ZENDURE| B6400 Satellite 6438Wh (semi-solid state) Akku (2023)

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Zendure SuperBase V is the ultimate in power

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  • ZENDURE| B6400 Satellite 6438Wh (semi-solid state) Akku (1)

  • ZENDURE| B6400 Satellite 6438Wh (semi-solid state) Akku (2)

  • ZENDURE| B6400 Satellite 6438Wh (semi-solid state) Akku (3)

  • ZENDURE| B6400 Satellite 6438Wh (semi-solid state) Akku (4)

  • ZENDURE| B6400 Satellite 6438Wh (semi-solid state) Akku (5)

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(Video) Zendure SuperBase V | 64 kWh Home Energy Storage w/ Semi Solid State Batteries


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Product type: Zendure Batteries

SuperBase V is the world's first semi-solid battery home energy storage system. At over 228 Wh/kg, our semi-solid state batteries have up to 42% more energy per pound compared to lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. And with our battery management software, the internal battery life can be 10 years or more.

Small, portable, space-saving:The smallest 1000Wh panel on the market, 62% smaller, 43% lighter than similar brands.

no fan, super quiet: At less than 30dB, the SuperBase M is quiet for a peaceful night's sleep.

self-friendly: SuperBase M fits easily into the center console of most vehicles. And with the 12.6V/8A car charger port, a full charge is just 10 hours away.

Power multiple devices at the same time: With 2 AC ports, 1 100W USB-C PD port, 3 12W USB-A ports, 1 126W car plug port and 2 DC ports, it can power 9 devices simultaneously .

1000W/600W AC output: You can easily power home appliances and charge portable devices at the same time.

Technical specifications

ZENDURE| B6400 Satellite 6438Wh (semi-solid state) Akku (8)

SuperBase V6400

SuperBase V4600


6438 Wh (semi-solid state)

4608 Wh (LiFePO4)

Dimensions28,7" x 13,6" x 17,4" (73 x 32 x 44,7 cm);28,7" x 13,6" x 17,4" (73 x 32 x 44,7 cm);
Weight130 pounds (59 kg)121 pounds (55 kg)
additional batteryHasta 4 (6438 Wh*5=32 190 Wh);Hasta 4 (4608 Wh*5=23 040 Wh);
Hasta 64380Wh (2xV6400+8xB6400)Hasta 46080Wh (2x V4600+8xB4600)
AC input1.800W 120V; 3600W 240V1.800W 120V; 3600W 240V
solar entranceXT90 x 1: 3000W 10-150VocXT90 x 1: 3000W 10-150Voc
GarageXT90x1: 12/24 V, 10 AXT90x1: 12/24 V, 10 A
battery inputSimSim
EV inputPuerto ZenT2Puerto ZenT2
Production4 x 5-20: 15 A 1800 W max. (120 VCA)4 x 5-20: 15 A 1800 W max. (120 VCA)
1 x 6-20: 16 A 3800 W max. (240 VCA)1 x 6-20: 16 A 3800 W max. (240 VCA)
1 x TT-30: 30 A 3600 W max. (120 VCA)1 x TT-30: 30 A 3600 W max. (120 VCA)
Production1 Autosteckdose: 12,6V/10A max.1 Autosteckdose: 12,6V/10A max.
2 x DC5521: 12,6 V/3 A max.2 x DC5521: 12,6 V/3 A max.
1 x Andersen: 12,6 V/30 A1 x Andersen: 12,6 V/30 A
ProductionUSB-C(1)/(2): 5V-20V, 100W max. JederUSB-C(1)/(2): 5V-20V, 100W max. Jeder
USB-C(3)/(4): 5V-12V, 20W max. JederUSB-C(3)/(4): 5V-12V, 20W max. Jeder
USB-A(1) (2):5V/2.4A not totalUSB-A(1) (2):5V/2.4A not total
Heat temperature-20°C to 45°C0°C to 45°C
outlet temperature-20°C to 45°C-20°C to 45°C
connection typeWLAN/BluetoothWLAN/Bluetooth
APPCompatible with smart appsCompatible with smart apps

ZENDURE| B6400 Satellite 6438Wh (semi-solid state) Akku (9)

Superbasis B6400

Superbasis B4600

Cor 4,7 cm);


capability6438 Wh (semi-solid state)4608Wh (LiFePO4)
Dimensions69 x 28,5 x 27,4 cm69 x 28,5 x 27,4 cm
Weight101 pounds (46 kg)93 pounds (42 kg)
Enter XT9012-150 V⎓10 A, 600 W max.12-150 V⎓10 A, 600 W max.
USB-AFirmware UpdateFirmware Update
car exit exit12,6V⎓10A12,6V⎓10A
Andersen generous12,6 V⎓30 A, 378 W max.12,6 V⎓30 A, 378 W max.
XT90 output output12-60V⎓10A, 600W max (application enabled)12-60V⎓10A, 600W max (application enabled)
LED lightRGB; vocationRGB; vocation
MoreCompatible with smart appsCompatible with smart apps
not squareGrip cap, cable MC4 to XT90Grip cap, cable MC4 to XT90
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(Video) Zendure Superbase V: Whole Home Lithium Solar Generator

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warranty period

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  • SuperBaseV/Satellite Battery/Smart Home Panel: 3 years (base warranty) + 2 years extended warranty*
  • 400W Solar Panel / 320W Solar Panel / Portable EV Charger / All Related Accessories from SuperBase V: 3 Year Warranty
  • SuperBasePro/SuperBase M: 2 years (base warranty) + 1 year extended warranty*
  • 200W solar panel / Dustproof bag / All SuperBase Pro and SuperBase M accessories: 2-year warranty
  • Other products: 2 year warranty

*You must register as a Zendure app user to extend your warranty.

