Nan last year, but no one she loved in an "intimate way," and admitted it was "really difficult."

In the midst of her recovery, Yazmin avoids "social settings" and doesn't log on to social media while also changing her phone number.

Stressing that her "focus" is just getting back on her feet and dealing with what happened to her and Jake, she added that her on-going boyfriend is the only person she "for such love.”

(Video) Towie star Yazmin Oukhellou Car Crash and killed boyfriend Jake McLean

Shocking: Jake McLean died after crashing his car on a road near the tourist hub of Bodrum, Turkey

The beauty went on to say that the ordeal "will be with me for the rest of my life" before commenting that she loved Jake, who she traveled the world with, "so much".

After the accident, Yazmin was forced to break her arm to flee the car and seek help, admitting she had "no choice" but to take drastic action.

At the time, Yazmin didn't realize she had opened an artery but revealed that she was covered in blood as she lay face down in her car.

Tragic:motion Yazmin shared how she struggled to understand how she survived the crash and Jake didn't, and was told by doctors that she was an "angel" as humans would not survive the "infamous" crash site

Yazmin said she was convinced Jake was alive when she ran to the top of the bench, turned and yelled for help.

Luckily, a man walking his dog found her immediately and ran to the car to help her, but unfortunately it was too late by the time Yazmin said she couldn't feel Jake's pulse.

Yazmin said the pain and shock left her in need of therapy and she has not left her mother Lisa's side since the accident.

The reality star also confirmed the pair were on vacation, but she flew to Turkey in hopes they could reconcile and recalled how the trip made things "perfect" between them.

The TV personality was on vacation with Jake in the resort of Bodrum, where the horrific incident took place.

Injury: As well as therapy, Yazmin may also need cosmetic surgery as she has "permanent scars". British doctors warn she may never be able to fully use her right arm.

(Video) Towie's YAZMIN Oukhellou Car Accident: Footage Revealed | Be strong Not to Cry as you watch

Jake and Yazmin were driving a blue Mercedes E Class down a windy, hilly road between the seaside town of Bodrum and the seaside town of Yalikavak when they returned from a night out.

The accident happened around 4:30 a.m. M. and investigators found that the car shot about 70 feet into a left turn and plunged almost 30 feet lower into a ravine.

Jake was pronounced dead at the scene while Yazmin was taken to the hospital where her injured arm was treated.

After the accident, he climbed over thick, thorny bushes to stop a passing motorist and call for help.

Heartbreak: The pain and shock of the accident and the loss of Jake left Yazmin in need of therapy

A source told MailOnline last week that Yazmin was left heartbroken: "Yaz cannot feel any sense of relief as her heart was ripped in two at Jake's death.

"She still can't accept what happened."

Jake, 33, who was previously dating former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger, was driving at the time of the accident.

Yazmin suffered serious injuries but climbed out of the rubble to get help.

Her mother flew in in the days after the accident to support her daughter in her recovery at Acibadem Hospital in Bodrum before taking her home.

Family: Yazmin's mother flew to Turkey to support her daughter in the days after the accident and helped bring her home

(Video) Towie Star Yazmin Oukhellou LUCKY To Be Alive After FATAL Car Crash..

Meanwhile, MailOnline understands that Yazmin could face police questioning in the coming days based on reports of the moments leading up to the accident.

He reportedly got into an argument with Jake yesterday when he was in an accident with his car.

The allegations were made by his mother, Anita Walsh, who raised concerns with prosecutors investigating the crash that killed her son in Bodrum, Turkey.

Anita told prosecutors that because of his experience behind the wheel, Jake did not lose control of the car coming out of a corner on a mountain road.

An assistant prosecutor, who cannot be appointed under Turkish law, told MailOnline on July 6: "We spoke to Jake's mother and she told us that something was going on in the car that distracted him.

"She doesn't believe that this accident was caused by her bad driving. She said that he was a very skilled and experienced driver and that's how he didn't lose control of the car.

Prosecutors are investigating whether Jake was driving under the influence. The couple argued outside a club shortly before the accident at 3am on Sunday.

Jake and Yazmin were believed to have met in May last year before she revealed their relationship on Instagram in December in a clip that showed the couple kissing.

But they split just a month after he was caught "acting as a bachelor" on holiday in Dubai and leaving a club with Love Island ex Ellie Jones.

When the accident happened on Sunday, the couple was still considered separated. The friends say they're not sure what the two were doing together in Turkey, but they may have been there to sign some sort of deal.

A source told MailOnline: "It is a complete tragedy and a total loss of life. Everyone is shocked and waiting for Yazmin to fully recover.

Backstory: Jake (right) rose to fame dating Lauren Goodger (left) when she appeared in The Only Way Is Essex, Dancing on Ice and Celebrity Big Brother. The on-and-off couple first met in 2012 but split for good in 2016.

(Video) Jake McLean's flipped car pictured after tragic crash with TOWIE's Yaz Oukhellou


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