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(3) Guarantee services cannot be provided if the above information is not available.

(4) This Limited Warranty does not apply to battery cells or products containing a battery cell unless you have fully charged the battery cell within seven (7) days of purchasing the product and at least once every 6 months thereafter.

(5) Your warranty is non-transferrable.

Zendure's service team makes the final decision regarding warranty service.

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BLUETS| EB3A Portable Power Plant | 600W 268Wh


The best small solar generator on the market

I bought the EB3a to test its functionality and hope to use it as a backup power supply for my CPAP during our frequent power outages. It has a sustained power handling of 600W and a maximum output power of 1200W. It only allows you to hit that maximum power rating for a split second or two before it reads the overload and shuts down, so make sure you meet the input requirements of note each device before connecting to ensure compatibility. I've had this device for about a month now and use it off and on almost daily to try things that would work and might not. This yielded some interesting results. But before I get into that, I want to give a short list of my credentials so you can get an idea of ​​my background. I was an electronics technician in the Navy for 20 years before retiring and have hundreds of hours of experience working on small and large electronic devices with very high voltage requirements. I was involved in testing and certifying new equipment for the US military and spent some time as a shift test engineer. However, there are several videos that discuss the efficiency and capabilities of the EB3A, so I won't bore you with such details. Honestly, what do you need to know? What can you do? What can I use it for? Is it worth the asking price? Will I benefit from this?


BLUETS| EB3A Portable Power Plant | 600W 268Wh


Useful UPS functionality

Most home UPSs have one or two 12V SLA batteries rated at 7-9Ah each, which after the required power conversion ends up being only about 60% of that, or basically 5Ah each, of the actual usable capacity deliver in new condition. These UPS batteries lose capacity relatively quickly and eventually fail every two years and need to be replaced. I have replaced many batteries for my APC and CyberPower UPSs over the years.

On paper, this little EB3A has about 2 to 4 times the capacity (about 22Ah total) compared to what you get from those typical personal UPSs (5 to 10Ah total) and the life of the EB3A batteries should last 10 times or more. Greater. I ran a simple capacity comparison test between my new EB3A and one of my smaller UPSs: a 1000VA/600W CyberPower UPS. My testing, although limited, showed that the EB3A completely outperformed my CyberPower 1000va/600 watt UPS.

As a practical example, I took one of my computers and ran it on just my fully charged CyberPower UPS until it died completely, then tried the same thing with the EB3A. Both tests were conducted by first plugging the devices into AC power while running the Windows computer and monitor, and then unplugging the devices to simulate a power outage. The computer and its monitor combined consumed an average of 104 W during testing, as measured by a Kill-o-Watt meter. Both the UPS CyberPower and the EB3A switched cleanly to battery operation, allowing the computer system to run smoothly. UPS CyberPower ran at 0% and shut down after just 4 minutes; It was painful to watch as it started reporting 44 minutes of backup time at the start...it looked good. A minute later, the UPS reported that 28 minutes remained. A minute later there are 10 minutes left. After a total of four minutes they hung up! These were unexpectedly disappointing results from my CyberPower UPS. The EB3A was a very different experience. After running the same computer and monitor combination for an hour, approximately 55% capacity remaining was reported. At 2am it reported 3% capacity, at which point I stopped the test. So in this test, the EB3A powered my computer and monitor for 2 hours while the CyberPower UPS was only able to charge them for 4 minutes; that is 30 times the running time of the EB3A. It is not bad.


BLUE | AC300 inverter module generator | 3000W (must work with B300)


The AC300 paid dividends during the hurricane

We live in North Port, FL where Hurricane Ian just passed, suffering relentless winds and flooding for about five hours. Every gas station within reach was either out of gas or had to wait 4-6 hours with no guarantee of getting it. The AC300, with just a 3kW package, allowed us to live quite comfortably and keep our groceries well in the fridge and freezer. During the day we also used the microwave and deep fryer a lot, as well as the TV and PS3 for movies. I bought 6 used panels for two 810 watt arrays, a bit too small for what the MPPTs can handle but they worked fine and produced 5-7 KWH the day after the storm. From what my wife and I see it paid off and we bought it a few weeks before the storm hit.


EcoFlow| Power Kits Paket (Independence Kit) + Smart Generator (Dual Fuel)

Kleo is worth it

It's worth the money

Worth the money, thanks for your ecopowerit help.


EcoFlow|100 W flexibles Solarpanel


Good choice

Very good, extremely easy, thanks for the help.


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